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Covid: The Perfect Storm!!!

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As you say Alley Cat, there really are some big games. I can't make sense of the odds offered against Tranmere, they mopped the floor with the Wunderers earlier in the season, I'm hoping and praying they do the same again.

As for the rest of the games, I'm trying my best not to even mention, let alone bet on or jinx the two teams that I think are ore the odds this afternoon, both of them playing at home, I'm sure you'll know who I'm on about, I'd sorely tempted to throw 200 quit at one of them at 7/2 but to avoid double jeopardy I'll keep my powder dry. The other team could do with a win, I'm just back from walking the dog, bumped into a couple of the lads from the Club, they asked me if I was having a bet, "I told 'em ******, do they still make batteries ?

That won't jinx our relegation bet, they are 9/5 with Bald Fred, no matter how that game goes it won't bother our long term bet, which by the way has turned out to be the most entertaining bet I've ever had, you don't need to be pouring over the coupon and the Football Outlook for hours.

More so that it gives you an interest in several games every Saturday, not to mention a good number of Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday night. Wish I'd been onto Relegation and Promotion bets years ago, the only other Ante Post bet I ever had was that £5 grand EW on Hors La Loi 3 months before it finished 2nd on the Champion Hurdle, beat by the mighty Istabraq, but at 16/1 I wasn't complaining.

The parasites aren't keen on Long term / Ante Post type bet it and leave it for months, they want their hand in your pocket every 20 minutes, Gus Demmy was right when he told me "the less often you bet, the more often you win", looks like I've digressed.

I just had a quick look at how Grim sby are going, 2-0 at HT, regret to say it looks like that goose is cooked, mind you, a win for Scun.thorpe today should narrow the field down.

68 minutes now in the Exeter v Stevenage game, looks like Stevenage are trying to make a game of it, 8 shots, 4 on target, let's hope they sneak a goal and a point.




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Well that went Keith Hill’s way again, sure he’s having a nice Saturday night. Ian Evatt gets himself sent off, not exactly setting the example. Unfortunately no real surprises results wise and Bolton stay 17th in the league. Only a few days to wait for the next games and even though there are still over 20 games to go, there are a lot of teams below Bolton playing each other so we need a couple of wins from the lower position teams. Bolton go to the rejuvenated Mansfield under Nigel Clough who themselves are rapidly climbing the table. Bolton are now 10pts from the playoff positions and 7pts from the relegation line. Halfway through the transfer window and letting Taft join Scnuthorpe doesn’t look the best bit of business. Penny for some people’s thoughts on where this goes next, how long does the manager get. We don’t want a new manager bounce that’s for sure. As Perfect Storm has said February has a lot of very big games where Bolton play the reverse fixtures to the teams they beat in November, but that’s getting in front of things still 2 games in January to get past.

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Best 20 quid I've spent in a long time, the Wunderers were down to 10 men for the last 15-20 minutes but to be honest they played better with 10 men than they did with 11.

Tranmere went 1 up after just 4 minutes, and went in 1-0 at HT. The second half was fairly even, a fair number of shots from both sides but Bolton's chances went pear shaped when Delaney's Donkey went in with a clumsy challenge, got red carded and {best of all} gave a Penalty away, slotted home nicely by Vaughan {with the help of the wife's Rosary beads}.

Have to give credit to the Wunderers though, they seem to play better in the last 15 minutes especially if they are losing, gawd knows how many points they've rescued in the closing minutes of many a game. It was thanks to a brilliant save Davies put in that kept Baptiste's point blank shot out.



When the tide is running against you there's not a lot you can do, so far this season the Wunderers have made more signings {30} than points gained (28}.

Speaking of games and points, so far so good this month, the Wunderers have gone after 12 points and only brought 2 points home, if that's not relegation form what is.

Their next game is away to Mansfield {on Tuesday} just as Mansfield have found a bit of form winning 4 of their last 5 games, more's the pity they dint get beat today though ?

The Wunderers last game this month is at home to Leyton Orient W11 D3 L10 winning 3 of their last 5. Chances are the Mansfield result will influence that game, if they get beat by Mansfield the pressure on the Wunderers team and their Manager, who also got red carded today will be enormous, fingers cross then hey...

