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Premier League 2022


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The Premier League is back and it starts as early as this Thursday, with a brand new format and a format that now makes it much better for betting on because they've finally got rid of the dreaded draw option.

The line up is confirmed and Joe Cullen gets a place thanks to his recent first tv event. One I was suprised with is James Wade. I mean, Gary Anderson shouldn't really be there either but he's Gary Anderson and I can understand that they want that Scottish rivalry too. No idea why Wade is there. Personally I would rather Van Den Bergh, who was only 2pts shy of the play-offs last year :\

Line Up :

So the new format is now each week it's like a mini-event, where the 8 players are in a "Quarter Final" from the off, The 4 winners make a semi-final and then the final ofcourse. Each winner of the event that week gets 5pts and wins 10 grand. The losing finalist gets 3pts and the other 2 semi-finalists get 2pts. End of all the events we then can create a league with those points.

Matches will be a best of 11 and so the "first to 6" which is MUCH better than those pesky draws which take away the value of the pick.

Picks to come.


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So in terms of outrights I'm not sure there is much value. I think Clayton has a good shot over the longer format but I'm not going to bet on the outright market. If you want an outright pick that is very likely to come in BUT have to wait until the end of the tournament then surely Smith to get the most 180s is a sure thing at 5/2. 

Anyway, tonight... 

Clayton Vs Cullen
Price Vs Wade
Wright Vs Smith
MVG Vs Anderson

I think the first two are wins for Clayton and Price. I'm not keen on backing Wade this event atall. I don't think his scoring is good enough against these boys and he's only winning matches where the other player is below par. Price isn't looking fantastic by any means but I think he wins that and I think on his Premier League debut, Cullen is going to be nervous. I think Clayton wins, too.

Wright Vs Smith is the big 50/50 because if Wright sticks with the pointless new darts then I fancy Smith but I have a feeling he will go back to the Worlds winning ones. Makes it a hard match to call. MVG/Anderson looks like an MVG win but Anderson may turn up tonight. Largely depends on his mood. 

We will see how Week 1 goes with the players to know how to bet in the following weeks so I'll just take the following for tonight.

3pts Clayton to win Week 1 5/1 skybet
2pts Clayton -1.5 handicap / Smith win and most 180s / Price & MVG 13/1 betfair


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39 minutes ago, Fader said:

If you want an outright pick that is very likely to come in BUT have to wait until the end of the tournament then surely Smith to get the most 180s is a sure thing at 5/2. 

The RP tip that along with Smith e/w. I'm tempted. It does seem like a reasonable shout if you don't mind waiting for the payout.

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1 hour ago, harry_rag said:

The RP tip that along with Smith e/w. I'm tempted. It does seem like a reasonable shout if you don't mind waiting for the payout.

I would have been tempted with Cullen on the 180 bet but you need somebody who will consistently make the semis and finals really. Price doesn’t hit enough so I think Smith is a cert for it 

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Week 3 then. Here's the line up :

Smith Vs Price
Cullen Vs MVG
Anderson Vs Wright
Wade Vs Clayton

Smith hasn't taken well to these 2 weeks with 2 losses in a row and it means he is bottom of the league. His first week average was a woeful 85 but last week he hit a 95 average and still lost. It doesn't get any easier for him as he is now against Price. Price also lost week 1 and went out to Cullen in the Semi finals in week 2. The difference is with Price now is that he is hitting 180s again and for a while he wasn't hitting them nowhere near as frequently. I think he wins this one.

Joe Cullen is absolutely smashing it right now. He won his first big TV event and since then he has gone and won back-to-back Players Championships. He lost to Clayton week 1 but hit a good average (95) and then last week he made the final and lost 6-4 with a 5pt better average. In terms of confidence, he should be firing on all cylinders. MVG has this strange way of having the other player play brilliant against him. He went out in R1 to Anderson in Week 1 with Anderson having 5pt less average then him and then last week he went out to Clayton despite hitting a 105 average. His doubling is definitely suffering but his scoring seems just as good. It's a hard one to call this.

