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what about keeping record with results?


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hey all

What do you think about keeping record with results?

i ve read that it is a good thing to do but i cant see how it helps if you betting on line and you can browse your betting history in your account

i look around and the only the only example of keeping results was on excel from this guy




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Essential in my opinion. Doing what you suggest is fine if you're a recreational bettor who just does it for fun, doesn't mind if they lose a bit in the long run and doesn't want to spend much time on betting. (Which is a perfectly acceptable state of affairs and applies to the majority of people who bet, but perhaps less true of many who post on forums such as this one).

Record proper results in a spreadsheet and you can do detailed analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, which sports, markets and firms you do well and badly with. That can help you eliminate bets that you do badly on and focus on placing more winning bets (and, perhaps, staking more on your strongest areas).

Don't do it if you don't feel inclined; this is just a hobby and you should only invest as much time and effort in it as suits you. But don't fool yourself that it isn't worth the effort if you're placing a lot of bets. The potential is there to make £100s or £1000s difference to your bottom line, whether that be reducing how much you lose, turning a loss into a profit or increasing profits already being made.

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Well, the less sports, markets and bookies involved then the less benefit you're going to get I suppose. If you're backing, laying, buying and selling across lot's of sports and firms then it's miles better to have it all in a spreadsheet. Even with one firm, how much detail can you take in at a glance and how far back can you view? (Usually at least 6 months and up to 12 generally I'd say.)

You could always import or copy and paste your bet history into a spreadsheet for a bit of periodic scrutiny, whether monthly, quarterly or yearly. Might be interesting to see whether certain leagues are more profitable than others or whether unders are better than overs etc. The brain tends to play tricks on us, if we have a good spell on a certain market we tend to think we do well at it but looking at the wider picture can tell a different story.

It depends on your time and inclination but I'm well into the habit now and definitely find it worthwhile.

Perhaps the more pertinent question would be why would anyone only bet on one sport and with one bookie! ;)

I'm playing devil's advocate to an extent with that comment. There's certainly a rationale for specialising to some extent thought I'd say that if the one sport is football then it's the hardest one to gain an edge in because there's so much data available to everyone, especially the odds setters. I can't see any argument for just betting with one firm though. You're almost certainly playing at sub optimum odds for the majority of your bets and you're stuck if and when that firm starts to limit you. Just my view though, based on my experience.

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I used the opportunity while there's been hardly anything to bet on to analyse the results of my spread betting sells, nearly 1500 bets in total (some real money, some "paper trades"). The total return was just shy of 6,000 points but it was good to see what was profitable and what wasn't. As a result I've decided to stop betting real money on some things and start on others, and to raise the minimum price for some markets as well (as the lower price sells struggle to make a decent profit). I've also decided to start paper trading several other bets to see how they perform. (Easier to track more markets while competitions return gradually.)

It's the most detailed study of my betting records that I've ever done and I think it will be really useful. It was also something to do during lockdown! 

Since I recommenced the bets again this weekend there have been 27 paper trades showing a profit of 154 points and 1 actual bet yielding a thumping return of... 1 point! :lol

Only a tiny sample though and I'm hoping, long term, to get an improved return from the real money bets.

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