Other than that, "I told 'em Oldham" they were my bet of the day, 9/5 to £200, but it was hard work getting them over the line, they went 1 down early on, then made it 1-1, then went 2-1 up, then Newport {by now down to 10 men} made it 2-2. But Oldham threw everything at Newport in the second half and got a well deserved 3-2 win

Happy Days hey ?



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Tuesday's a Smorgasbord, lots of delicacies, 6 point games on the menu too.

Mansfield v the Wunderers is the main course, but the less I say about that the less likely I'll be to jinx the game.

Southend v Bradford, both teams desperate for points, no prize for guess in who I want to win.

Barrow v Grim sby, c'mon Grimsby, turn things around, close the gap.

Stevenage v Colchester, another Rosary Bead game.

Tranmere v Harrogate, Harrogate only need a point to clamber over the Wunderers.

Sc.unthorpe v Port Vale, if the Iron beat Port Vale they clamber over the Wunderers too !!!

Games to look forward to hey, if only I could write the results, here's what the parasites think...








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Well some odd prices from the bookies for these matches. Do I take them on. Exeter v Morecambe 4/1 with skybet for the away win, Morecambe no mugs away from home, I would certainly be offering shorter price than that. Cheltenham v Oldham 3/1 with Bet365 on the away team, Cheltenham after the Lord Majors show as they say, Oldham better away record than at home. Not so sure about the 6 pointers above. Would like too think Scnuthorpe would build on there result from Saturday against Port Vale who look to have won the comical goal competition on Saturday, (3rd Walsall goal well worth a watch), also Stevenage might get something out of a Colchester team that appear not to like leaving Essex. Southend v Bradford I think will be a tight affair with Bradford hard to break down. Barrow could well beat a poor Grimsby side but not a game for my interest apart from our long term bet. Mansfield I hope will continue their upward push, Clough seems to have them on a roll.

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Hello Alley Cat,

"Comical Goal" aye you can say that again, was the goalie on "over 3.5" looked like he was having a laugh...


Not sure about yer selections, I don't want to jinx them. As for the relegation battles I won't be getting involved, well, I won't be rushing to give back the £360 that Oldham nicked for me. That's the beauty of this long term bet, its given me an interest in dozens of games.

The Wunderers haven't dragged themselves clear of the -17 points if they go bust, if that happened right now they'd be on 11 points, that would be the end of BWFC.

But, forget what's going on behind closed doors the results on the pitch are bad enough to sink the the club.. I'll be over the moon if they get beat on Tuesday night, that would set them up for a fall against Leyton Orient.


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Why Bolton are allowed to play in the league when their debts were like 160 millions when Phil Gartside was at the helm?

Did they pay all back? I guess not so why they are allowed into professional football?


By the way is he really dead oir it was just cover up to second identity as he made huge debts all around how can we be sure

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2 hours ago, yossa6133 said:

Southend must be fair value at 12/5, seem to be playing well and it's not like Bradford are world beaters.

Hello Yossa, I like the look of Southend, they put a decent run together a few weeks back then ran out of steam a bit, but with Dieng, Akinola on loan from Arsenal and as of today {how long before Bald Fred and the other parasites hear that} Cordner comes in on loan from Bournemouth adding to the strength to the Shrimpers squad.


I don't want to jinx them but I just can't see Southend being relegated.

Looks like the 12/5 has gone...


Bradford just made a decent signing with Rowe, he made his presence felt in his first game for Bradford on Saturday, let's hope he misses the bus.



Wishing to avoid double jeopardy it's a game I won't be betting on, I'll be happy enough to see the Shrimpers net 3 points.

I think I'll stand back at a safe distance from betting on any of Tuesdays games, it's too easy to step on a land mine, I'm in no rush to give that £360 quid back that Oldham bagged for me...

Add to that it's a decent day for Bitcoin, up almost 7% today, it's at $33,917 right now, can't beat it when the jingle comes through from the Ap.p on the phone, wondering if it just went up a Monkey, or down a Grand.



