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*** Ascot Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. RUG, 2nd. Soi Bongkot & 3rd. Jediknight ***
** May Poker League Result : 1st McG, 2nd muttley, 3rd GirlyWirly **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st CertiF, 2nd PercyP, 3rd adamross, 4th Joelavfc, 5th Chris P **
** May Naps Competition Result: 1st Internetmails, 2nd Rug, 3rd Rolandcooper, 4th Adamross. KO Cup Winner: Xtc12, Most Winners: Mickyftm32 **

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Gets started tonight and despite MVG winning 2 of the summer series events and Wright winning one of the others I think it's quite an open one. Looking at the top half it's quite a high quality one with the likely Anderson vs MVG meet up and that's perhaps why we find such big odds on the likes of Ratajski and Michael Smith. I'm going to back both of these guys with the hope the winner beats the winner so to speak. I think De Sousa could cause Wright issues in the bottom half and the guys I like there are White (Aspinall not in the best of form) and I'll give Gurney one more chance. 

No doubt Durrant will turn up for this event after I backed him in the Summer Series but I've ran out of patience with him.

1pt E/W M.Smth to win Matchplay 25/1 willhill
1pt E/W D.Gurney to win Matchplay 25/1 willhill
1pt E/W I. White to win Matchplay 40/1 willhill
1pt E/W K. Ratajski to win Matchplay 40/1 willhill

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Matches tonight :

S.Whitlock Vs R.Joyce
K.Ratajski Vs J.Wattimena
J.Wade Vs K.Brown
MVG Vs B.Dolan

G.Anderson Vs J.Pipe

I expect Anderson and MVG to sail through. Wade should beat Brown but the other 2 could be closer events. Whitlock vs Joyce could be interesting but I would fancy Whitlock in that. Ratajski gets the nod against Wattimena

1.5pts MVG and Anderson to both win their match trebles 5/1 betfair

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Pretty standard evening in which all the favourites won really. Few more 50/50 type matches today. Here is the line-up :

M.Suljovic Vs J.Hughes
G.Durrant Vs J.De Zwaan
R.Cross Vs G.Clemens

P.Wright Vs J.De Sousa
M.Smith Vs J.Clayton

The summer series has put me off bets like Hughes. I would be on Hughes if he had a better Summer series but Suljovic has done enough to warrant my backing. I also fancy Durrant to win with a bit in hand. Cross Vs Clemens could be a close one. Clemens should make that close. De Sousa much the same, if Wright is not on it and hitting below a 93 or so average then De Sousa could easily win that. I would fancy Clayton under a shorter format but with Smith's scoring I would go with him

5pts G.Durrant -2.5 legs Vs De Zwaan evens willhill
1pt Suljovic, Smith, Durrant -2.5 leg and De Sousa +2.5 legs 10/1 willhill
1pt Hughes, Clemens, Smith and De Sousa 25/1 paddypower

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A good night of darts again, last night. The majority of favourites won again barring Clemens, who I fancied would beat or atleast keep Cross close. Cross was here as the champion and there was alot of pressure for him to perform. Despite Clemens hitting a 170 take out, his 89.22 winning average was the lowest of all winners so far. Cross had a much better average but the doubling was the issue.

Elsewhere the 10/1 accy came in nicely with Suljovic beating Hughes 12-10, going down 10-9. Durrant was really playing well with a 107 average and De Sousa did enough on the handicap. +15pts for the evening and back into darts profit.

World Matchplay +12.5pts
Darts 2020 +10pts

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Day 3 of the Match-play and another night of darts. Here is the line-up :

D.Chisnall Vs Van Der Voort
I.White Vs J.Cullen
D.Gurney Vs R.Evans
G.Price Vs D.Noppert
A.Lewis Vs S.Beaton

There could be a few shocks I suppose tonight but you would expect Chizzy and Gurney to make it through. White should get through as Cullen has been very hit and miss over the last few events. Noppert performed decent in the Summer Series and he could give Price a game, if the Welshman doesn't turn up. However, in the longer format I would expect Price to see it through with a few to spare. Lewis Vs Beaton all depends on what Aidy turns up.

