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Rugby League Bets 2021


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No joy with Myler so one from 2 yesterday.

Hull v St Helens:

28 points on Swift to score a try at 7/4 Betway (widely available and 15/8 with BF Sportsbook)

24 points on Fonua to score a try at 23/10 Lads (with boost; 9/4 Hills and 365)

17 points on Wynne to score a try at 10/3 Hills (also 365)

3 Hull players all at prices that catch my eye. Small profit if just one of them obliges.

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Last 2 bets lost, Swift was a winner so one from 3 for a small profit on that game. St Helens v Castleford tonight.

16 points on Eden to score a try at 15/8 with Betway of BF Sportsbook, 1 point (free bet) on him to score a hat trick at 66/1 with Hills

365 go 12/1 the brace and 80/1 hat trick if you can get more than spare change on. I'd focus on the straight anytime but those prices are still too big in my opinion.

Strong mention for Castleford's hotshots as a buy at 32 (Evalds, Olpherts, Eden, Turner). SX go 34-38. I get the true value to be around 39. I'd recommend a buy if you have no concerns about occasionally taking a trade where an arb exists.

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3 for today though I can't vouch for the prices lasting (PP cutting anything that moves, including things I was only thinking about backing)!

Hull KR v WIgan: 20 points on Farrell to score a try at 12/5 PP

Catalans v Hull: 20 points on Swift to score a try at 9/5 PP (was bigger with Sportsbook)

Salford v Huddersfield: 12.5 points on Atkins to score a try at 4/1 Sky Bet

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PP winning that skirmish with Farrell failing to land those last 2 bets.

Huddersfield v Warrington: Buy Huddersfield hotshots for 2 points at 41 with SPIN (McGilvray, Jake Wardle, Senior, Pryce)

I've "manually corrected" myself here (ooer missus) deciding to buy what would normally have been a system based sell for me. SX go 36-40 with Golding instead of Senior. Only SX are quoting player try minutes and they have Senior at 25 to buy compared to only 12 for Golding. I get "true" prices of 42.1 for the SX quartet but 49.7 for SPIN's.

I always take a closer look where there's a player different and, in this case, I can't bring myself to sell at 37 and feel there's value to be had in buying at 41.

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Salford v Hull:

25 points on Sio to score a try at 13/8 Sky Bet

20 points on Escare to score a try at 47/20 Uni

15 points on Fonua to score a try at 10/3 and 2.5 on him for last try at 18/1, both Sky Bet

Fonua prices look most wrong but he's on the bench so that takes some of the edge away. Still appeals enough to back though.

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Wakefield v Leeds: 14 points on Kay to score a try at 7/2 Sky Bet

Seems generous given that he starts, albeit not as generous as it would be if he was on the wing! Sub 2/1 in the majority of places, maybe the couple of firms who go somewhere in the middle have got it right.

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Hull KR v Castleford: 25 points on Turner to score a try at 11/5 with PP (12/5 if you can get on with the Sportsbook).

Huge price in my opinion. Paddy reminding me of the mad old captain played by Tom Baker in Blackadder on the subject of having a crew. All the other bookies say he should be shorter than 2/1 and I'm inclined to agree with them.

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