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*** York Ebor Competition: Well done to 1st daveg, 2nd glavintobuy & 3rd Donnyflyer ***
** August Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd ian309, 3rd Manc **
** August Naps Competition Result: 1st Zidane123, 2nd Adamross, 3rd Wanderlust, 4th Rainbow. KO Cup Winner: Peter York, Most Winners: Alastair **

World Matchplay


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The Darts returns tomorrow (horray!) and it's live on Sky Sports. A mention of sad passing of Andy Fordham. yesterday. RIP.

This event was won last year by Van Den Bergh on debut and it's Van Den Bergh who comes into this in the best form in my opinion. Also, he has a nice draw, away from the likes of Peter Wright and MVG. Other than Van Den Bergh, I thought about De Sousa, but at just 7/1 he would need to beat MVG and alot of other players and 7s seems skinny.

Outside of Van Den bergh, I'll be taking big prices as usual. I can't decide who wins out of Dobey/Cullen. Normally, I would have Cullen but his form at the last super series was shocking and Dobey finally got his maiden win (tipped by myself at 100/1) and that's only going to give confidence to the fella. That also goes for Bunting (tipped by myself at 80/1) and Ross Smith (tipped by myself at 150/1)

None of these boys can be completely written off nowadays and it's only the sense of the occasion that, in my opinion, stops them going deep.

3pts Van Den Bergh to win World Matchplay 12/1 betway
1pt e/w J.Cullen to win World Matchplay 50/1 bet365
1pt e/w Van Duijvenbode to win World Matchplay 50/1 betvictor
0.5pts e/w R.Smith to win World Matchplay 80/1 bet365
0.5pts e/w C.Dobey to win World Matchplay 100/1 bet365
0.5pts e/w C.Rydz to win World Matchplay 125/1 bet365

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Tonight's action : 

Chisnall Vs Van Der Voort
Clayton Vs Van Duijvenbode
Price Vs Wattimena
Van Den Bergh Vs Petersen

A couple of interesting ones in there. I'm intrigued to see how Chizzy plays, as he went out to Van Der Voort last year. Chizzy has never gone past the Quarter finals, despite hitting decent averages. He has gone out to MVG 3 times but His last 4 exits have been Norris, De Zwaan, Hopp & Van Der Voort. He should be beating all of those 4. That makes me think that De Voort has a chance. As I say, he beat him last year and his form has actually been decent recently, at the Super Series. Quite the opposite for Chizzy. 

Van Den Bergh must produce with the crowds. He has a nice 1st round match against Petersen, who is bang out of form. Devon could easily step his form up with some crowds in the place, although not at full capacity. Same goes with Van Duijvenbode. His form has let him down recently, but he is a big event player.

4pts Van Der Voort to beat D.Chisnall 7/4 betway
2pts Van Der Voort, Clayton & Price 9/2 paddypower


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Van Der Voort certainly had his chances but Chizzy got through. A full day of Darts today. 2 sessions, one starting at 1pm and another in the evening (7pm) Here's the line up for the afternoon :

Ratajski Vs Dolan
Durrant Vs Rydz
Cross Vs RSmith
Wade Vs Humphries

First up, I'm going to take on Ratajski, who hasn't had the same impact as of late. We can only really go on form at the Super Series and Dolan has been excellent in them, winning one and making a final, also. I think he is worth a punt. It's mad to see Rydz such a big favourite against a player that has won the Premier League not long ago. Durrant has absolutely lost it and his form has nosedived. I have Rydz and RSmith on outrights and so I can't go too big on big outsider prices but I also think Smith has a good chance against Cross (if he turns up) perhaps the experience will see Cross through. 

Wade would have won this event about 6 times if wasn't for Phil Taylor and comes into this event with a solid chance. I like Humphries alot but I think he will have to be consistent to win here. Wade will only get beaten to a player who plays well.

5pts B.Dolan to beat K.Ratajski 13/10 boylesports
3pts Cross, Wade and Rydz to win 10/3 paddypower
1pt Dolan, Cross, Wade and Rydz (to win, most 180, highest checkout) 16/1 paddypower

World Matchplay -6pts


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let down by Wade. I've said that plenty of times in the past. Humphries was pretty good  to be fair. Evening session :

Cullen Vs Dobey
M.Smith Vs Searle
Wright Vs Noppert
De Sousa Vs Clemens

Still searching for that first winner. Cullen Vs Dobey is such a 50/50. I would fancy Smith against Searle but Searle has really had some quite excellent performances at the super series. You would favour Wright and Se Sousa and that's where I'll be betting.

