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4 units per week thread

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ok this is me and my thread,i dont pride my self as great tipster but im sure i can achieve profits of 4 units per week 

staking plan : Flat,1 unit

game : footbal

leagues : European and Australian

days: Friday to Monday

number of tips per week : 4-6

Tips will be given pre match but most of the times i trade them in play so i can get higher odds or at least near to 2.0

usually there will be sinlge bets and very rarely a double

 i begining this thread on November 14th and i ll keep it till Christmas,then i reevluate it

there re six weeks till there so target is 24 units profits

i ll posst the results of every tip once the game is over but i ll keep the total results on post number two which im gonna editing and updating regularly

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                                       total result records


1 week  2/4 bets,results :+1,83 units

2 week  3/3 bets,results :+5.1 units

3 week   1/2 bets,results :+3,2 units

4 week 1/4 bets,results: -3,35 units

5 week 1/2 bets results -0,15 units

6 week 1/2 bets results -1,90 units

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