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Research on Sexuality in Football

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Interesting survey and one that addresses an issue that is very important in this day and age mate. I've filled it in. Nothing happened when I clicked on the arrow to the right at the end of the survey but hopefully it's recorded my information.

For my part, I'll say it's an issue I have strong views about. A couple of my friends quit football because of homophobic abuse. The use of the term "fag" and "queer c*nt" are frequently heard in our local leagues. Whenever our club has brought the issue up with referees, league officials etc it's been ignored or dismissed as "one of those things". This is in line with a range of gripes I have with football authorities in general. They're archaic, privileged, and ignorant. OK, that might be a generalisation but it's certainly the case from my extensive experience and the experience of others I know. Until the people at the very top change their attitudes then not a lot will change.


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