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Brazil Serie A > Nov 17th-18th

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Flamengo vs Corinthians Paulista (SP)

Kick Off: 11/17/2021 20:30



Flamengo's performance this season is quite excellent. After 31 rounds of game, the team have achieved a record of 18W-6D-7L. At present, they rank the second place in the league with 60 points. They have the strongest firepower in the league for the total number of goals as high as 61. In the last round, they won Sao Paulo 4-0, which boosted their morale.

Corinthians Paulista (SP)

Corinthians's performance this season is also good. The team recorded 13W-11D-8L compared with Flamengo which play more one game. At present, they rank 4th in the league table with 50 points, only 2 points away from Bragantino in front of them, which means that as long as the team win this game, they can break into the top 4. In the last round, the team beat Bragantino 3-2 at home.


In terms of the historical confrontation performance of the two sides, Flamengo can be described as the nemesis of Corinthians. The team have achieved 7W-2D-1L in the face of Corinthians nearly 10 times, of which nearly 4 times have been won, occupying an absolute psychological advantage. Flamengo are expected to win this game.


Pick: Flamengo

Final Results: 1-2, 1-1

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Palmeiras vs Sao Paulo

Kick Off: 11/17/2021 19:30



Palmeiras lost 2-1 away to Fluminense in the last round. Their previous six consecutive victories were ended, and the state and morale fell back. However, Palmeiras are still in the third place in the championship. Although there is still a 10 point gap from the top of the list, they still retains a glimmer of hope of winning the title. They have remained 3 consecutive home wins so far and the home performance of them is maintained relatively well.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo have become the role of the relegation team this season. At present, they are only 15th in the championship, only two points away from the relegation zone. Moreover, the team lost 4-0 at home to Flamenco in the last round, resulting in a great loss of morale. In addition, the away combat effectiveness of them this season is extremely poor. They have only won 3 of 16 league away games this season, and their scoring rate ranks the lase place in the league.


Palmeiras are superior to Sao Paulo in strength, and they have maintained unbeaten against Sao Paulo three times this season, with great psychological advantages. So Palmeiras have a great chance to win at home.


Pick: Palmeiras

Final Results: 2-0

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Fortaleza vs Ceara

Kick Off: 11/17/2021 19:00



Fortaleza looked pretty bad recently. They were beaten 2-0 away by Bragantino last round. They have only achieved 1W-4L in the last five games. However, Fortaleza have many away games recently. In fact, their home performance is good for having achieved 2W-1D in the last three League homes, and they still have a chance to compete for CONMEBOL Libertadore. Fernandez and Pikachu have scored 9 and 8 goals respectively in the league this season. They are the two most reliable players on the offense line.


Ceara are in much better shape recently. After beating Sport Club Recife PE at home in the last round, they have got 3W-1D in the last four league games. But Ceara's away performance is poor. In the 15 League away games so far this season, the team have only 9D-6L, and the performance at both attack and defense is extremely bad for only scoring 9 goals and conceding 20 goals.


Although the recent performance of the two teams looks quite different, they both have the characteristics of strong ability to grab points at home. However, Ceara's away performance is really bad, and they almost lose most of their strength at away. Therefore, Fortaleza have a good chance to remain unbeaten and even win this game.



Pick: Fortaleza to be unbeaten

Final Results: 1-1, 2-1

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