4pts I.White (-2.5 legs) to beat J.Cullen evens bet365
4pts G.Price (-3.5 legs) to beat D.Noppert evens bet365
1pt Chisnall -2.5 legs, White -2.5 legs, Gurney -2.5 legs, Price -3.5 legs 15/1 betfair
0.5pts (the above accy) + S.Beaton to beat A.Lewis 34/1 betfair

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As always one bad day follows a good one in Darts. White 8-4 up nearly loses 10-8. Never the less he still manages to lose in the end and he is the first "outright" casualty. A poor evening for betting as only Gurney produced anything. My only saving grace is 3 of the 4 outrights are through to the Last 16. The 1st round is completed tonight and the Last 16 get underway also. Here is the line-up:

N.Aspinall Vs Van Den Bergh
Last 16
M.Smith Vs M.Suljovic
G.Anderson Vs J.Wade
MVG Vs S.Whitlock
G.Clemens Vs K.Ratajski

If we had a full crowd then Van Den Bergh could well give Aspinall some issues as he is the type of player to really feed off of that, however, with an empty stadium and some screen behind the players playing cheesy crowd music should mean that Aspinall comes through that last first round match with ease. 

In the last 16 ties, I'm quite surprised that Anderson isn't shorter. Wade has good form, no doubt about that, but he is always going to struggle against big scorers. Whitlock is in a bit of form and he has every chance against MVG based on current form, however we all know that MVG tends to just step up the gears when he needs to, so you would expect MVG to get through. I'd like to think Ratajski can see off Clemens.

6pts N.Aspinall (-2.5 legs) to beat Van Den Bergh 5/6 bet365
5pts K.Ratajski (-2.5 legs) to beat G.Clemens 11/10 bet365
2pts N.Aspinall -2.5, Smith to beat Suljovic, Ratajski to beat Clemens 4/1 betfair
1pt Aspinall -2.5, Ratajski -2.5, Smith & Anderson 11/1 betfair

World Matchplay +3pts
Darts 2020 +0.5pts

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Ugh, I should be happy with both Smith and Ratajski going through but Ratajski winning with just -1.5 was painful. Aspinall didn't really turn up in my opinion. The commentator was saying he was playing well but I can't see that atall. The second poor day for me in a row. Apologies to anybody following. 

Tonight we'll know the final 8 players of this event. There has been plenty of shocks with the likes of Aspinall, Cross, MVG, Price all going out which has resulted in a less then exciting couple of ties but also means more tension for players of whom the draw has opened up handsomely.

line up for tonight :

D.Gurney Vs V.Van Der Voort
D. Van Den Bergh Vs J.Cullen
P.Wright Vs G.Durrant
D.Noppert Vs A.Lewis

I think the one I like most tonight is Noppert to beat Lewis. I'm not convinced Lewis is playing like the old Lewis by any means. If we look at the Summer Series, Lewis was very poor whilst Noppert got to a Quarter-final and 3 times the last 32. Two of those defeats were against eventual finalists. I think Gurney should see off Van Der Voort. Gurney isn't doign anything sexy but is he ever? he's just been solid on his doubling and hitting the right scores at the right time.

I think Durrant has a solid chance against Wright tonight. As I said from the start of this it's obvious Durrant will do well because this is the first time I've not backed him for a while. I'll take Noppert as my main bet and have a few accys. Paddypower do a money back special if you bet any 4-leg accys and one of those legs loses.

6pts D.Noppert to beat A.Lewis evens bet365
1.5pts D.Gurney, G.Durrant, D.Noppert and D.Van Den Bergh 12/1 paddypower (money back if one leg loses)
1pt Gurney -2.5 legs, Van Den Bergh, Durrant, Noppert (-2.5 legs) 22/1 paddypower (money back if one leg loses)

World Matchplay -11pts
Darts 2020 -13.5pts

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I think Gurney can go on my "never to bet on again" list after that performance. Durrant wins ofcourse. Durrant will win this event, written in the stars from the start haha!

