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Norway won but it should have been much easier than that. 2-1 against a side as limited as Malta is not good and it definitely wasn't good for me which was why I had to get out. I've been backing at odds of at least 1.11, but as a few bets have been at higher odds than that I've got a few ticks in the bank so to speak which is why I traded out at below 1.11.

I definitely backed the wrong horse tonight - I was going to back Italy (narrowly won 9-1 :lol) and I thought about backing Sweden (comfortably won 3-0). Settled on Norway as they won well in their last match, whilst Malta were thrashed by Spain and are one of the worst international teams in the world. Anyway, I'm still alive in this which is the main thing and I've already got further than I thought I would. Next stake £526.57

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Not in its original guise. I got a lot further with this than I expected and I'm happy with what I've made so far. It was getting progressively more difficult to find something to bet on each day that I liked the look of - probably because the further you get with something like this, the more loss-averse you become - and so I plan to try to hit the target by being very selective and only taking things that look as though they can't lose. Ultimately, when the loser comes I'll be happier having done it that way and I've already had a few close shaves on this thread and I'm almost certain if I'd carried on as I was I'd have hit a loser by now.

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