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(Betfair Premium Charge) How to check if you have used under 1500 markets on betfair without contacting them?


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I havent got the Premium Charge email from them but am curious to find out how many markets have I bet on in the lifetime of my account. 

I want to know without contacting them so as not to poke the hornet's nest. 

Thanks folks


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Check your own records (I’d assume the sort of customer who has cause to worry about the PC keeps detailed records of all their bets)? If not, export your history for  however far it’s possible to go back and review that? By the way, I believe the number of markets that can trigger the PC is 250 rather than 1500. I probably bet on more than that in a year, though think I’m safe from the charge based on the profitability based criteria!

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But yeah, you're right. Its 250 markets. 

History only went as far back as a few months online. 

I think we can stay under the 250 markets , no matter how much we profit, we wont get hit with Premium Charge.BUT thats assuming that betting on 10 different matches on market Correct Score counts as one not 10. Still hunting for clarification on this.

Just gonna try stay under that if I can. Will figure out a way to get that data from them ?

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3 hours ago, NoFear said:

BUT thats assuming that betting on 10 different matches on market Correct Score counts as one not 10. Still hunting for clarification on this.

I'd go 1.01 that betting on correct scores in 10 different matches = 10 markets, though 10 scores in one game would be one market (unlike anytime goalscorer, where each player in the same game would be a different market). I'm pretty sure that someone playing at huge volumes in, say, win and place markets only on horse racing would not avoid the premium charge on the basis that they had only ever bet in 2 markets! If they met the profit/charges based criteria they would be hit with the premium charge.

Do you really think you're at risk of being hit by it on the basis of total charges generated being less than 20% of your gross profits and given that you have an allowance of £1,000 of premium charge that would have to be used up before they would look to charge you? 

For most of us, I suspect we've long since gone through the 250 market barrier.

ps - scratch all the speculation. I've just signed into my account, clicked on premium charge and all of the information you could possibly want is there! 

My lifetime summary tells me I've bet in over 7000 markets. my gross profit/loss (the latter) and how much commission I've paid. It also tells me how much of the £1,000 allowance I've got left (all of it). That should do you! Be interested to know if you're anywhere near to being hit by the PC.

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