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18 minutes ago, harry_rag said:

Bet 145 (?.?): 12 points on Liverpool 1+ corners in each half v Palace at 1/28 with 365

Previous bet still in play, I've staked this one on the assumption it wins so a slight overstake if it doesn't.

That would be bet 146 (6.4). A Madrid get the required yellow card in the 90th minute whilst winning 3-0. :eek

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Bet 148 (8.2): 10 points on Spurs to beat Wolves at evens with Hills

Sorry about the numbering of the last bet! This is the 147th bet in the thread and the 2nd bet in the 8th attempt at a double up (current record 3-4).

This week's Hills offering isn't quite as much value as the >0.5 bet last week but it's big enough to risk for another quick double up.

Sky Bet are offering evens for Kane to have at least 1 shot on target (from 1/10) which is obviously huge value but amounts allowed on may vary (a quid for me).

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Bet 151 (9.3): 10 points on Man U shown a card at 1/40 PP

Not impossible to imagine a scenario where United don't draw a single card but it seems unlikely. The United of old turn up and Liverpool get hammered? Failing that they should compel the ref's hand into his pocket at least once.

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They should win the game (20+ point favourites) but I’m no expert. Upsets can happen. I’m more confident that they’ll lead at some point at the respective odds. 

My only loss so far in that market came when I risked a couple of teams who were less strong favourites and Wigan failed to turn up.

I did look at recent form though and I’d be surprised if they didn’t win, perhaps by a bit less than the cap.

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Bet 156 (9.8): 12 points on Wigan to score 10+ points v St Helens at 1/12 with 365

I normally look for bets in "mismatch" games rather than the best 2 teams going head to head but I think Wigan should be good for double digits.

Other possible angles in this games were neither team to score 0 points at 1/66 and neither to score 40+ points at 1/16.

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2 minutes ago, aldric said:

NZ have lost the plot, that manager has to go now surely.

Yeah, I took the current form etc. into account but did still expect them to manage a try in both halves. With hindsight the much shorter prices on them to lead or win a half would've been the safe options but I felt, at the prices, this was the better value bet.

Maybe better to see a 1/10 shot tank than a 1/40 though!

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1 hour ago, harry_rag said:

Lost, NZ got 2 tries in the 1st half but failed to add any. 

Bet 158 (10.1): 10 points on >1.5 goals in Southampton v Man U at evens with Hills

Not a bet that I'd be going for usually in this thread but at evens for what is trading at 1.22 it's worth it from the value perspective.

listening to this on radio plenty of chance but no goals lets hope second half

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