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Juggernaut #2


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Bet 83 (18): 16 points on both teams shown a card in Celtic v Rangers at 1/8 with 365

Probably too big for this fixture regardless of the competition or who's in charge, even more attractive with Madden as the man in the middle. Double jeopardy given my "bullet dodging" bet but no better day than today for putting all your eggs in one basket,

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1 hour ago, Torque said:

Should have held out Harry. You'd get plenty bigger now. Hopefully it comes in for you but I have to admit I've gone right off one goal or more bets. Once you've taken a position there's no scratching out - it's either win or lose.

Oh ye of little faith! :lol

I'm not really one for closing out a bet so that aspect but doesn't bother me too much; it's just that all 1.08 shots (etc.) should be created equal but handicap bets just somehow seem more reliable than >0.5 bets.

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Back in front overall to the tune of 1.73 points having been 21.21 points down after the last loser. Still 10.08 points down on this "trip" so will press on (got one reload left if needed). The pragmatic decision might be to return to base and unload but I'll stick to the letter of the plan for now as this is very much a test. Next stake 18.11 points.

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Preston lose by 3 so time for the 5th and final reload as per the staking plan. Next stake is 17.07 points and I'm 14.63 points down overall.

I'm beginning to think all efforts in this section of the board need to be seen purely as fun, perhaps with a tilt at the consecutive bets leaderboard. In terms of actually turning a worthwhile long-term profit I'm beginning to have my doubts! :unsure

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