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Hi - what's the best sites these days for 6 seat sit n go's micro to mini stakes? I've tried Party Poker and America's Card room, but the sit n go's don't have that many players in the sit n go's (you can be waiting for a good half hour before you've got enough people registered to play) and are pretty much turbo's or hypers. I'm just looking for a site that has a decent supply of sit n go tables that aren't just turbo's.

Also, anyone have any experience of signing up to poker rooms attached to bookies that they've been limited at? EG 888 - I'm banned from their sports site (well I can get on the site but can't place any bets for taking too much value etc) but could I sign up to their poker site?

Edit - talking about NL Hold 'Em



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5 hours ago, stho1978 said:

Thanks fish. Sit n go's don't seem to be as popular as they once were. 

Do you mainly play cash games or mtts? 

Also do you know if you can sign up to a poker site linked to a bookie you've been stake restricted with on the sports side?

No worries :) 

SNGs not very popular like they were many moons ago, spins and go's are popular now!

MTTS is what I play most.

Not sure about the bookies bit. Worth a try, nothing to lose!

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