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✅ My challenge for 2021.


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Hi ✌️✌️ Punter Lounge community. 

After a break that will have done me good mentally, I'm back here to prepare my year 2020 for betting. 

I'm going to start from scratch to try to get back up to 2K$. 
I had started from nothing a few years ago and had managed to make a lot of profit this way. So I'm going to try again hoping to succeed. 

?? I start with a fixed bank : 1000$
?? Deposit 50$ every month
?? December 2021 , total deposit : $1600. 

The objective will be to make a profit of 400$ in 2021 in order to have a bank of $2000 to start 2022 and to start a new challenge. 

I will try to play less and select my bets better and No live.

See you soon for this new challenge.

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Hi ?‍♂️ 

I will totally change my plan for 2021. I don’t know how to bet with a big bank and I have to learning !! 

I bet very badly since 6 month , so I need to have fun again and analyze every matchs.

Starting with a small bank , I’m going to learn gradually and every month I’m going to increase that bank. I will allow me to learn how to manage. 

So , I’m going to start 2021 with £500 and deposit £100 each month with a goal of finishing the year at £2000. 
I know it will be very complicated but I think I can do it.


See you Soon ✌️


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On 1/16/2021 at 7:58 PM, Heisenberg68 said:

➡️ 6. £30 Higgins @1,40 to win £11,76 (v Gilbert , Masters ? )


➡️ 7. £25 Higgins winner @1,96 to win £23,52 ( Tournament, Masters ? )

Bet 7 Result : Higgins 8-10 Lost -£25,00

? Profit to date : £47,08

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