** August Nap's Competition Result : 1st Thebestthere, 2nd Glavintoby, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, KO Cup Steve75, Most Winners Alastair, York Comp: Thebestthere**
**September Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Gemic £45, 3rd Barry John £30**

Goodwood Tipster Competition - Day 3 Selections (Deadline 1.10pm)

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Top Posters In This Topic

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1.10 Gd: Hand on my heart 1.45 Gd: Junkanoo 2.15 Gd: Gussy Mac 2.45 Gd: English King 3.15 Gd: One Voice 3.45 Gd: Miss Diamond 4.20 Gd:Zooma 4.55 Gd: Anjella

Posted Images

1.10 Gd:  Galmorous Anna.  Res Spanish Angel
1.45 Gd:  Celtic Art.  Res Luigi Vampa
2.15 Gd:  Yazaman  Res Supremacy
2.45 Gd:  English King.  Res Subjectivist
3.15 Gd:  Queen Power. Res Magic Wand
3.45 Gd: Mark of the Man. Res. William Bligh
4.20 Gd:  Spirit of Bermuda. Res Miss Chess
4.55 Gd:  Different Face. Res  Acklam Express

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1.10 Gd:     Bal Mal
1.45 Gd:     Junkanoo 
2.15 Gd:     Gussy Mac
2.45 Gd:     Al Aasy
3.15 Gd:     Nazeef
3.45 Gd:     William Bligh
4.20 Gd:     Dreams Unwind
4.55 Gd:     Different Face

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1.10 Gd: Electric Landlady
1.45 Gd: Magical Morning
2.15 Gd: Admiral Nelson
2.45 Gd: Al Aasy
3.15 Gd: Fancy Blue
3.45 Gd: Quarantini
4.20 Gd: Spirit Of Bermuda
4.55 Gd: Different Face

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1.10 Gd:   CASPIAN SEA
1.45 Gd:   LUIGI VAMPA
2.15 Gd:   GUSSY MAC
3.15 Gd:   MAGIC WAND
4.20 Gd:   ZOOMA
4.55 Gd:   LOTHIAN

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1.10 Gd: Hand On My Heart - Caspian Queen
1.45 Gd: Lucander  - Zabeel Champion
2.15 Gd: Yazaman - Qaader
2.45 Gd: Khalifa Sat - Subjectivist
3.15 Gd: Magic Wand - Nazeef
3.45 Gd: Monza City -  William Bligh
4.20 Gd: Zooma - Teodolina
4.55 Gd: Acklam Express -  Winter Power

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