£100 to £10,000 Hunt (40% Complete)

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There's about 50 days until Christmas, so I'm going to start with £100 today and force myself to bet my bank on one bet each day until Christmas at odds of no less than 1.11. I'll be using the exchanges for this and so commission will apply. Statistically there's a less than one percent chance of success, but as some consider Christmas to be a time of miracles then who knows - realistically though it'll just be a question of how quickly I hit a loser. Still, in life sometimes it's the journey that counts rather than the destination and I'm keen to see how this approach fares. Most of the time I'm very slow and deliberate with this type of hunt, believing that to be the best strategy, but I suspect in reality that's just wishful thinking and you're as likely to hit a loser that way as you are if you're indiscriminate about the bets you place - ultimately all short odds are short for a reason. Anyway, let's see how far I get :hope

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