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Win Backing System

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1 hour ago, The Accountant said:

If people aren't interested in the selections anymore I'll stop posting - no problem my end.

I think people remain interested and that enquires re how the bets are doing is actually evidence of that. A periodic update would be useful for anyone who follows the thread regularly or comes across it for the first time, e.g. a weekly update with the P/L for the week, year to date and in total.

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Re the place backs referenced above and in the thread previously, yes it has gone to a subscription model; I think 93 points profit from 1st May up to and including yesterday would justify that. These profits are recorded using Betfair SP and net of commission so I think that its reasonable to give something back for the time taken to work these selections out daily. And yes, it is €35 per month or €100 for a quarter; if someone sees that as "value" then great, subscribers are in a niche market where there is still value - the Win markets are extremely efficient as borne out by threads here across the board.

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Am going to pull back from posting on here now across the board. Thanks for your interest in the thread over the last year. If anyone is interested in receiving any picks from now on feel free to email me at placelaying@gmail.com - and just to note from above, if you are going to reference the "place backs" service at least have the decency to use the right currency and detail the correct results.


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On 10/8/2021 at 3:31 PM, The Accountant said:

I think that its reasonable to give something back for the time taken to work these selections out daily. And yes, it is €35 per month or €100 for a quarter;

We all spend time making our selections and freely share them on the forum without expecting anybody to pay us to do this. There are many members on here who have better returns than you so I would advise people to follow these for free rather than pay for your dubious tips.

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No problem - and just to be clear the Win Backs selections have not performed as hoped as of late yet this year but for the last 4 seasons the results have been very good; the place backs weren't posted here for any long period of time but the results on this are extremely positive. I think to refer to my tips as "dubious" is pretty disrespectful considering I've posted here Monday to Friday for over a year. Thanks.

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..... which is an interesting view from someone that's an Admin on a what is a betting & tipping forum - and yes I did actually post the place backs on the thread for a period. Anyway, thank you for letting me post and best to all in here in the future. My email is placelaying@gmail.com for anyone that wishes to reach out.

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It is very difficult (but not impossible) to make money from betting, even more so you when you have to pay a tipster.

You were very bullish about your win tips but they have not stood the test of time, I suspect your place tips may well follow the same path.

It is also difficult to make money in the place market because of the low level of liquidity, if several people put on large bets on the same horse the price would dop considerably and any edge will quickly disappear.

I would advise anybody to think very carfeully before paying for these tips.

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13 hours ago, The Accountant said:

which is an interesting view from someone that's an Admin on a what is a betting & tipping forum

I suspect the sentiments would have been more accurately conveyed had he said "paid tipsters" which is clearly a divisive subject among punters. Some people view them as being akin to prostitutes and are very much in the "I'd never pay for it" camp. Some people take a more pragmatic view, e.g. whilst they are car enthusiasts who enjoy working on their own vehicle they accept that there are others without the time, skill and inclination who want the services of a good, reliable, garage. Anyone who has been betting for a long time will have memories of when the paid tipster scene was mainly populated by sharks, conmen and charlatans. These days, I suspect it's more nuanced that that, with plenty of profitable paid services out there as well.

The main issue for me is that I don't have the time to be following anyone's bets after sorting out, recording and analysing my own. I don't necessarily want to stake that much on someone else's selections to justify paying a fee for them and it's too much hard work chasing the prices and trying to get a worthwhile stake on (I appreciate not an issue where based on BFSP). I can service my own (metaphorical) car well enough, and enjoy doing so, that I don't need to try and find a good mechanic, at the risk of getting ripped off along the way. Most people who post on here, whether winning or losing, will be of that mindset, wary of paid tipping services and irked by the perception of anyone using the forum to promote one without making any real contribution (not aimed at you given the posting to date, but it happens).

My take is it's a shame you've decided to stop posting now. I assume you were tiring of it a bit anyway but it seems to be in response to polite and reasonable requests for an up to date P/L figure (which should be provided as a matter of course in this part of the forum). You were regularly posting comments when there was a "nice winner" or two so it's only natural for people to wonder what the overall picture was. No shame in being in the red, all profitable systems hit losing streaks and any edge can dissipate over time. Obviously, had this been a paid service, you can appreciate that anyone who joined on the cusp of the downturn would have been feeling like @MCLARKE describes in his last post.

Good luck with the paid service, though on the basis of the returns and timeframe you mention it feels a long way short of being a proven long-term source of profits to me, especially in the context of being asked to pay for the information. Hopefully it continues to be profitable but no doubt there will be some bumps in the road along the way.

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All points taken on board and thank you for taking the time the post. I'll dip back in and out from here and post some updates if that's ok. Just for info and any one interested here's the PLACE BACKS for today; max price of 20.0 - all above this are ignored.

19 Oct 2021 13:55 YARMOUTH Favourite Child
19 Oct 2021 13:55 YARMOUTH Spirit Of The Age
19 Oct 2021 14:15 NEWCASTLE (A.W) Billyb
19 Oct 2021 14:15 NEWCASTLE (A.W) Kata Heart's
19 Oct 2021 14:15 NEWCASTLE (A.W) Mad Artymaise
19 Oct 2021 14:30 YARMOUTH Cousins Joy
19 Oct 2021 14:30 YARMOUTH Mais Oui Marlene
19 Oct 2021 14:30 YARMOUTH Show Me Now
19 Oct 2021 15:50 EXETER Bonnet
19 Oct 2021 15:50 EXETER Iliade Allen
19 Oct 2021 15:50 EXETER Pocket Too
19 Oct 2021 15:50 EXETER Six Five Special
19 Oct 2021 19:00 KEMPTON (A.W) Aussie Banker







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Hi, no, unfortunately you can't (at the moment anyway) set a max price on BSP. In reality 90%+ of the selections slip fairly seemlessly into a "back" or a "forget" from early on in the day. It was a nice day anyway 2.74 units profit, this is using BSP and is net of 2% commission. The big winner was Show Me How which placed at 7.16 in the 14:30. We ignored two selections due to price and backed all of the rest. Hopefully some of you got on and made a few euro anyway.

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