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What would happen in the bet exchange in this case


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I am new to betting in exchanges, and would love to understand couple of things, so some help here will be really appreciated.


First thing, looking at the attached picture, lets say I wanted to back all of £516 at 3.76, but just when after clicking, a better odd just appeared at 3.8, lets say for £50, does the betting exchange give the better odds for the £50, and put the rest on 3.76?


Second question is what would happen if I put £533 (which is £516 + £17) all on 3.68 while the odds for 3.76 is already there, would the exchange work for me and get me the better deal for £516 and put £17 on the 3.68?


Thanks in advance


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Hello, Mocas, welcome to the forum, and good luck with exchanges! :)

Answer to both of your questions is yes, it would work as you explained, Betfair matches your money at best available odds at the moment. I say Betfair, I don't know for other exchanges.

The same applies to the other side - if you place lay bet at odds of 3.80, and odds of 3.76 appear in the meantime, your bet will get matched at better odds, 3.76, in amount of money available at those odds.

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