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Aye, well, the devil is always in the detail, so it should help folks if you give them the detail, plus an insight into the logic and discipline that I deploy. Betting is a COLD / HARD game, one

Here's one for the early birds, a 50/1 chance that's starting to look like an odds on chance. The Bookies have Bolton Wanderers as 5/1 favourites to win League 2, their reasoning being that Bolto

Hello Harry,  I hope you took a bit of that 15/2 that the Wunderers would finish up in the bottom half of League 2, it's looking like 2/15 right now, 15 hundred to 2 hundred would have been a nice bet

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Not sure what's going on with BetVictor, but they keep sending me "free bets" sometimes just a quid, other times a fiver to bet on their Sports Book. I guess they've noticed I'm not interested in the Casino Games, I'm not that daft that I'd bet against a computer game hell bent on mesmerising me while it picks my pocket.

I guess being a new client, they are trying to profile me. I only opened an account with them to get the 50/1 and the 55/1 that the Wunderers would be relegated, I've not backed on anything else with them.

You'd think that by now they'd have noticed that the three £1 free bets and the £5 free bet have gone on the same bet. I just put the "bonus fiver" on the same bet at 40/1 I can't believe they are still offering anything over 10/1, maybe they know more than I do, but I'd take 2/5 on that bet, I'm itching to break the story, but I'll have to bide my time, hellish though aint it when you have to bite yer tongue, and just keep watching from periscope depth 🙂 

The latest from the Wunderers camp is, Team Manager, Ian Evans, has just signed Peter Kioso from Luton town, telling the fans that "this 21 year old RB is a flyer", well he didn't do much flying at Luton. IE goes on to say "that he's brought in a Championship player" well he might have travelled on the Team Coach but far as I know he only ever laced his boots up once for Luton, but he has played over 60 games in Non League, scoring once every 800 minutes or so, with a record like that he should fit in real well with the rest of the Wunderers squad. Kioso is also better known for the Yellow Cards he gets than anything else, not something that I'll complain about though on either count...

Evans says "Peter is another significant signing to strengthen the squad and given time they'll all be household names." I reckon Evan's is delusional, most of his signings aren't even household names in their own homes.







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Bolton Wunderers 1 Oldham Athletic 2


What a game that was, Oldham went for it straight from the kick off, putting in a more "Athletic" performance than the Wunderers. Oldham could have gone at least 2 up in the first 20 or so minutes. The ball finally figured out where it's supposed to go in the 28th minute. I have to give credit where it's due, it was a wake up call for the Wunderers and within 4 minutes it was 1-1, that took the top off my celebratory pint.

They went in at HT still 1-1 both teams had their chances but the closer calls came off the Oldham boots of Rowe and Barrnett.

Second half was end to end stuff, both teams going for it, beggars belief how McAleny's chip shot over Bolton's goalkeeper Crellin didn't go in the net, hitting the INSIDE of the upright and bouncing back out. Less than a minute later McAleny's shot at goal was inches wide. By now it was wave after wave by Oldham, playing with confidence, but Bolton weren't idle either, they had their chances but didn't know what to do with them, squandering more than a few opportunities.

Here's what the Stats say.

Possesion: Bolton 61% no wonder with all that back passing and own half passing.

Shots Bolton 11 Oldham 17.

Shots on Target: Bolton 3 Oldham 3.

Corners: Bolton 2 Oldham 9

That gives you an idea that it was end to end stuff, but, at...

60 minutes 1-1

70 minutes 1-1

80 minutes still 1-1 but Oldham throwing the kitchen sink at the Wunderers, but they had a couple of chances on break aways. Wunderers Gnahoua faced an open goal, but he shoots straight at Oldham's goalie. At this point with both teams committed you could sense there'd be a late goal. So at 85 minutes, not wanting it to go the wrong way I'm reaching for the wife's Rosary Beads, they've conjured up many a last gasp goal for me, and I needed one now...

90 minutes still 1-1 the bloke with the board says 5 minutes left to play, it amazing how many Hail Mary's per minute you can say when you need a goal. I must have been doing something right, it's all Oldham again now, one corner, then another. Oldham knew defending set pieces is the Wunderers Achilles Heel. The Wunderers clear both corners, but the second one falls for Oldham who attack again, like men possessed.

The ball falls for Dearnley, he slaps it straight into the net in the 93rd minute. If I'd been on the field for Oldham I'd have been looking for Row Z every time the ball came near me, but they're going for another goal and damn near made it 3-1.

With a last gasp rescue mission in mind the Wunderers threw all the Mid fielders and Forwards into the fray but that went wrong. Oldham got the ball and went 4 against 2 heading for the penalty box, how they muffed that up gawd only knows.

Moments later the Ref blew the whistle. Can't say I've ever seen a team walk off the pitch looking more dejected than the Wunderers looked, not to mention that their Manager had a longer face than Red Rum, Pas Moi though, I'm "made up".

Not sure what to make of their next game, away to Barrow on Tuesday. Barrow is the stone the Wunderers Manager crawled out from under before heading to Bolton, so there'll be needle in that match too. If they can't beat lowly Barrow the Bookies might as well start paying up on the Relegation bets.

Their game next Saturday is against Cambridge United, gawd help them in that game, Cambridge are top of League Two, P6 W4 D1 L1 Goals for 15, Goals against 3.

If only Harrogate had seen Bolton off hey, but with 18 points played for and only 4 points in the bag that 50/1 is looking promising.

C'mon Barrow, see 'em off 🙂


PS: Chances are Michael dint want much for his tea tonight...














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I try to leave the individual games alone, I've enough money on the Relegation bet, last thing I want to do is back the opposition and double jeopardy myself, but it's sorely tempted me to back whoever the Wunderers play.

