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** August Naps Competition Result: 1st LEE-GRAYS, 2nd Gary66, 3rd LeMale, 4th RUG. KO Cup Winner DONNYFLYER. Most Winners TVY: **

Q Tour


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Why are the prices for the q tour higher than what I expected? 

am I missing something I checked the previous results and it always seems to be a big name that wins it. 

yet Michael Holt and Daniel wells are 10/1? 

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Welcome to the forum, Bh, 

I've not seen good enough form from Holt to be 10/1 to win anything, really. Even though these names are better known, it's alot of players to get through to win these events. 10/1 isn't a huge price really for Wells. 

These 6 events are going to be for a tour card. Each winner of each event goes into the play-off and that play-off winner gets a tour card. Also the top ranked player over the course of those 6 matches. i.e., the best overall performer. 

Over the course of an event, say for example the first one, which is this weekend, Saturday is the Last 64, 32 and 16 and Sunday is the QF,SF and Final. It's a best of 5 for the Saturday. The QF/SF are a best of 7 and the final is a best of 9.

There a few juicy prices in here but it's a hard tournament to win. Any tournament with a best of 5 is going to be hard. You can easily find yourself out before you get into it and so I would prefer players who have abit of momentum already and for me Ajaib looks huge at 40/1. He has really upped his game of late and should have beaten Judd Trump had it not been for some terribly bad luck. Trump needed snookers and Ajaib accidentally potted the white. 

1pt e/w Ajaib to win Q-Tour Event 1 40/1 bet365

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2nd event bets for me :

1pt e/w Nuessle 40/1 bet365
1pt e/w Pragnell 40/1 bet365
1pt e/w Simmonds 40/1 bet365
0.25pts e/w Collumb 100/1 bet365
0.25pts e/w Moody 125/1 bet365
0.25pts e/w Curtis Barrett 125/1 bet365
0.25pts e/w Pullen 150/1 bet365
0.25pts e/w Whelan 150/1 bet365
0.25pts e/w Lee Stephens 200/1 bet365


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