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Australian Open 2022

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This is exactly what i was refering to when i mentioned menthal strenght.. Medvedev is not thinking clearly for a while now..he's not thinking at all,in a matter of fact..he stand no chance in the decider

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Well,funny thing is that at the very end,Danil looked somehow recovered,and Nadal in trouble.
But..that menthal side of game once again decided a winner.

If they age would allowed them,the BIG3 would run the tennis forever..that's how they're superior to younger players.

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6 minutes ago, charliepie said:

Dani's backers have gone a bit quiet:-) Easy bet to cover though as when he was 2-0 up Nadal was 10/1-25/1. Who would have thought he would reach 21 slams first though?!

I would have. Sooner or later he would win Aussie O again before it's to late. This slam is what he needed to be the fourth player in history to have won every slam twice in a career. Might have been his last chance this time and with Nole out he was set for it. Kind of like when Federer came back again in 2017 and won his last slam.

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On 1/27/2022 at 10:47 PM, Torque said:

The Women's final is set and fortunately I'm green no matter what the outcome. I'll be hoping for a Barty win though as that will net me double the return of a Collins win. I've now closed out my position on the Men's side with two final bets, where a Medvedev or Nadal win sees me in profit but a Tsitsipas or Berrettini win sees me taking a loss.


10pts Tsitsipas to win ATP Australian Open @ 6.49 Betfair Exchange

5pts Berrettini to win ATP Australian Open @ 9.82 Betfair Exchange

Ended up being a profitable tournament for me. From a financial perspective I'd have preferred Medvedev to beat Nadal, but from a tennis perspective it was great to see Nadal win so no complaints. Barty beat Collins as I hoped she would and match betting went well also.

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11 hours ago, U.K. TennisGirl said:

I feel sorry for Roger today. As mentioned previously, I hoped that all three of them would end their careers with the same number of Grand Slams, so that people would be forced to dig deeper when deciding who to declare the ‘greatest of all time.’

It certainly deserves a more thorough and nuanced debate than simply comparing number of Grand Slams won.

But Nole and Rafa is way ahead of Roger though except matchwins.

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12 hours ago, U.K. TennisGirl said:


I don’t think it’s fair to come on and make those sort of claims after the event! I think most people in tennis thought that Nadal had reached the stage where the French Open was his only serious chance of adding to his Grand Slam haul.

I don’t think many people thought another Australian Open was possible for him, particularly looking at how heavily he was defeated in his last final here, three years ago.

If you genuinely thought that before the event, then fair play to you, but I don’t think that posting claims like that after the event is going to win you many brownie points. ‘I would have told you so, but I didn’t mention it’ has never been a popular or valid claim in any walk of life!

I did not place any bets or post anything on who to win for a reason. Having my doubts about Meddy were my main reason and I really don't like to speculate on whatever outcome it might be. Rafa is in no way inferior to Meddy on hardcourt as evidenced yesterday. To be throwing my money on one or the other outcome or specifically on the world no.2 because some people says the big 3 are done and their era has come to an end and Medvedevs has begun is just speculative betting leading to my uncertainty. I rather avoid loss in this case.

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I am very careful with predicting mens Grand Slam winners as in this years AO because when something looks so sure to happen in sports it often isn't. The road were paved for Meddy but his ambition and selfbelief wasn't there. You don't win a mens Grand Slam in singles over 2 sets of tennis.

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