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Alex's low odds rolling bets thread


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I've decided to start my own one goal challenge.  All bets are with Bet365.  I won't be placing a bet every day as I sometimes don't have time due to work commitments.  

1st bet - Chelsea vs Burnley 

£5.00 @ 1.05


EDIT:  I have now changed to Smarkets.  All winning bet totals will include any comission that Smarkets have charged me.  

I'm also just going to use this thread to track all my bets.  

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1 hour ago, harry_rag said:

Good luck with the thread mate tho not sure my approach is the slowest or the surest! Just recording all my posted bets for the year and seeing how it ends. I have tried to adjust the quantity to quality ratio in favour of the latter of late to be fair.

Thanks mate.  ?

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56 minutes ago, harry_rag said:

They’re not bad, worth a read if you want an informed take on a game. I don’t know whether they show a profit overall. Kevin Pullein is profitable as per the long running thread in systems and strategies but he’s very much quality over quantity (pretty much one tip per week with International weeks off).

Thanks Harry. I have been following your bets in the Kevin Pullein thread. I think quality over quantity is a better way to go - that or a low odds steady pace kind of bets. 

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1 hour ago, JdsGooner90 said:

This challenge is hard enough one bet at a time you have no chance with trebles especially at low odds of 1.06.

Have you thought of using an exchange? Odds are a lot better. 

Yeah, I am using Smarkets.  The chances of over 0.5 goals in each of those games were quite low, so I thought that I would stick them in an acca.  There's always one that lets you down, eh!?  ?

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  • alexcaruso808 changed the title to Alex's low odds betting thread
  • alexcaruso808 changed the title to Alex's low odds rolling bets thread

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