Tonight we have :

K. Ratajski Vs M.Smith
G. Anderson Vs S. Whitlock

so we'll know the first two semi-finalists after this. I have both Ratajski and Smith here and I'm happy if either win, so the only bet I will take for that match is the 180s. I think we'll see plenty of legs in it and the over 14.5 180s at just short of evens looks a decent price.

In the other match I expect Whitlock to lose that one. Normally after beating MVG, a players level drops and Anderson is looking stronger each round and so I'll take Anderson to win with ease

5pts Over 14.5 180s K.Ratajski Vs M.Smith evens willhill
5pts G.Anderson -3.5 legs to beat S.Whitlock evens betfair
2pts G.Anderson and M.Smith both to win and both to get most 180s in their matches 9/2 paddypower

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More like it. All 3 bets come in for +19pts. The first semi-final will be Michael Smith Vs Gary Anderson. Both looked sharp and hit similar averages. Tonight we have the other 2 quarter-final matches and it's probably not the 4 most people were expecting :

A.Lewis Vs Van Den Bergh
G.Durrant Vs Van Der Voort

Lewis really looks to be scoring well right now but too many times he will miss countless doubles or wilt under pressure. I think aslong as Van Den Bergh can keep up with the scoring he should beat Lewis. He has won the last 2 head-2-heads and so that bodes well for him. In the other Quarter-final I cannot see anything but a Durrant win. Van Der Voort is another one that is scoring very heavily and against the likes of Gurney that is going to work because Gurney doesn't score heavy enough. Durrant on the other hand can also score and his doubling is better than Van Der Voorts.

2pts A.Lewis most 180s but lose the match 4/1 paddypower
2pts Van Der Voort most 180s but lose the match 2/1 paddypower
1pt double on the above 13/1 paddypower

World Matchplay 0pts
Darts 2020 -2.5pts

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What a great night of darts. Not the best quality wise, especially the second match but good grit and alittle bit of bottle gone missing from Van Der Voort and we get the expected Semi-final of Durrant Vs Van Den Bergh. +1pt on the night as Lewis couldn't hit enough 180s

World Matchplay +1pt
Darts 2020 -1.5pts

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Semi-finals tonight. Michael Smith looking for that all elusive PDC win against Gary Anderson and Durrant against debut Van Den Bergh. A nice mix of new and old and exciting players, which is nice. None of this slow play boring darts.

I suppose I'm effectively on Smith to win this match at 10/1 but i'm going to take him to win tonight. I think this is the best chance he has of making that PDC win he's craving and it will really help him with the Premier League and World Cup and everything after that. We saw what a big win for Gary Anderson done for him.

In the other match, you'd imagine that Durrant will step it up and you'd also imagine that Van Den Bergh may just lose a few points also. Making a Semi-final compared to making a big final is two different things and I would have to side with Durrant to make the final. However, I do think that Van Den Bergh is more likely to win the 180 market and probably the checkout market also.

2.5pts Each player to score 6 180s (Durrant Vs Van Den Bergh) and each player to hit 100+ checkout 8/5 paddypower

1pt Smith and Van Den Bergh to both win and get the most 180s 10/1 paddypower
0.5pts Durrant and Smith win. Anderson Vs Smith 14+ 180s. Durrant Vs Van Den Bergh under 9.5 180s. All 4 players 2+ 100+ checkouts. 250/1 paddypower


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Yeah that 128 or something checkout from Anderson when Smith took the lead near the end killed Smith. 

I think it could be a close one tonight. I get the feeling that no matter what Van Den Bergh does, Anderson will rise to it but I'm going to take 2 bigger priced match bets. One on Anderson to win with the match treble and the other Van Den Bergh. If he is to win he's going to have to have a few bigger check outs and 180s will need to rain.

2pts Van Den Bergh to win the match, score over 9+ 180s and checkout 123.5+ 11/2 paddypower
2pts G.Anderson to win, Most 180s and highest checkout 7/2 paddypower
1pt G.Anderson to win a deciding leg 33/1 bet365 

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