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Proposals For Competition - May 2020

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Naps Competition in May

Once again Punters Lounge will be paying enhanced prize money for the Naps competition during May. We may even get some European action with France, Germany, Ireland and the UK all threatening to return soon behind closed doors.

The KO Cup comp will return and the qualifiers from March will be eligible to enter on Saturday May 2nd.

We will accept bets from any racing from around the world during MAY and all bets outside of Europe will be settled at the Industry SP which appears on the ATR or the Hills Results section.
(*Racing Post publish dividend prices which will be different from the Industry SP)


Prices accepted on European Racing 


We realise backing horses from the other side of the world is not everyones cup of tea and fully understand those that choose to sit it out until things get back to normal. 

I will continue to put the daily threads up and try and pinpoint what action is talking place. Just be aware of the off times, some US and AUS Racing will be very early in the morning.




* One slight rule change for May

From May 1st the date of the selections will count on the day the meeting starts. So for example at Fonner Park if the meeting starts at 10pm and the 5th race is as 12.30 it will still count for the day the card began. This has been a bit confusing and hopefully this will sort that out. I think it's because many go on which number race it is rather than the time in the USA and just not realising its after midnight. Bets must still be placed on the day of the competition as you cant place 2 bets on the same date.



Prize Money For MAY = £350

1st: £100 PL Merchandise
2nd: £75 PL Merchandise
3rd: £50 PL Merchandise
4th: £25
KO Cup: Winner £40 Runner Up £10
Tipster with most winners with at least £10 profit will receive a £50 bonus


Many thanks for the continued support:clap

All the best :ok


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