It's an all-Scottish meeting in the third match as Anderson takes on Peter Wright. These two played eachother in Week 1 and it finished on a deciding leg as Wright won 6-5.  Anderson had a good week 1 but last week he went out with a 90 average and I think Wright probably comes through this. In the final match Clayton takes on Wade. I still am of the believe that Wade will only beat these guys if they play badly and that has showed itself in the first two weeks. He beat Price when Price hit an 89 average and he lost last week with an 88 average. He can't win matches below 90 really. It's just not likely in this company. I think Clayton wins and hits the most 180s.

The 13/2 boost of Price, MVG, Wright and Clayton looks worth a punt. I like Price and Clayton and I think MVG based on his performance last week is worth backing with this kind of price. Cullen's form is excellent but MVG actually leads the highest averages across these 2 weeks so far (101.40) Anderson could be the thorn in the side as he is playing some real good stuff but at 13/2 it's worth a couple points.

Finally, I think MVG at 5/1 is overpriced to win the night. If he gets through Cullen then I think he beats Price. I just have a feeling that he wins one tonight.

5pts Clayton to beat Wade and hit the most 180s evens betfair
2pts MVG to win Night 3 5/1 betfair
2pts Price, MVG, Wright and Clayton 13/2 betfair

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Quite a tough night to call tonight as we return to the Premier League, this week in Exeter. Here is the lineup 

Clayton Vs MVG
Smith Vs Cullen
Price Vs Wright
Wade Vs Anderson

It doesn't start easy with a tough match to call despite Clayton having such a good record recently against MVG. Claytons form looks to be dropping off a tad and MVGs average still look big. It just seems like when MVG gets into those clutch double moments, it takes abit longer to hit them. That being said, Clayton has the throw and I'm going to say he wins this match and sets up a semi-final encounter with Smith or Cullen. I'm finding it hard to read Smith right now but when he has only scored something like 4 180s so far then you know something's up. When he scores well we know he is going to win games and to be fair, Cullen wasn't that great last week losing to Aspinall but I think he will raise his game tonight.

Price looks just awesome at the moment. I won't waste time on this one as to say i think he beats Wright and I think Wade has a good shot against Anderson based on Wades upsurge in form recently. I'm not normally backing Wade because his scoring puts me off but it's been decent recently and Anderson doesn't fill me with excitement to follow him.

2pts Price to win night 7/2 willhill
3pts Clayton, Price and Wade all to win 11/2 betfair
2pts Wade to beat Anderson  and most 180s 13/2 betfair
2pts Price Vs Wright (both players to throw 4+ 180s) 6/1 betfair
1pt Clayton, Wade and Cullen all to win and hit one 100+ checkout 22/1 skybet

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Premier League returns tonight. Here is the lineup  

Smith Vs Wade
MVG Vs Price
Anderson Vs Clayton
Cullen Vs Wright

I'm going to take Smith to beat Wade but only in a 4-fold accy, because it's always hard to know how Wade is going to play. I also think if Smith doesn't turn up then Wade could easily win so my only real bet tonight is MVG (-1.5 legs) to beat Price. MVG just seems in red hot form right now and has won multiple nights at the Premier League and won the German event recently too.

4pts MVG (-1.5 Legs) to beat Price 5/4 betvictor
1pt 4-fold - Smith to win and hit most 180s / MVG (-0.5 Legs) / Clayton to win and hit most 180s / Over 6.5 180s Cullen Vs Wright - 18.5/1 paddypower

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Another Thursday and another day of Premier League darts, tonight. I'm going to take 2 bets in the "night winner" tonight and it's Wade and Anderson. I think Anderson has a real chance of beating Cullen tonight and he would play the winner of Wade and Wright. Wright has looked very dodgy recently and is going through a back injury. He has hit a few 80-85 averages and gone out tamely. He did perform OK last thursday but went out to Anderson 6-3 in the semi finals. Anderson is flying right now. He won last Thursday night and then went on to win a Players Championship event. If they both come through then we have a guarenteed finalist.

2pts e/w G. Anderson to win the night 8/1 willhill
1.5pts e/w J. Wade to win the night 12/1 paddypower


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4/1 winner last night with Clayton winning and hitting most 180s. God knows how he didn't beat MVG in the Semi-finals.

