** July Nap's Competition Result : 1st Rainbow, 2nd Trainmad091, 3rd Zidane123, KO Cup Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners Alastair, Goodwood Comp: Glavintoby**
**July Poker League Result : 1st Craggwood £75, 2nd Like2Fish £45, 3rd Rivrd £30**
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York Tipsters Competition - Day 4 Selections

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1.50 Y: Wissahickon
2.25 Y: Land of Oz
3.00 Y: Sir Dancealot
3.40 Y: Kings advice
4.10 Y: He’s a laddie
4.45 Y:Forest of Dean
5.20 Y: Wedding date

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1.50 Y: Escobar - res - Bangkok
2.25 Y: Hamish - res - Land Of Oz
3.00 Y: Eqtidaar - res - Laurens
3.40 Y: Raymond Tusk - res - Baghdad
4.10 Y: He's A Laddie - res - Wonderwork
4.45 Y: Cockalorum - res - Johnny Drama
5.20 Y: Wedding Date - res - Princess Power 

Thanks for all your work on another great comp Graham.(as you've seen i've made your job a bit easier by not picking a single winner....again!!!)

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1.50 Y: Space Traveller
2.25 Y: Land of Oz
3.00 Y: Laurens
3.40 Y: Kings Advice
4.10 Y: Mighty Spirit
4.45 Y: Victory Command
5.20 Y: Free Love

Another great comp. Thanks for organising.

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