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IPL 2020 and Sunil Narine


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Firstly I've found the IPL profitable so far this year. I always bet either at, or just a few overs either side of half time.This seems to work for me. Batting first has been dominant. My big loser (at odds 30/100) was when Cotterill went for 5x6=30 in penultimate over.

I expect you've all heard of Narine being reported for suspect bowling action. I like him and enjoy watching him. But here's where I believe the trouble comes from. You can try this at home (without a ball in hand and not under a lightshade) if you know how to finger spin.

KKR didn't dare play him in the next game. When I watched, I never heard the commentators discuss this. Maybe too touchy.

The bowlers with "issues" are FRONT-ON rather than more side on (Google "Sunil Narine" and look at pictures). If you ball front on, it's difficult to put much spin on with a straight, locked elbow. If you bowl with a crooked elbow, putting the finger spin on naturally straightens the elbow. To straighten less than 15 degrees is now allowed. (The 15 degrees rule seemed to be a concession to keep Murally legal.) This is wrong IMHO as bowling with a straight, locked elbow is perfectly natural.

I don't know how to bowl a doosra, but I understand it's dodgy.

Quickies, including Shoab Aktar and Brett Lee have also had similar issues. Again they are quite front-on.

The correct way: Jimmy Anderson is the perfectly natural, side on, locked elbow quick bowler. Similarly, Graham Swann the standard off-spinner.

Any opinions on this?

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I'm finding it a bit of a shocker personally from a betting perspective but I think it's best to bet in-play. I think pre-match it's felt to me like a coin-flip far too often and so tipping it up becomes something of a task. 

Narine's technique is different and I've recently seen that he has been cleared of no misdoings. It's different, but I just feel like players should be allowed creativity and the freedom to be themselves. You see it with Matthew Wolff in Golf and we even see it with Malinga and his bowling style. Surely we can't be THAT rigid? 

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