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$5000 to $1Million in 3 years and little over 2000 bets

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2 years ago I posted a thread $5000 to $100k when I was 1 year into following these tips and method but that thread disappeared. Back then I remember many saying that conditional 3% compounding strategy is risky since the condition is that you compound only on winning days and keep the unit size same on losing days until bankroll reaches new high. Well here we are 3 years alter and little over 2000 bets and 1 million was reached. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15CSvrT3osJos4P-Fni102v5fvZqaqm8Q/edit#gid=644533306 Requires a lot of patience and discipline, especially at the beginning when you start with small bankroll because your psychology will always work against you and make you veer off the methodology but if you stick to the plan it can be achieved. Only obstacle is that many books will limit you or completely block you from betting but as longa as you are able to have accounts in pinnalce and betcris/bookmaker you will have no problem. As of 2021 I withdrew most of my winnings  to put into stock market and I no longer compound the winnings. I am simply doing $1000/unit which makes most of the bets $8000 since most of the tips received are for risk of 8 units. 

In the spreadsheet you can see the summary in the dashboard sheet. The log sheet has all 2000+ bets. Settings sheet has details on money management and bankroll setting. The yearly daily sheet tracks the progress using both compounding and linear method.

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On 6/1/2021 at 5:30 AM, wisebettor said:

but that thread disappeared.

I guess it was deleted by moderators, and probably this one will be deleted, too - it's just plain spam, to promote site listed in your workbook.

Yeah, of course, I also had a couple of winning runs, first I turned $14.72 into $102,380, and then I took $1,256 out of that amount and turned it into $1 Million! I started another hunt, and yesterday I was on ~$250,000!!! I took day off today to check for some stupid posts online and reply; I'll continue tomorrow, and expect to reach $ 1 Million this time next year!

And it was pretty easy - I take a list of past matches, already finished ones; I arrange them in a nice Excel table; then I write outcomes: "Win", "Win", "Win"... ok, then "Lose" here and there, it is impossible to win each match, and voila! here is my first $ 1 Million, in the table!

What I want to say, if you expect us to believe your story, you should have posted all those bets here, before the match, not now.

Had you indeed won 1 Million, I'm sure you wouldn't be spamming forums, you would be working towards next million... My grandma can make millions the way you did.

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