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Racing Chat - Monday 4th October


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Lord Denison 1.45 Stratford 3/1. Been nicely backed in from as big as 8/1 into 3/1. Looks potentially well handicapped on a 2nd at Plumpton a couple of years back and yard's runners always interesting when the money is down.


Bit frustrating, went 2/5 in running and disappointing he couldn't hold on. Perhaps jockey went a bit soon, maybe not.

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6 hours ago, Hotspur88 said:

Current P/L = -1.5pts

Two selections today....

1514 Pontefract First Account 10/3 2pt win = Lost, very poor (2pts lost)

1625 Stratford Aucunrisque 5/2 2pt win = Wins, very easily (7pts returned, 5pt profit)

4pts staked ????

4pts staked.

7pts returned.

Overall +3pts for the day. 

Current P/L = +1.5pts

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9 hours ago, The Equaliser said:

My Trixie today:

1.15 Str Jay Ja Reilly 15/8

2.30 Lin Escobedo 6/4

5.35 Tipp Swift Flight 1/1

One £1 win Trixie = £4 = poss return £32.29


4.55 Wolv Hatshepsut £1 win at 15/2

8.30 Wolv Jorvick Prince £1 win at 9/1

£6 staked



Just 1 winner in the Trixie so no cigar.  I could have had £4 on Swift Flight but I preferred to save this money for another Trixie tomorrow just in case it lost. My new balance is now £699.06 (Bank £1056.22) 

39 Races tomorrow, the going is soft  at the main three meetings and Good at Huntingdon.  Kempton is AW.  Could be another difficult day



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