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NBA Season 2020/2021

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Hi All.

This is first post, little time left before games start, so I went with bookie that probably some of you use, but maybe at this moment doesn't have best odds and totals, but I don't have time to check, also in my country many foreign bookies are blocked, so I have to use some tricks to use websites like this...

So for this baptism I'll go like this.

It's not some night that I can be pretty much sure for some picks, but let's give it a try. In my experience so often nights that are not expected to be good turn out very vell.

I wish us all good ride and good luck. Because we will need it a lot.

p.s. Since I'll watch NBA tonight and follow my personal bet slips, will be here If someone has something to clarify.

Screenshot_2021-02-06  bet365 - Online Sports Betting(1).png

Screenshot_2021-02-06  bet365 - Online Sports Betting.png

Screenshot_2021-02-06  bet365 - Online Sports Betting(2).png

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Lillard ✔️ Scored 29 points.

Now I see bookies offered Collin Sexton at 22.5 totals and Nikola Jokic's totals are higher for one point. Collin Sexton is must try pick, Nikola who wants to gamble a little bit. But can go under because two strong centers of Sacramento. Whiteside is strong and lengthy. Nikola could bi around 24 tonight.


Screenshot_2021-02-06  bet365 - Online Sports Betting(3).png

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One of those nights where everything works against you.
VanVleet was shooting lot of technicals, Jeramy Grant went over in OverTime... Lot of their teammates didćt play so that increased chance for them to go over...

At least I got that pick that I claimed is must try. That and other two, but overall bad night...

Tonight offer is poor with poor totals, but you never know is it going to be 'that' night.
First bet slip is because some bookies offered decent totals on Randle and Brogdon.
Second one is try to have winning one for tonight.


Screenshot_2021-02-07 Volcano Online.png

Screenshot_2021-02-07  bet365 - Online Sports Betting.png

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First one 4 out of 4, 2nd 2 out of 4, 3rd 7 out of 8. I always fill ticket in a way that on first place is going most likely to win, last one that I afraid of most. So on that big one I was ruined buy guy that I kinda expected. p.s. I had one more slip, which was winning. So I had nice night.


Screenshot_2021-02-15-07-46-03 bez loga kladionice.png

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Yesterday was bad day for picks from first post.

Circumstances like Over Time, bad totals... Randle was huge miss. Collins couldn't guard a stick.

Second post was all good. Including Sexton. That one point can be crucial one in so many occasions. So have multiple accounts and find best bang for the buck.

For tonight. It's not some night, but it's not like we are on some vacation, right? Hard work all the week.

Screenshot_2021-02-16 Leagues with matches.png

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Update: Irving don't play so Suns are in very good position to win tonight. Also, I have James Harden under 30.5 at couple of local bookies, I see on bet365 is 29.5, don't know what is in other places... But I think it's going to be under 29.5 also... So first two on bet slip I am very positive about that.. Suns to win and players

Screenshot_2021-02-16 Lige sa mečevima.png

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NBA update: Nothing really to go full. Even guy that I was considering whole day now has totals for one points lower. But at 24.5 could also go under. So, other parlay worth to try would be John Wall under 24.5, Nikola Vucevic under 26.5 and Westbrook under 21.5. Tatum was real deal this morning, but now, I'm not that sure since Brad Stevens would probably rest couple of players.

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Soccer was win (0-0) at odds 2.87 (187), so I think I was kind to you today.

Now my parlays for tonight. This is what I placed AT SEVERAL BOOKIES.

Parlay 1: Tatum 26.5, Towns 23.5, VanVleet 21.5, Tobias Haris 20.5, Young 27.5, Jokic 26.5, Harden 26.5, Irving 26.5, Fox 23.5. All under and Milwaukee to win. 5 units stake.

Parlay 2: Tatum 26.5, Irving 27.5 and VanVleet under 21.5 all under. 10 units stake.

Parlay 3: Fox 24.5, Sexton 24.5, Harden 26.5. All under. 10 units stake.

Parlay 4: Towns 23.5 and Jokic 26.5 all under. 10 units stake....

Take care and good luck!

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