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*** Punchestown Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. Craig Bluenose, 2nd. Lee Grays & 3rd. Carole Dawney ***
** May Poker League Result : 1st McG, 2nd muttley, 3rd GirlyWirly **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st CertiF, 2nd PercyP, 3rd adamross, 4th Joelavfc, 5th Chris P **
** May Naps Competition Result: 1st Internetmails, 2nd Rug, 3rd Rolandcooper, 4th Adamross. KO Cup Winner: Xtc12, Most Winners: Mickyftm32 **

PDC World Championship

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I'm just looking through the Semi-finals in abit more depth (more time with no afternoon matches) and there a couple that i do like the look of.

Wright Vs Price (7.15pm) - I got the 180 bet wrong in the last match for Peter Wright. I thought Humphries would get more and at times it was level, but Wright was on fire in that match and you have to feel sorry for Humphries who lost with an over 100 average. The guy is such a talent. Good for me though, as I have Wright to win this event. This match will be one hell of a test though for Wright. He doesn't have a good h2h record recently and Price just seems to up his game whenever he is tested.

I will go with the 180s count for this match. Price has managed 21 180s in the tournament although he's only played 87 legs of darts. We'll call that 24%. Peter Wright, with 41 180s in the tournament, tops the table for 180s hit. He has played more legs, at 121 but that still equates to 34%. I expect Wright to score more 180s with this being more sets (first to 6) but the bets for me will be total 180s (over 21.5 180s) and I'm also backing Wright to hit 3+ >100 checkouts. Wright will need high checkouts in this match to get legs and sets on the board and so this price seems a good one.

MVG Vs Aspinall (9pm) -  Asp actually has a good record against MVG. He's already beaten MVG twice this season (lost 1) but one thing that will be very important in this match is the scoring. MVG has always been hot on the T20 but he is actually behind when it comes to this match-up. This could be the fact that MVG has played less legs ofcourse but MVG has managed 24 180s in his 82 legs. We'll call that 30%. Aspinall has hit 37 180s in his 112 legs of darts. That's 33%. MVG lost the 180 battle in his win over Labanaskus. I'm going to back Aspinall to get the Most 180s. Aspinall has won 2 of the 3 matches between the two and the one he lost on a deciding leg he won the 180 battle on.

5pts Over 21.5 180s (Wright Vs Price) evens marathon
4pts P.Wright to have 3+ 100+ checkouts 7/4 paddypower
4pts N.Aspinall to get the Most 180s (Vs MVG) 6/4 betfair
1pt session accy - Each player 8 180s and each player 2+ 100 checkouts (all 4 semi-finalists) 14/1 paddypower

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ooh, Price got abit lucky last night. None of the top dogs have really come out flying yet. Another full day of darts today, which is comforting in this awful bloody weather. Darren Webster gets the m

Finally I hit an accy. And what a lovely accy. 32/1 and throw in the 7/1 accy winner too. And throw in the 2/3 matchplays too. Beautiful [ PDC World Championships ] bets = 10/13 matchplay. 2/6 

The Payne treble comes in whilst steaming. Great stuff 😛 ahh can't tell you how annoying yesterday evening was but the afternoon was a success i suppose. On to today, and another full card for the day

WOW! MVG is playing like absolute sh*t and he still makes a final. Bottle went for Aspinall. Id say for Price too really. Couldn't keep his composure. I should be happy with Wright in the final but Aspinall really threw away a great chance there. What a shame.

Wright Vs MVG final. If MVG plays like that he loses but ofcourse we all know he wont.

main bets come in tonight. How Wright didn't get 3 100+ checkouts when he had 2 after 2 sets I don't know.

[ PDC World Championships ]
bets = 13/23 matchplay. 2/16 accys. 0/5 outrights
bank = 

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I would say price played poor yesterday and we all know MVG has another gear when most do not.What a bad loser price is and pleased he got beat as not my favourite person.I like Wright as a player as well and as I have backed MVG I see no reason to jump ship now but if he did lose I would not be to worried but I could still half my stake on Wright and still get 5-2.On betfair.6-4 but backed it with a bookie at 5-4.at the start of tournament is not a bad price now for MVG.I will have a think but I can play it both ways for a return and win win win if I arb my bet.Dam if you do and dam if you do not.Good Luck and enjoy your New Years Eve.

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Well done Peter Wright World Champion.Well today just sums up my whole betting day started off okay and went from bad to worse but luckily I was just using the bookies betting money which I had won over the last 4. months and lost over 1k today on horses mainly and not the best start to the New Year.Will have a break and see what is what.Good Luck

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2 minutes ago, bartvz said:

Thanks for your picks during the PDC WC @Fader! Do you also have some picks for the BDO tournament? Maybe some outrights?

Thank you, Bartz. I'm taking a look at the BDO today. I hope to have something up in the next 2-3 hours but it's a very weak field. I can't see me having asmany bets thorughout the tournament for the BDO.

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