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** September Nap's Competition Result: 1st Boulder5111, 2nd Craig Bluenose, 3rd Barnsley Chop, 4th Zilzalian KO Cup: Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners: Waggy**
**September Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Gemic £45, 3rd Barry John £30**

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          EXPECTED  BOOKS          
Week Date US Time Home Away H-Spread H-Spread ODDS selection BET W/L  
1 Sep-10 8:20PM Kansas City Chiefs Houston Texans -10.00 -9.00 1.91 Kansas City Chiefs -9 @ 1.91      
1 Sep-13 1:00PM Jacksonville Jaguars Indianapolis Colts 5.00 7.50 1.91 Jacksonville Jaguars 7.5 @ 1.91      
1 Sep-13 1:00PM New England Patriots Miami Dolphins -21.50 -10.00 2.20 New England Patriots -10 @ 2.2 BET   NAP
1 Sep-13 1:00PM Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers -2.00 -2.50 1.91 Green Bay Packers  2.5 @ 1.91      
1 Sep-13 1:00PM Detroit Lions Chicago Bears 4.50 -2.50 1.90 Chicago Bears  2.5 @ 1.9 BET    
1 Sep-13 1:00PM Baltimore Ravens Cleveland Browns -16.00 -7.50 1.95 Baltimore Ravens -7.5 @ 1.95 BET   NB
1 Sep-13 1:00PM Washington Football Team Philadelphia Eagles 10.50 6.00 1.95 Philadelphia Eagles  -6 @ 1.95      
1 Sep-13 1:00PM Carolina Panthers Las Vegas Raiders 0.00 3.00 1.90 Carolina Panthers 3 @ 1.9      
1 Sep-13 1:00PM Atlanta Falcons Seattle Seahawks 2.50 -1.00 1.86 Seattle Seahawks  1 @ 1.86      
1 Sep-13 1:00PM Buffalo Bills New York Jets -8.50 -6.50 1.91 Buffalo Bills -6.5 @ 1.91      
1 Sep-13 4:05PM Cincinnati Bengals Los Angeles Chargers 6.50 3.00 1.83 Los Angeles Chargers  -3 @ 1.83      
1 Sep-13 4:25PM San Francisco 49ers Arizona Cardinals -15.00 -7.50 2.00 San Francisco 49ers -7.5 @ 2 BET    
1 Sep-13 4:25PM New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers -6.50 -8.00 1.91 Tampa Bay Buccaneers  8 @ 1.91      
1 Sep-13 8:20PM Los Angeles Rams Dallas Cowboys 1.00 2.00 1.95 Los Angeles Rams 2 @ 1.95      
1 Sep-14 7:15PM New York Giants Pittsburgh Steelers 8.00 6.00 1.91 Pittsburgh Steelers  -6 @ 1.91      
1 Sep-14 10:10PM Denver Broncos Tennessee Titans 7.00 3.00 1.91 Tennessee Titans  -3 @ 1.91      


New England Patriots -10 @ 2.2 BET NAP
Baltimore Ravens -7.5 @ 1.9 5 BET NB
Chicago Bears  2.5 @ 1.9 BET
San Francisco 49ers -7.5 @ 2 BET

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1 push and 2 from 3 on the remaining selected bets. ( SF49's won but 4 short of the spread :\ )
A push for the NAP and an easy victory for the NB.


Not a bad start to the season with a 64% sr on all selections (eat your heart out Teddy Covers :lol)

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2 hours ago, chris666 said:

I would just like to say that i have followed your input over the last few weeks and it has been greatly appreciated.  I enjoy watching the NFL on a Sunday evening, at making a few quid along the way helps


Cheers VT :beer

No problem
Glad its helped :ok

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Chiefs & Pats played last night according to my results this morning but it wasn't on the to be played page last night :\
Anyway had the Pats +7 which wasn't a bet and they lost 26-10 so its in final updated results.
8 from 15 on total selections this week 53% so an average week for them
Both Nap and NB winning again :ok



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Posted (edited)


Buccs and the Bears start off the weekend
***Some of the spreads and prices have been taken from USA books as not all are priced up in UK a.t.m, but all prices and spreads are correct at time of posting from my sources , better prices may be available elsewhere ***

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WEEK 5 SELECTIONS UPDATE..... ***These are the revised spreads and prices available in UK markets only at the time of posting.***
Titans and Pats games TBA and the Rams game is no longer a bet being replaced by the 49'ers as the NB bet
As from this week all spreads and prices will be taken from UK MARKETS ONLY to avoid confusion and therefore may appear late Saturday night / Sunday morning.


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