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The reason I don’t like Southend on Tuesday night is Dieng is suspended for his red card on Saturday. Also Bradford may not be world beaters but they have not lost in the last 6 games and have not conceded in 4 of those games. Would be possible I might like them at 7/2 away at Port Vale on Saturday though. See what tomorrow brings. I do think Oldham away at 100/30 with bet365 are decent value and price has gone out further than last night.

For the record done a lucky 15 20p cost of £3.00 tomorrow night Morecambe, Oldham, Halifax and Sutton last 2 from the national league all four are away all were at 11/4 or greater so 2 winners for a return. Nearly put Scnuthorpe in but in the end avoided the relegation teams.

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So the couple of games i have betted against Bolton this season they,ve done me in, late equalisers and they even won once.. Tempted to back Mansfield tomorrow as the form book screams out Mansfield.. Any team news you guys know about that could sway my decision either way ?. Thanks in advance...And what is the likelyhood that they could lose 17 points as im due over 5 figures if they did go down lol

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5 hours ago, bookiebasher said:

Thanks in advance...And what is the likelyhood that they could lose 17 points as im due over 5 figures if they did go down lol

Don’t think there will be any surprises team wise, nobody back from injury and Delaney missing through suspension. Mansfield appear strong now and wouldn’t put you off, but Bolton away do seem to pick up some results when you least expect. Even when 2 or 3 down they have comeback for decent points.

Deduction wise my gut tells that’s not going to happen, if they borrowed 40M until 2022 and beyond, not sure anyone can ask for that back, Perfect Storm is better located and closer to the news than me though.

Still talk of new player(s) from the manager in this transfer window although under embargo so only loans and freebies I think. Fans want 4 or 5 might be 1 or 2. Lad from Luton won’t be back gone to Northampton he was almost ever present in 1st half of season. Are they good enough to avoid relegation? Would suggest they need minimum of 6 wins to give them 46pts. That would mean Southend, Grimsby and Stevenage would need 8 or 9 wins to climb above them. All to play for, my cash out from Skybet has been climbing recently so that’s good news although it is a touch like Bitcoin in that behaviour!

All the best.

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First of all I dint know that Dieng had been red carded, that's a blow for Southend, the less I say now about their chance the less chance of jinxing the Shrimpers.

Good luck with the bet Alley Cat, I hope they come in for you, I've sewn me pockets up after last night, I went in neck deep on Spurs taking the 1/4 {4 monkeys to win one}, I damn near choked when Wycombe Wunderers went 1 up, then to see the woodwork play a blinder to keep Spurs out. At least there were signs of a lifebelt when with a last gasp of the first half Bale made it 1-1. Hard to believe how many shots went in, 28 in all, with 10 of them on goal, yet with 5 minutes left on the clock it was still 1-1 and I feared the worst.

You might imagine my RELIEF when Winks slotted one in on the 86th minute, was I glad to see Son make it 3-1 a minute later, that sealed the deal, no coming back from 3-1 with less than 5 minutes to play, well, not with a team like Wycombe playing Spurs.

That was a tough monkey to bag, I think someone up there was trying to tell me "there's no easy money" that certainly wasn't, anyway, all's well that ends well, long as you don't have a heart attack.

Bookie Basher: As for the Wunderers doing you in, join the club, I'm still licking the Barrow, Carlisle & Harrogate wounds, gawd knows how they came back from 3-0 against Barrow, how they drew 3-3 at Carlisle with the last e in kick of the game, or how they beat Harrowgate at Harrogate, those 5 points ALONE have managed to keep them out of the bottom 3.

As for FV going bust, I WISH I knew, I don't know how they are keeping the ship afloat, the Hotel alone is a Millstone, there's more folks visited the Pope than have visited the Whites Hotel in the last 6 months, but the place has been kept open even though there's rarely a day when there's more guests than staff. Must be a headache for Punch & Judy they went into this Vanity Venture thinking it would be a cash cow, no wonder when they slid their £800,000 bucket underneath the Wunderers, but that seems to have gone sour.

