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Win Backing System

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Have you now stopped even giving bank updates? There's even less to read about now when I check in, absolutely no idea what's happening, just you saying nothing yesterday, two today, no wins, one today, one place etc....

I have to stop checking in I think, good luck going forward. 

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Bank is at €1,003 where we are looking to win €30 with each selection (effectively breakeven)

Flat staking is at +12.13 units (net of 2% commission) using BSP.

Two selections to track today; backing both to WIN;

186 selections; since 12th February.

05/22/2023 16:20 Ffos Las Unblinking
05/22/2023 19:25 Roscommon Play It Again Zaam


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Unblinking traded into just 1.16 off a BSP of 8.2 yesterday but failed to win which was a real disappointment.

Play It Again Zaam ran into a place but didn't overly challenge.

We've one for today;

05/23/2023 14:10 Wolverhampton Cuban Grey


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Carrigillihy won at 4.59 so that brings the unit profit back to +11.65 (using BSP net of 2% commission). Here's todays pick; should be some nice prices on these early

29/05/2023 13:30 Windsor Vape
29/05/2023 13:45 Redcar Jems Bond
29/05/2023 15:50 Huntington Fort De L'Ocean
29/05/2023 16:05 Cartmel Return Ticket
29/05/2023 16:48 Leicester Cruise
29/05/2023 17:45 Cartmel Coup De Gold


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'+32.4 units profit now (using BSP net of 2% commission)' then three losers Friday and three losers Tuesday I reckon brings the 'profit' to less than 29 units.

Can you confirm that we're no longer backing to win £30 but that we're backing 1 pt level stakes and, on that basis the system is currently 26 points up or are my calculations out?  I'm confused.

Anyway, thanks for the postings and good luck with your selections.

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Hi, am recording using the bank also; will update in here periodically; backing to win €30 is just treading water at present.

Nothing yesterday from our picks; here's todays;

08/06/2023 16:35 Ffos Los Thundersockssundae
08/06/2023 17:40 Yarmouth Equiami
08/06/2023 18:40 Yarmouth Priscilla's Wish
08/06/2023 19:20 Chelmsford You Saw Brigadoon
08/06/2023 20:40 Yarmouth Ideal Guest


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Sorry, was unwell - back posting now;

Nothing from The Princess Poet - 4 for today

21 Jun 2023 14:45 Worester Footloose Man
21 Jun 2023 15:20 Worester Coolnaugh Haze
21 Jun 2023 18:50 Newcastle Danielsflyer
21 Jun 2023 19:10 Ripon Mutaany


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