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Dodging Bullets Whilst Watching Paint Dry...


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Bet 126: 10 points on England Women to score 20+ points v Wales at 1/100 with 365

No-one barring France has a realistic chance of England hitting that mark in a 6N game unless the game was being played on a quagmire in a downpour.

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Bet 127: 10 points on 3+ SoT in Napoli v Milan at 1.01

Pushing my luck with such a high line but with Osimhen starting it should be safe. He'll probably cover that on his own. (Scored in 8 of his last 10 starts and 15 of the last 20).

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Bets 130 and 131: 2.16 points each on 1+ SoT and 2+ SoT in Sevilla v Man U, both at 1.01

Got matched in that way in both games last night but didn't put the 2+ up. Can't see any reason not to on reflection, they're 2 separate bets albeit the second one can't win if the first one is a loser.

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22 hours ago, harry_rag said:

SoT markets just up for the Tuesday and Wednesday Premier League games so I'm at the front of the queue for 1+ and 2+ in all 7 of them. See if this getting matched for £2.16 motif continues.

Looks like £2.14 is the new £2.16! :unsure

Bets 141 to 144 are 1+SoT and 2+SoT in each of the Wolves v Palace and Villa v Fulham games, all for the aforesaid stake at 1.01

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Well if I'm not mistaken those bets bring up a couple of landmarks. The thread has finally crossed the £20 profit threshold and I believe I've established a foothold on the bottom of the consecutive bets leaderboard.

Pretty lucky really the given the reckless pace at which I've been clocking up the bets. :lol

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