I can't see where the money is coming from, there's no one in the Hotel, and the turnstiles haven't clicked since a ball was kicked, but the overheads have to be paid, not to mention the £5 million or so of inherited debt, most of that due in 6 months time, including to HMRC, they'll make sure they get the full amount. If only the accounts were due at Companies House now rather than August.

Now for News from the Western Front, seems like Delaney didn't just get a red card on Saturday, he damn near did a Van Gogh...


Not that he'll be missed tonight, most of the Wunderers Fanatics would prefer he doesn't take to the pitch, in fact few of then even want Delaney's Donkey warming the bench.

But, talk about when the tide is running against you, Evatt must be thinking he killed a Priest in another life...


Speaking of Evatt {not that I'm complaining} here's his latest missive...


It beggars belief how he compares himself with Ole Gunner Solkjaer and Frank Lampard, a self deluded dreamer but a nightmare for the Wunderers.

Add to that...

"The club is in good hands, I can assure every supporter that Sharon and the rest of the board are FANTASTIC people, they are dedicated to this club and understand it."


Ask not for who the bell tolls,,,

The problem comes back to Punch & Judy, they are way out of their depth when it comes to owning a football club, their appointment of Evatt points to that.

Do you reckon they had a Plan B ? did anyone see Wu Flu coming ?

My guess is, Punch & Judy have no other option than to pretend it's just a bad dream, one that will go away, it won't...




Not sure if that's a good thing, or a bad thing for us ? some good results tonight for us would really turn the PRESSURE UP !!!






































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Hmmm, well, a mixed bag tonight, could have been better, could have been worse, the relegation battle looks to have 6 candidates now, Bradford, Sc.unthorpe, Port Vale and Oldham seem to have slipped the noose, so it looks to be between...

Southend seem to have rub out of steam just at the wrong time, especially with Port Vale up next, then some heavy games coming up against 4 of the top 7 in L2, Walsall, Newport, Cambridge Forest Green and if that's not enough Salford and, worse still the Wunderers. It's not looking good for the Shrimpers.

Grimsby might just grab 3 points from Saturdays home game against Stevenage, after that they face Newport, Tranmere, Exeter, Crawley then Harrogate, no easy games there.

Stevenage 8 points from their last 5 games play Grimsby on Saturday, that could be their best chance to grab 3 points, after that it's Exeter, Morecambe, Tranmere, BWFC, Walsall, Port Vale then Newport, no easy games there either.

Barrow next game at Bradford, good luck with that one, then it's Cheltenham, Cambridge, Exeter, Forest Green, Morecambe, Oldham then away to the Wunderers.

Harrogate next game at home to Newport, followed by Crawley, Cheltenham, Leyton Orient, Carlisle, Sc.unthorpe, Mansfield then Grimsby.

The Wunderers their next game is at the Reebok vs Leyton Orient, should be a good game, after that they face Salford, Morecambe, Stevenage and, Oh No, Southend, then Sc.unthorpe and Barrow, from the above it looks like the Wunderers have the easiest games coming up.

If only it was that easy to predict though hey but the loss of Kioso is a body blow for the Wunderers, that can't do much good for the teams morale.

I wouldn't want to pick which two will drop through the trap door, this is how the parasites see it...

Southend 1/3.

Grimsby   4/7 to 4/5.

Stevenage 5/2 to 11/4.

Barrow       5/1.

Harrogate  12/1

Wunderers 16/1

That's the first time in a while that the Bookies have even offered odds against Bolton.

I wonder how the above will look 4 weeks from now.










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4 hours ago, bookiebasher said:

Bradford are 23/20 to beat Barrow at home..Looks a good price to me.. Any takers ? 

Looks a strong possibility, Bradford are looking strong right now, Barrow not great on the road only won away at Port Vale in the last 6 away games. Price has drifted a bit 13/10 with Sky this morning 5/4 with Bet365.
Also like Mansfield away ar Walsall although that will be close. Scnuthorpe play tonight away at Colchester, not a bet for me but will be interesting to see if George Taft can help to keep a 3rd clean sheet, will need to improve to win away although Colchester are not great at the moment. 
Have to look at others tonight.

