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Juggernaut #2


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A single thread for all selections whether my own or following others. The previous approach was getting a bit too time consuming and I also wanted to revise the staking approach.

A reminder of the staking plan; I'll continue to track to 10% of bank (10 points minimum) and 10 point level stakes.

  • 100 point starting bank - I'm staking £1 per point (real money) on all selections posted in this thread.
  • 5 "juggernauts" head out on the road, each laden with 10% of the starting bank (so day 1 stake is 10 points for a "maximum" of 5 bets per day)*
  • Assuming 5 bets and they all win, next day's stake is total return divided by 5 (so rolling over the stakes equally)
  • If less than 5 bets on any day the next day's stake is total return plus the unused stakes divided by 5
  • If a bet loses, that "wagon" is reloaded with another 10% of the starting bank from the "depot". The next day's stake is total return plus the reload amount divided by 5
  • After 5 losing bets there can be no further reloads so the next day's stake would be total return divided by 4 and the "maximum" number of bets reduced to 4*
  • How long does this go on for? The aim is to achieve 10% growth in the initial bank (i.e. at that point the fleet returns to the depot to unload then goes out again with 10% of the revised bank). I've decided that the original target of 25% was over-ambitious.

* Maximum is discretionary; there will be no more than that number of bets in play at the same time and the number won't be exceeded if there has been a losing bet that day.

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2 hours ago, harry_rag said:

Bet 10: 10.72 points on >1.5 goals in Man C v Sporting at 1.16

Trying to cut down on bets at such “outlier” prices but think we might see plenty of attacking given the score after the 1st leg.

:eyes Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb! Will reload and update tomorrow.

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Bet 15 (5): 12 points on Cadiz +5 v A Madrid at 1/40 with Lads

I expect Atletico to win but not by a huge margin. Feels like an unappealing game for >0.5 at the available prices. I'm very surprised to see a +5 handicap on offer at anything better than 1.01.

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Bet 16 (6): 12 points on France to score 10+ points v Wales at 1/33 with 365

There was a time when this might have been closer to a coin toss proposition but, on current form, I find it inconceivable that France will fall this far short of the 28 or so points the markets are predicting.

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Bet 19 (9): 11.78 points on >0.5 goals in Sunderland v Crewe at 1.05

Bet 20 (10): 11.78 points on >0.5 goals in Forest Green v Bradford at 1.07

Bet 21 (11): 11.78 points on >0.5 goals in Kelty Hearts v Albion at 1.05

First day where I've been more of a scavenger than an originator today!

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