3pts P.Wright to win, hit the most 180s and highest checkout 2/1 paddypower 
2pts Wright, Smith & De Sousa all to win 5/2 paddypower
1pt Cullen, Smith, Wright and De Sousa ALL to win AND most 180s 24/1 paddypower


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2/1 winner on Peter Wright, which was offered up at 3/1 just before the match. So I went in again. The 5/2 also comes in on the treble. Easy wins for Wright and De Sousa. The 24/1 is let down by Cullen, who won, but without the 180s. Tomorrow it's just an evening session, which will complete Round 1.

+10pts for the night

Matchplay bets -5pts

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The completion of Round 1 tonight then  :

Gurney Vs White
Aspinall Vs King
MVG Vs Heta
Anderson Vs Bunting

I think I will take White in the first. It's quite a close match-up and the bookies have got them split, also. White beat Gurney only last month at a Super Series, 6-4 and he has a slightly better average. Gurney has no form to speak of and it sways me to White. I would normally be backing King to beat Aspinall in a big match but I think King will struggle with the heat. He tends to struggle alot with it and we've already seen how hot it is there. I think Aspinall turns up tonight.

I'll leave MVG/Heta alone. I think MVG comes through that and the Anderson / Bunting match doesn't appeal to me. I actually think Bunting is too short to beat Anderson, if anything.  

5pts White to beat Gurney evens betvictor
2pts MVG, Anderson & Aspinall all to win 11/4 skybet
2pts Aspinall, White and Bunting to win 15/2 paddypower

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6 hours ago, Fader said:

2pts MVG, Anderson & Aspinall all to win 11/4 skybet
2pts Aspinall, White and Bunting to win 15/2 paddypower

are you doing these as an acca bet mate?

Nevermind, you probably are :). I stuck them on an acca myself.  Good luck, @Fader!

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A good result yesterday with a +8.5pt evening, taking us into profit. We get started with Round 2, tonight. Here is the line up :

Cross Vs Rydz
Humphries Vs Ratajski
Price Vs Clayton
Van Den Bergh Vs Chisnall

Everything points to a Rob Cross win tonight. I picked Rydz as an outright pick, hoping that he loosens up and just scores like he can do. I also assumed he would beat Durrant much easier than he did. He has been quite poor recently in his averages and he comes up against a Rob Cross who is improving all the time. I think Cross wins tonight and I also think it's worth having him onside further in he competition. 

In the second match, we have 2 players who both looked pretty good in Round 1. I think if Humphries turns up, then he wins this, as I think he is more naturally gifted. I'm not confident that Humphries is consistent though and I think Ratajski wins tonight. I think Price beats Clayton, not much to say on that fixture. Clayton seems to have abit too much respect for Price. In the final match, I'm hoping Van Den Bergh improves with the opponent improving. Chizzy does tend to have a good record against Van Den Bergh, which makes me think he will turn up tonight.

1.5pts e/w R.Cross to win The Matchplay 22/1 paddypower (1/2 2 places)
2pts Price, Ratajski and Van Den Bergh 9/2 paddypower special
2pts Van Den Bergh, Price, Humphries & Cross 13/2 paddypower special
0.5pts Cross, Price, Van Den Bergh all to win, hit most 180s and hit highest checkout 66/1 skybet

Matchplay bets +3.5pts




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We already know half of the Quarter Finalists and we'll know the other 4 by the end of the evening. Here is the line up :

Smith Vs De Sousa
Anderson Vs Aspinall
MVG Vs White
Wright Vs Cullen

So, I like De Sousa and Aspinall in the first 2 matches. Both matches are likely to be close like the history shows. The MVG Vs White duel looks an interesting one. White has beaten MVG plenty of times and shouldn't be scared of this match. I'm very temped to take White, but as usual, I just think the moment will get to White. In the final match, I'm hoping for Cullen to turn it on, with the outright pick. It largely depends on what Snakebite turns up.

I'm waiting on Paddy to get up some specials but they may not come.

4pts N.Aspinall to beat G.Anderson evens betfair
4pts J.Cullen to beat P. Wright 7/4 willhill
0.5pts De Sousa, MVG & Wright all to win, most 180s and highest checkout 66/1 skybet


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Aspinall wins and shows great heart. A real cracker of an evening of Darts.  Cullen gets well beaten by Wright. I think even Cullen on form would have found Wright too much. He looked excellent and scored the highest average of the night. I can see Wright going on now and winning the event. Hopefully, we'll see a Van Den Bergh final atleast. The Aspinall win blocks out the Cullen loss and it's just a half point loss last night -0.5pts.