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13 hours ago, bookiebasher said:

Bradford are 23/20 to beat Barrow at home..Looks a good price to me.. Any takers ? 

Yea, more so with that new bloke Rowe strapping his boots on for Bradford.

I might just have a few quid on Bradford, I'd say they were more like 4/6 than 23/20.

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9 hours ago, Alley Cat Glover said:


Looks a strong possibility, Bradford are looking strong right now, Barrow not great on the road only won away at Port Vale in the last 6 away games. Price has drifted a bit 13/10 with Sky this morning 5/4 with Bet365.
Also like Mansfield away ar Walsall although that will be close. Scnuthorpe play tonight away at Colchester, not a bet for me but will be interesting to see if George Taft can help to keep a 3rd clean sheet, will need to improve to win away although Colchester are not great at the moment. 
Have to look at others tonight.

I'll be keeping my powder dry this weekend, there's just one result I want to see, no prize for guessing what that is ;-)

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Well a lot seems to have gone on at Bolton yesterday, the restructure of the Academy has not gone down very well with supporters, several well respected ex players have been let go, also been a statement to go along with that development from FV.

On the footballing side the decision to let George Taft go to Scnuthorpe on loan for the rest of the season seems to be working out very well for Scnuthorpe!!! Third clean sheet and they have moved clear of any problems quickly.

Todays matches pit 2 of the bottom three against each other, can’t possibly fancy any result with any confidence but think we would prefer to see Grimsby pick up 3 points. Really hoping Southend could do the same away at Port Vale who are struggling at this time, that would put the cat amongst the pigeons so to speak. 

That brings us to Bolton, several team changes required due to injury/ suspension and recovering players, not sure what we will get. Leyton Orient are a decent team and hopefully will want to get back on track after the defeat to FGR.

Two for me today, Bradford and Mansfield, the rest are a sit and watch, should of bitten the bullet with Scnuthorpe last night! Might be happy even if Barrow get something!

All to play for, 3 days then the transfer window will be closed and we can see what the squads will be for the rest of the season.

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Hello Alley Cat,

I see you've done yer homework, I hadn't checked the Bolton News, here's the latest on their web site.

“The hotel has been absolutely decimated and that formed a large part of the plan and that’s effectively half our revenues gone. Gartside insisted there would not be an issue when it comes to repaying a £3.5million-plus unsecured creditors bill by the end of the summer.

Under the rules of the club’s takeover, the EFL requires 35 per cent of the money owed to be settled by August.

Wanderers’ bill to unsecured creditors – including Bolton Council, the emergency services, energy firms and many local companies – totalled more than £10million.

“In terms of paying off the unsecured, the plan is as it was at the time of administration,” Gartside said.

“There was an asset purchase agreement at the time, I’m not going to allude to the details because I can’t but, we’re on course for that and the unsecured creditors will be paid.

“There was a headline number at the time of exiting administration of a huge amount of debt that was due. “One of the things we’ve done in the last 18 months is work away at that as much as we could do.

“The unsecured creditor element of it was made up of hundreds of creditors small and large but predominantly there were probably six or seven large creditors, some of whom you can argue about what they’re owed, and that’s part of what we’ve done. “We’ve managed to reach a conclusion to some of those large creditors. We’re well on board with that and are not going to incur any penalties as a result.”

Hmmm, "arguing about what creditors are owed" not exactly plain sailing then hey.

As for Taft, he underperformed for the Wunderers, he might have been looking for the exit door, whatever it was looks like Sc.unthorpe have tuned a corner, that helps our cause.

As for the Academy, Sharon scythed her way through the ranks there, smiling and complimenting one and all as she went, not the sort of woman you'd want to go home to with a £ short in yer wages. On the upside though, folks who live by the sword often die by the same means.


Note what the Wunderers Fanatics have to say in the Comments section of the above.

As for today's games, as you say, if the games go our way the cat really would be amongst the pigeon's, wouldn't that be nice to see, especially if one of the pigeons is called Sharon. 

As for the Wunderers game, I'm saying nowt until 4:55 it'll either be tears or beers.