Two deciding leg losses in the other bets ofcourse but atleast the 4/1 came in. Well done to Cullen.

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We return to Premier League action once more, tonight and this is the line-up :

MVG Vs Wade
Cullen Vs Price
Wright Vs Anderson
Clayton Vs Smith

I think Clayton was quite unforunate last week and I think he may have a chance this week to put that right. I fancy him to beat Smith and if last week is anything to go by, in terms of form, for Anderson and Wright, then I would also fancy him in the semi-finals. In the other half, who knows what Wade turns up? He could win or he could get thrashed. Cullen can beat anybody on his day and the confidence of a win last week, too. He could be a suprise package once again in the top half. I do think he hits atleast 4 180s though.

4pts Cullen total 180s (Over 3.5) 5/4 paddypower
1.5pts e/w Clayton to win the night 6/1 paddypower
2pts MVG, Price, Wright & Clayton all to win 13/2 paddypower

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As a West Ham fan, I'll be watching the football tonight. However, the Darts are also on tonight and I'll be keeping an eye on it. I'm going to stick with Clayton tonight. There are a few question marks about a few of these guys and aslong as he can beat MVG first match, then I think he beats Smith or Cullen. The other half looks very open really as Price/Wright could be anything. The other match is my other bet and that's Wade to beat Anderson.

4pts Clayton to win the night 11/2 paddypower
4pts Wade to beat Anderson evens paddypower
1pt 4-fold - Wright, Wade, Clayton & Over 6.5 180s in the Smith/Cullen match 14.5/1 paddypower


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We're in Aberdeen, at the P&J Live Arena this week and it's a place of fond memories and good results for Gary Anderson. He has played here, when it was formally the AECC, before it was done up and rebranded the P&J albeit with a few names down the line, due to sponsors. Anyway, back to the Darts and Anderson has played here 9 times and won 7. Drawing 1 and only losing to MVG back in 2018. He then beat MVG at the same location a year later. In the last 7 matches here, he has an average of 99.07.

He takes on Clayton, who he beat in a deciding leg the last time they both played. Infact, last time they played, Anderson won the night.  Infact, Anderson has won the last 7 head-to-heads against Johnny. I think at 11/5 the price is too big for Anderson. Largely because of recent form. It's a big match for him and a big week for him as he needs a night win really. I'll take him to win tonight. Small bet on him to win the night. At a rather bizarre 16/1. 

Another man with good head-to-head form stats is Wade over Smith. Wade has won 10 of the last 12 against Smith. One of those was a draw. He won his first event last week, Wade and will be confident. Smith is now the only player without a nightly win and I reckon Wade wins tonight, too. Perhaps with the most 180s.

5pts Anderson to beat Clayton 11/5 bet365
5pts Wade to beat Smith 4/5 paddypower
2pts Wade to beat Smith and hit most 180s 9/2 paddypower
1pt 4-fold - Anderson, Wade, Wright and MVG 14/1 paddypower
1pt e/w Anderson to win Night 16/1 paddypower

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another night of Darts, tonight. This time we're in Glasgow. Wright takes on Anderson and that's going to be a show stopper with the crowd. However, I can't see how Wade is 9/1 to win the night when he has won last week and beaten Clayton, MVG and smashed Price. Normally, when Wade starts giving it the "I am" like he has done this week then his level drops but nevertheless, he needs to beat Clayton, Wright or Anderson and then the winner of the other half in a potential final.  9/1 too big for me.

2pts e/w Wade to win the night 9/1 paddypower

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55 minutes ago, Fader said:

Have been away for a few days so I missed the Nordic but tonight is the finals of the premier league. 

I'm gonna take Clayton to win at a boosted 2/1 

3pts Clayton to win premier league 2/1 paddypower 

hope you had a great holiday x

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Hills offering Flash Odds of 9/2 for a 170 checkout in the semis. My value-meter (which may be on the blink-k-k!) thinks it's worth taking the allowed tenner. (Boosted from 11/4 which is comparable with the dutched odds for each player with another firm; seems reasonable to say it should be longer than 11/4 but not as big as 9/2).

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