The final 2 outright bets play tonight. Here is the first 2 Quarter final matches, that get played tonight :

Ratajski Vs Rydz
Price Vs Van Den Bergh

Ratajski was pretty impressive in his last round win and has looked very sharp in this tournament. He faces Callan Rydz, who has found his way through to a Quarter final with the weakest of averages. He is beating players who do not perform. It's very "Wade-esque". I think Ratajski wins tonight, but there's more to come from Callan down the line. In the other match, I'm hoping Van Den Bergh can keep him level of performance up. If he does, he has every chance, tonight.

4pts Ratajski and Van Den Bergh to win 5/2 paddypower
3pts Ratajski to beat Rydz, most 180s and highest checkout 3/1 paddypower


1pt Van Den Bergh to win and both players to throw 10 180s 8/1 paddypower
0.5pts Both players to checkout 121 exactly 20/1 paddypower

Matchplay tips +9.5pts



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Pure class from Van Den Bergh. Won quite easily in the end, despite all the attempted mind games from Price. The 5/2 double comes in and the 3/1 winner on Ratajski also comes in. Van Den Bergh moves on to face Ratajski for a place in the final.

+17.5pts for the night. 

Matchplay tips +27pts

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Tonight sees the last 2 Semi-final spots taken. Here is the line up :

Wright Vs M.Smith
MVG Vs Aspinall

I think Wright is very much back at present and I think he beats Smith. Smith goes through spells of being brilliant and then poor but at the very core of it, he always seems to have that mental weakness around doubles at big moments. I'm not convinced he is ever going to win a truly big event. I'm going to take a chance tonight on Wright beating Smith, hitting the most 180s and highest checkout. I know Wright is purposely trying to hit more 180s and he normally loves a big checkout.

In the other match, I'm not totally convinced by MVG. He has this knack of looking poor and then you see he has hit a 100 average in the match, which I suppose shows true quality, but he just doesn't look as intimidating nowadays. I think Aspinall has a chance tonight, and I'm going to have a punt on him winning the match outright.

3pts P. Wright to beat M.Smith, hit most 180s and highest checkout 4/1 paddypower
4pts N. Aspinall to beat MVG 7/4 bet365
1pt P. Wright to hit most 180s in the night and highest checkout 10/1 betway

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Semi finals tonight :

Van Den Bergh Vs Ratajski
Wright Vs Van Den Bergh

Not a whole lot of time today, so I'm backing my man to get to the final tonight. I think if he plays like last time it will be enough. Ratajski is dangerous though and has been hiting close to 100 most matches. I'm hoping that the occasion gets to him, because Ratajski isn't used to Semi finals of big events. In the other match, it's all about Wright for me. I think even MVG expects Wright to win, if I'm honest. I will chance the match treble once again

4pts Van Den Bergh and Wright double 7/4 paddypower
4pts Wright to win and hit most 180s evens paddypower
2pts Wright to beat MVG, most 180s and highest checkout 3/1

1pt Van Den Bergh and Wright both to hit match treble 9/1 paddypower

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Just for fun and to try and hit a substantial price, I'm going for a half point punt on the following double :

Van Den Bergh (win match) Van Den Bergh (most 180s) Ratajski (Highest checkout)
Wright (win match) Wright (most 180s) MVG (Highest checkout)

0.5pts 28/1 betway

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Absolutely incredible from Wright. Mad respect. Glad Van Den Bergh has made the final for me, but nobody touches Wright, right now. 116 average at one point. 110 average in the easy win against MVG, who managed 100+ himself. Incredible.


The 7/4 double. The 3/1 on Wright hitting the match treble. The even shot on Wright with 180s and finally the 9/1 double match treble

+26pts for the night. 
+60pts matchplay tips 

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The big final is here and happy to see one of the outright picks competing in it. Van Den Bergh, the reigning champion, takes on Peter Wright, who has been ridiculously good. Wright has a good head to head record against Dimi. These two know eachother VERY well. So well that Dimi was staying at Wrights house when the lockdown happened. You could say his form has coincided with it.

Combined, these two have hit 69 180s in the tournament and I think we should see some more 180s tonight. I'm not too interested in the match betting. Ofcourse, I want Van Den Bergh to win but my head tells me that Wright will likely win. Either a way, a successful tournament.

2pts 26 or more total 180s and 2 or more legs finish on the Bull 11/2 paddypower
2pts 24 or more total 180s, 5 or more 100+ checkouts and 2 or more finish on Bull 13/2 paddypower
1pt 28 or more total 180s and 3 or more finish on the Bull 20/1 paddypower 

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No real suprise that Wright wins, there. I thought Van Den Bergh held himself together pretty well, but who's beating Wright there, really? He was awesome all week.

-5pts lastnight but with the outright placing (12/1 eachway / 6/1 winner)

Matchplay tips +63pts
Darts 2021 +419.75pts

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