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Let's be honest here - while there are some interesting tennis news here and there these days, there really isn't enough going on. We do, however, have a lot of time for various questions, answers, and reflections. Many of us have been on the tennis forums for quite some time now and there has never been such a long break. So, with that, if there are any questions that we have for each other or even memories to share, this is the right time I guess and I'd like to kick off with one provocative question.

@Torque Why are you now spending more time in betting systems than here? You have great insights to share! Are things going okay at least?

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1. I guess the obvious answer is because there's no tennis going on :cry

2. Kind of you to say I have great insights - I'm not always so sure about that :lol

3. Things are going OK thanks and I hope it's the same for you and everyone else on @Punters lounge @Punterslounge @PuntersLounge.com or whatever the right tag is! :ok

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35 minutes ago, CzechPunter said:

@Torque Why are you now spending more time in betting systems than here? You have great insights to share! Are things going okay at least?

I’ve thought the same for a long time too, you would be more of an asset here @Torque

I might have to start a campaign to get you in here. 😎😎😎

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I see what you mean now. Ironically I had planned on trying to be more active on the thread this season! In the past I haven't always had the time to write up properly my thoughts about matches and also what bets I might be taking.

As I think I've mentioned before, I've always been conscious that people might follow what I tip and if that is the case then I'm only going to be happy with that if I'm completely happy that I've given each selection enough time and attention. That's probably the reason why in recent seasons I've posted less in the way of tips and more in the way of general thoughts about players, matches and tournaments - but then of course this is a tipping thread so I've tried not to clog up the threads with too many posts that don't include tips.

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Hello guys. I'm thinking about getting back into live tennis betting, I used to bet on the server keeping his/her serve a couple of years ago and managed to make 2000 euros starting with 5 euros in 2 weeks or so. How do you guys aproach betting on a player to keep his serve ? I remember some statistic about the fact that a break is more probable to occur after a player broke the other one's serve , and that the 7 th game in the set might be a break, but that's all I've got. 

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1 hour ago, CzechPunter said:

Hi and welcome to the forum @vladisimo2!

I'm not a fan of such bets myself and I don't have any statistics, though the info you have does hold substance in my opinion. What I'd recommend is getting a live stream and watch the match live, that's always good and it's of a massive boost for live betting.

Thanks for the welcome man I've always wanted to be part of a tennis betting forum where people post at a regulate rate. I get it why you're not a fan since it is indeed risky business but I'm only hoping to win 2  bets like this one per day and with high enough stakes it gives good and fast returns. I am watching the matches live everytime I bet on the server, yesterday I got my 2 games on Caruso, today managed to win the first one on Albot and I'll try to get a second game in the giron-djere match. EDIT Djere kept his serve as well.

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