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Win Backing System

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She's a Dancer came in at 2.69, the price shortened a lot, place was just 1.43.

Place Bank +€815.89

Win Bank +€5,966.77

Just to be aware, this is not a get rich quick scheme, I would be concerned about people putting anything other than minimal stakes on any of these selections. I've noted people mentioning doubles etc and I'm glad you made money on the same but stakes need to be relevant to money you can afford to lose. I am recording these to €100 back stakes, this to most people is a huge amount of money and I would certainly not recommend these types of stakes unless your betting bank is at least €10,000.

Selections for today are below;

13:15 Ffos Los Jac Brown
19:00 Chelmsford Jack The Truth



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20 minutes ago, only1woz said:

I like your post there the accountant - responsible gambling at all times folks ?

Caveat Emptor my son! :unsure

@The Accountant You can only assume we're all responsible punters who know the score otherwise no point in posting selections on a public forum. Past performance is no guarantee of what will happen in the future etc. etc. I mentioned a winning double and it's precisely because I'm keeping stakes modest that I was playing small multis rather than large stakes singles. Some days I got nothing back or less than I put on while your staking showed a profit courtesy of the place singles. On Tuesday I got lucky with the 2 winners. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. Anyone who lumps on and loses only has themselves to blame.

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Yeah good words everyone, got a bank myself to which I am applying a small part for these so that nothing is win or bust on one day.

Given the prices, the doubles would be tempting going forward, but let's settle in first I guess.

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It's exactly what you'd expect it to be ..... I'm looking for horses that give a better probability of placing/winning when compared to their price. I record the results to Betfair SP as that's the price that can be achieved rather than BOG/suggested price etc etc which I feel offers too much of an opportunity for manipulation.

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Waters Edge won at 6.0 yesterday (& 1.96 for the place) and Benadalid actually traded from 6.39 into 1.26 only to then fall away when having the race won.

Place Bank +€89.50

Win Bank +€5,716.09

We've 4 more selections today;

13:50 Newcastle Donnachies Girl
14:50 Exeter Portway Flyer
16:35 Kempton Katherine Place
17:35 Kempton Dream Chaser
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Dream Chaser lost by just a SH having traded from 22.0 into 2.02. It placed at 5.32 but the WIN would have been very nice. Second time this week we've had a horse trade in to 5% of opening BSP but not close it out.

We've 2 selections today;

15:20 Newmarket Lorton
19:45 Kempton Invincible Larne
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