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Last Man Standing - Rules and Info

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The 2019/20 Last Man Standing Competition will begin on the weekend August 9th/10th and 11th.


We will be running the main Last Man Standing Competition and also a Consolation version to run alongside for those who are eliminated from the main one.

  • The prize for winning the LMS Competition will be £250 which will be deposited into you PayPal account.
  • The prize for winning the Consolation Competition will be £50. (No other method of payment considered)
  • Winners of both competitions will also receive Punters Lounge Merchandise

The Competition includes the use of a 'Joker' which means you can choose Win or Draw on a certain week if you are struggling for a definite selection. This can only be used once. You also get the use of a Lifeline on One week if you forget or are unable to post.


The competition rules in detail are as follows:

  • Each week you must pick a Premier League team to win their game. 
  • If your team wins you go forward to the following week. 
  • If your team loses you are eligible to play in the Consolation competition the following week. 
  • All selections must be posted by 3pm on Saturday or before KO time if you choose an earlier game.
  • You must not select the same team twice throughout the competition.
  • If you fail to post for any reason you will be allowed ONE lifeline and you will be given the highest ranked team in the league table that you have not already chosen previously. 
  • If you fail to post a second time you will be eliminated from the competition.
  • During the competition you will be allowed to play ONE Joker, this means on that particular week you will be able to select the Draw as well as your chosen team to win. 
  • Once a selection is chosen it can not be changed and no editing of posts are allowed.
  • In the event of any match being postponed or abandoned (after you made your selection) you will go through to the next round but that team can not be chosen again. If the team was chosen after the game was postponed a lifeline team will be used instead.
  • If less than 6 players remain in the comp and they all get eliminated in the same week the prize will be split evenly.
  • In the event of multiple winners the PL Merchandise will not be won. 
  • If 6 players or more remain in the comp and they all get eliminated in the same week then all players will go through to the following week.
  • Each competition will run for a maximum of 10 weeks, any prizes will be shared at that point between the remaining players.
  • In the last competition of the season all players still standing on May 17th will share the prizes in both competitions.

Consolation Competition extra rules:

  • If you are eliminated from the main competition you are eligible to join the Consolation comp the following week.
  • In the Consolation comp you can not pick any of the teams you selected in the main LMS comp.
  • No Jokers or Lifelines are available in the Consolation competition, if you fail to post on any week you will be eliminated.
  • The consolation comp will continue until all players have been eliminated from the main competition. (except the winner)
  • No limit to the amount of weeks the consolation competition can run.
  • A separate thread will be posted for the Consolation competition. 

Any queries please ask.


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9 hours ago, anaconda69 said:

BilllyHillls - Could you organise a £10 entry fantasy league for everyone with prizes.

Sorry mate, we don't take entry money for any competitions, it's not the way we do things.
I'm sure there will be plenty of similar comps knocking about in a couple of weeks if you search the Fantasy sites.


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18 hours ago, CSanders22 said:

Sorry if this has been explained but if everyone in the Consolation is eliminated, or down to just one person does it still continue until the main Comp is completed?

Not sure what you mean?

The consolation comp is totally separate and continues until we have just 1 left, the losers from the main comp will continue to drip feed into the consolation.
The consolation comp to carry on after the main one has been won, and we have had 2 consolation comps running at the same time before now.

The bottom line is the Consolation comp can't finish before the main one.:ok

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