** August Nap's Competition Result : 1st Thebestthere, 2nd Glavintoby, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, KO Cup Steve75, Most Winners Alastair, York Comp: Thebestthere**
**September Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Gemic £45, 3rd Barry John £30**

Racing Chat- Tues 28th July (goodwood day 1 )

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145 good 

Tinndali  228 +2  8/1 bet365

Fifth position 226 +1  13.0 betfair 

2 x10pt wins 

215 good 

Devious company  225 +1 4/1 b365b

Youth spirit  224 +1  13/2 betv 

2x 10pt wins 


Celsius   227 +3   9/2 bet365 

Count Dorsey 225 (+2 if soft ) 10/1 b365 

2x 10pt wins 

3x2pt rev forecasts 

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  • BillyHills changed the title to Racing Chat- Tues 28th July (goodwood day 1 )

300 Ayr - Eastern Sheriff 11/2 bet victor  1st

Still unexposed , donning 1st time cheekpieces , K.Stott stearing 👍

800 Yarm - Mumtaaz 3/1 bet365

Debut for the Gosden yard , only runner on card , 7 wins at course this season more than twice nearest trainer.

815 Galw - Eight And Bob 🎱&💩 9/2 bet fred  3rd

W.Mullins only runner on day 2 of the festival , been off course for 213 days , should go close .


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Updated results
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One multiple again today' 6 doubles at 80p & 4 trebles at 30p all at Goodwood

1.10 Angel Power 5/2
2.15 Battleground 6/4
3.45 Celsius 11/4
4.20 Alkumait 13/8

Poss Returns of £45.47 doubles & £34.45 for the trebles (I'm a sucker for market forces)

However, I do have my head screwed on and here are some win and ew bets

1.10 Gd Separate 50p ew 25/1
1.45 Gd Fifth Position £1 win at 11/2
2.15 Gd Devious Company £1 win at 9/2
2.45 Gd Beat Le Bon 50p ew at 22/1
2.45 Gd Sir Dancealot £1 win at 6/1
3.15 Gd Santiago £1 win at 2/1 (Good to see some competition for Stradivarious for a change; I have had 50p win bets on 4 outsider (won't list here).  I would welcome losing £3 to see Stradivarious romp away as it did last time though)
3.45 Gd Final Venture 50p ew 15/2
4.20 Gd Maid Al Arab £1 win at 5/1
4.20 Gd Tawlead 50p ew 10/1
4.55 Gd Chartered 50p ew at 16/1
4.55 Gd Asiaf £1 win at 7/2 (didn't think it warrented a £2 win bet)

3.30 Ayr Storm Ahead 50p ew at 28/1 (Very tricky race and wouldn't go overboard on Master The stars when the going is an unknown)

Total Multiples = £6.00

Total singles = £12.00

£18 total for a good afternoon's entertainment

At least I got one double in today  Celsius ran no sort of race, how I wished I had chosen Space Blues in the 2.45 instead.  Anyway I was awarded the princely sum of £5.51 for my double which meant a 49p loss on the day The balance C/fwd is £646.18 (£800 Bank)

My singles bets were awful today.  One place at 10/1 and one non runner.  The return was £2.50 hence a £9.50 loss on the day.  The balance C/fwd is £344.39 (£400 Bank)

Let's hope I do better tomorrow at Goodwood.  One class 2 race at Bangor and two class 3's at Thirsk





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