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Darts World Cup


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The Darts World Cup gets underway tonight. A quirky little event and one that normally provides a ton of entertainment along the way. Here are the players in each team.

England - Smith and Wade
Wales - Price and Clayton
Holland - Noppert and DVD
Belgium - Van Den Bergh and K.Huybrechts
Australia - Heta and Whitlock
N.Ireland - Gurney and Dolan
Germany - Schindler and Clemens
Scotland - Wright and Big Hendo

other selected teams
Austria - Suljovic and Rowby Rod
Canada - J.Smith and Campbell
Ireland -  O'Connor and Lennon

Lots of teams and probably too many to list here but they're the ones who could do some damage on their day in my opinion.

The draw has England and Scotland in the top half meeting at the Quarter Finals if all goes well for them both. I can't see any other QF than that. It might be worth a tiny play though on Czech Republic as Gawlas has played some nice stuff recently and nerves could be there for Wade and Smith in their first game. Scotland and England though, on the whole should be QF 1.

In the 2nd quarter we will likely have Belgium taking on Australia in my eyes. Belgium come into this with form as Van Den Bergh has just won a PDC ranking event and Kim has just performed pretty decently at the last Players Championship. Nobody in that draw should bother them until Australia in the QF. Australia are a good world cup team who work well together and I think Australia probably beats Belgium here to take the quarter and also in my eyes are a great shot at winning this.

Down into the bottom half and we're probably looking at Wales taking on Austria in R2. I'm not sure that's going to be as straight forward as people think. Rowby on the big stage has looked good and perhaps could be the star player of the two now that Mensur has slipped down the rankings. I think Wales comes through but largely thanks to Clayton. I think they'll play Germany and I think Germany will give them an even bigger test. Germany are such a hard one to call because they have two players that are very similar. Clemens and Schindler, both on their day are world class but they are very hit and miss and it's a difficult one to call, this quarter. Wales if i'm pushed.

In the final quarter we have Holland taking on Ireland or Canada in R2. Ireland Vs Canada is probably the only tie in R1 that is hard to call. Not that every favourite is 100% to win but based on what we've seen. I would say that Holland beat either and so for me the Quarter final looks like Holland Vs Northern Ireland. Gurney is playing some good stuff but could potentially be let down by Dolan. Holland for me look a good choice this World Cup

QF 1 Prediction - Scotland Vs England  
QF 2 Prediction - Australia Vs Belgium
QF 3 Prediction - Wales Vs Germany 
QF 4 Prediction - Holland Vs Ireland

SF Prediction - England Vs Australia and Germany Vs Holland

2pts e/w Holland to win World Cup 6/1 paddypower
2pts e/w Australia to win World Cup 10/1 bet365
1pt e/w Germany to win World Cup 33/1 betvictor
1pt e/w Austria to win World Cup 40/1 bet365
1pt C.Republic to win 1st Quarter 14/1 paddypower
1pt Austria to win 3rd Quarter 6/1 paddypower

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3 hours ago, Fader said:

ugh, Holland 5-0, Wales 5-2 and Germany, after going 4-2 up and hitting a 180 first 3 darts 0N their throw, they miss EIGHT darts to win 5-2 and end up winning 5-4. Ofcourse.

Yeh I was following it too, incredibly frustrating, I couldn't believe Germany managed to screw that one up, really unfortunate, so so close, great tip though. 

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22 hours ago, amity said:

Yeh I was following it too, incredibly frustrating, I couldn't believe Germany managed to screw that one up, really unfortunate, so so close, great tip though. 

cheers amity. Wasn't much value yesterday in anything. Whole day of darts today and it's looking like the quarter finals that are expected so far.

Austria were unlucky. Price had two HUGE checkouts.

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