They are already a sinking ship, it's just a matter of time before they take a broadside, off the pitch, when that happens they'll go down faster than Stormy Daniels. 



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Forget Tuesday nights match with Barrow that could be a bit of a coin toss. Now next Saturday Bolton away to Cambridge. You can get 6/4 with Bet365 currently. With Paddypower you can get 4/1 on -1 handicap or 10/1 on -2 handicap. Cambridge have scored 15 in 6 games and conceded just 3. To say you can get 4/1 on -1 handicap for Barrow who have only scored 4 and conceded 7. I know where my money will go.

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Hello Alley Cat, I hear what you say, but I'm up to me rollocks with that 50/1 Relegation bet and being a tad superstitious I fear jinxing myself by betting on whoever the Wunderers play, but that 6/4 {see below} beggars belief, how can they make Cambridge 8/15 at home to Scnuthorpe and anything other than that at home to the Wunderers ???


At 6/4 with the Goals For 15 Goals against 3, League topping Cambridge would be 2/7 if I HAD to lay them. I wouldn't fancy taking 700 quid to lose 200, and I wouldn't even dream of taking 7 grand to lose 2 grand, so I don't know what's going on in "the Traders" minds, maybe their braces are too tight or the 2/- Corona's are fogging their minds.

As for giving a goal start, I've burned several fingers and a good many £ notes over the years giving goals away only to see my team win 1 bowt, so I steer clear of handicap bets now, but I can't argue with the value that's on offer.

I'm just not as adventurous as I used to be, too old to dodge bullets these days, been there, done that, and it wasn't fun...





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A bit of related news here, it  was beginning to look like Southend would be certain to fill one of the relegation places, they weren't doing well on the pitch and they were being chased up by HMRC for almost £500,000 due at the end of this month, but as they say  "it's never over 'till the fat lady sings" it's looking like the tide is turning for the Shrimpers.

Seems they have sold off some land to a developer that should see them through their debt crisis, if you can call it a crisis compared to the £5 Million or so that Bolton have to find by August 2021, not to mention the £100,000 or so per week in operating costs just to keep the lights on at the stadium.


It's one thing to sort the debts out, it's another to start getting points in the bag, but it looks like Southend are heading in the right direction with their new signings, including...







At least the Directors of Southend are showing intent, the players above should get them off bottom place, and now that the debt seems to be sorted they don't have a 14 point Admin deduction hanging over their heads the way the Wunderers do.

In fact it's worse than that if the Wunderers go into Admin, they get hit with the standard 14 point deduction plus another 5 points carried over from last year, how many clubs would escape relegation with 19 points deducted from their tally.

The Bookies still have Southend at 4/7 to be relegated, but taking the above into consideration I think the Shrimpers will dodge that bullet, their results seem to be improving since a bad start to the season...

Sept 12: Southend 0 Harrogate 4.

Sept 19: Carlisle 2   Southend  0.

Sept 26: Southend 1 Morecambe 2.

Oct 3rd: Crawley 1 Southend   1.

Oct 10th: Southend 2 Exeter 2.

Oct 17th: Southend 0 Cheltenham 2.

Harrogate are 7th in the League, Carlisle 5th, Morecambe 6th, Crawley 9th, Exeter 12th and Cheltenham are 3rd in the League. Southend haven't played any of the soft touches yet, so their lowly position doesn't tell the whole of the story.

Southend may have a tough season ahead of them, but Scnuthorpe look more likely to be relegated, they have 4 TOUGH games coming up, I'd be surprised if Scnuthorpe get more than 2 points out of the next 12 they play for.

Time will tell...
























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Barrow 3 Wunderers 3

What a game that was, Barrow scored in the first minute, and went 2-0 up by the fourth minute, just when it looked like the floodgates would open Bolton's latest signing Kioso make it 2-1 in the sixteenth minute. But four minutes later Barrow go 3-1 up, at that point I'm thinking it's Nul Points for the Wunderers, only to see them pull one back just before HT to make it 3-2.

It was end to end stuff in the second half, both teams trying to be worse than the other, it was like two different teams came out to play the second half. Both teams had chances but as the clock ticked on it was looking like Barrow would at least hold on if they didn't score again. At 90 minutes it was 3-2, the boardman seemed to be having trouble with the 3 minute button, I could clearly see him hitting 3, time and again, but it must have been stuck, so with the Ref looking at him more than once he presses 4 !!!

I wouldn't mind but this must distracted the Ref...

91 Minutes 3-2

92 minutes 3-2

93 minutes 3-2

93 minutes and 127 seconds the Wunderers grab a goal from nowhere, GUTTED 😬


So the Wunderers go home with a point, but the night wasn't a disaster, thanks to Oldham pulling a goal back against Carlisle to draw 1-1 they push the Wunderers down a place from 19th to 20th, I'll take that,

After playing 7 games now the Wunderers have bagged 5 points, if it wasn't for that freak result when they beat Harrogate 2-1 they'd be down at the bottom with Southend.

I can't wait for the next game now, unless the sky falls when they play Cambridge who banged 3 in tonight against Port Vale we should be looking at P8 W1 D2 L5 GF6  GA16.

If that's not relegation form then I don't know what is, it's certainly not a 50/1 shot.

But the second string to our bow also looks promising, I hear the 125 room Whites Hotel owned by FV is lucky to have more than a handful of guests, gawd knows where the money is coming from to keep it going. 

If the Hotel drags the Club into Admin there's an automatic 19 point deduction, that would be the end game for the Wunderers in more ways than one...

I suppose FV could sell the Hotel and use the money to prop up the Wunderers, but who wants a £7 Million Hotel anywhere right now, let alone one in Bolton.

Tough times for Football Ventures (known locally as Vanity Ventures), ownership of Football Clubs is a minefield for novices even in the good times.




























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