Added to, or subtracted from by how Bradford do today, I jut took the 13/8 on offer, seems over the odds to me.






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10 hours ago, bookiebasher said:

Ive done Bradford, as well as Oxford who are on fire and Everton and Norwich, Thrown a bit on the parley that pays 12/1... Orient to to win 3 - 0 i hope lol

Looks like Bradford have a couple of big guns to wheel out today...


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Leyton Orient hey, they beat the Wunderers 4-0 in the reverse fixture, if memory serves me well that was their biggest win of the season, then on their visit to the  Reebok they play like they're wooden. That was the Wunderers first win in 6 weeks / 7 games, but it came at a bad time with Southend and Grimsby both getting beat, that widened the gap between the Wunderers and the trap door.

The only saving grace on the day was my bet on Bradford, I thought they'd have won with a wider margin than the 2-1 but Barrow played well and maybe deserved a point that I'm glad they didn't get. 

Let's hope that Mansfield are on form for Tuesday's game.

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Back on line after 3 days of being cut off, changed my ISP, line went live on Tuesday but they {NOWTV} didn't send me a router, hellish ain't it to be cut off from the world as we know it, a bit like being sent out of Class to cool yer heels, anyway...

Back into the fray, a big day for the Wunderers tomorrow, a short trip down the M61 to Salford who have to be looking for points and revenge after that disaster when they got beat at the Reebok.

The 6/4 on offer for a Salford win seems ore the odds to me, I'll have a slice of that, hard to believe Salford are 9th in L2 but they are just 7 points behind Cambridge and Forest Green. Salford have a game in hand, even with that Salford will be lucky to get promotion this season, that won't please the class of 92, they'd have been expecting more for their money.

As for the Wunderers, it's still "trouble int mill" here's what the 5th Column has to report.

Spoilt for choice, sort of...


New signing ? Willie Won'tie.


Gawd knows what these guys are smoking "wanting to settle in Bolton", I'd empty bins in West Ham or Charlton rather than see my career go down the plug hole in Bolton, needs must I suppose.

But whatever they are smoking Evatt has it beat, one of Evatts "targets" Marcus Maddison have been given away more times than Elizabeth Taylor, and he's had more clubs than a juggler...


As for Dapo Afolayan, seems like a nice lad, did well enough at Solihull Motor's, but he's failed to find the right gears anywhere else...


Other than the above, "Evatt upgraded his squad in the January window with seven new additions but the added competition comes with its own problems."

That's 37 new signings {a coach load} this season, that should settle the team down, down in the basement, the Wunderers can thank their lucky stars for Grim sby et-al !!!

Escaping relegation {if they do} won't be down to how well {or otherwise} the Wunderers play, it'll be down to how bleedin' awful some of the other teams play.

C'mon Grimsby, pull yer socks up...










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Can’t find a lot of any value in today’s fixtures, don’t know what to make of Bolton’s transfer business I guess the next few games and weeks will tell us. The month of February will tell us a lot both about Bolton and the teams that seem to have lost all form Grimsby, Barrow and Southend. 
Of today’s fixtures only Tranmere at home to Port Vale appeals but only around evens, Can not see Grimsby getting anything at Newport, would have fancied Morecambe but Stevenage quiet strong at home so not for me.

Lets hope Salford put on their shooting boots.

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One of those days hey, I did my bollocks in on the England v Scotland game, there's not much you can do when luck turns against you, when postponed games and a match on the telly, nudge you towards the iceberg.

Calcutta Cup hey, 37 years since Scotland won, it looked like one of those "buying money" games, and I fell for it, I should know better, how many times do I have to learn that lesson. I had a decent amount in my account with Bet365 and I put the lot on, FFS, a £ note for every mile between here and Ceylon, or whatever they call it these days, gutted.

It didn't take long before the writing was on the wall, Scotland fought like Lions and deserved the win, the less I say about how England played the better, but by 5:30 even the budgie was uttering expletives about the number of penalties England gave away.

It took me 3 months to build that account to where it was, but just one match to see it head back into the Bookies satchel, taking 500 quid of my own money with it too...

Some days you're the dog, other days you're the lamp post ?


















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