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2022/23 Punters Lounge Fantasy Football League Sign Up Thread

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Hi everyone! OK, so the time has come for us to get the 2022/23 Punters Lounge Fantasy Football League sign ups underway!

A couple of simple rules...

1. Sign up using the link above.

2. Confirm in a post in this thread your manager name and team name so we know who to contact for any prizes. Failure to do so will mean you are ineligible to win the prizes.

Speaking of the prizes, these will be confirmed in the coming weeks before the competition starts. There will be prizes for the best placed overall finishers in the classic league table with a prize structure as follows...

1. £100

2. £50

3. £20

We will also be looking to offer out monthly prizes so every month you will have an opportunity to win something. We will only be running a single classic league this year with no head-to-head paid entry league. This will hopefully keep it simpler, more enjoyable, and allow us to offer better prizes.

Does @Team Sagga have what it takes to retain his title from last season? Will @Sebastiannsimmy go one better and take the throne this season? Can we expect to see the likes of @jarvisla, @u1905068, and @DLL carry their success from the H2H league into the classic league this time around? Or will our winners be one of you?

Here is the link to get involved...


Get involved! :ok

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