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Gold Cup 2019 - Outright Winner

Canada is the other country besides the United States and Mexico to have won the Gold Cup. With the turn of the century, the maple leaf team won the 2000 Gold Cup after beating Colombia by 2-0. The remaining 13 editions have been divided between the United States (6 titles) and Mexico (7 titles). Alternating between them the last four editions. 

Taking into consideration the friendlies played before the Gold Cup, Mexico arrives as a clear favorite having won all friendlies this year, showing a great offensive power, with at least 3 goals scored in every match, delivering a very offensive dynamic gameplay. And yet despite the good results coach Martino was displeased for the last match display. If something negative can be found in the Mexican National Team is their defensive weakness that thanks to a very prolific attack has been a non factor, but they have allowed at least a goal in every match. Still the rivals they would face in Gold Cup could be consider below those south american sides they encounter in those friendlies. 

Meanwhile for the United States, things look in quite the opposite way, despite opening the year with victories against rivals group rival Panama by 3-0 and central american Costa Rica by 2-0. The star and stripes team lost their two last friendlies 0-1 against Jamaica and 0-3 against Venezula. The United States will for sure will qualify for next stage and an appareance in the final against Mexico is the most expected outcome thanks to a favorable draw for that outcome, but the americans need to improve if they expect to have any real opportunity. 

Only Costa Rica or Jamaica could ruin that expected final. Jamaica unexpectedly reached the last two finals, but lost both against Mexico and United States, upsetting the either United States or Mexico in semifinals, for this tournament they are expected to encounter the United States in one of the semifinals, which as seen in last two editions, could bring a surprise. 

Now Costa Rica riding on their participation in Rusia 2018 World Cup will be without star GK Keylor Navas, something that is not strange, as he has missed this tournament since 2011, yet in a weak group, they are expected to encounter Mexico in the other semifinal, but with the level Mexico is playing that will be it for the central american team. 

Both the United States and Mexico did not reply the invitation of Conmebol to play America Cup, therefore the focus of both is this tournament. And meanwhile the United States play as home team, for Mexico the United States has become as a second home, playing multiple friendlies each year and having the stands in their favor due to the many Mexicans living there. Therefore Mexico should be in the final, and they should claim back the Gold Cup to reaffirm their dynamic offensive gameplay.

Outright - Mexico with 8 units @ 2.15 at Interweeten



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Curacao vs El Salvador

El Salvador encounters Curaçao, group match of the group C of CONCACAF Gold Cup. This match will take place in Kingston, Jamaica.  Only the first two group matches from Group B and Group C, would take place outside of the United States.

The betting houses consider this match as level, a lot more than  it really is. This is due to the outcome of the 2019-20 CONCACAF Nations League Qualifying, a one-off tournament  from  September 2018 to March 2019, this to determine the seeding for the group phase of the inaugural  2019-20 CONCACAF Nations League.

The ten top ranked teams of that tournament achieved qualification to Gold Cup. Thanks to a favorable draw, Curacao did not encounter the heavyweights of Pot A, and despite losing with Antigua and Bermuda  with 9 points and a favorable goal difference, mainly their 10-0 victory against Grenada, the team qualify as the 4th placed.  

For El Salvador the draw was not as favorable, an encounter with  Jamaica did not provide good sensations and an unexpected defat at the hands of Bermuda by 1-0 complicated things. Yet they where able to beat Jamaica by 2-0 to barely achieve qualification to Gold Cup as the 10th placed.

Curacao prepared for this tournament with friendlies against India and Vietnam, with a victory and a draw. 

Meanwhile El Salvador took heavier opposition as they beat Peru 0-2 and Haiti by 1-0, and lost against Japan by 2-0. 

Since 2015 in the four matches the both nations have disputed, El Salvador have not lost, taking the victory in three of those four matches. The last match between them in Gold Cup in 2017, a 2-0 victory for El Salvador.

It will be a tight match, expect a defensive Curacao, with few goals, as has  been the norm in their previous encounters between them, yet El Salvador should get something positive as the other two encounter are against Jamaica and Honduras, both will put fierce competition than Curacao. Therefore the value is seen in the asian handicap favoring the centroamerican team.

El Salvador -0.25 AH with 8 units @ 2.23 at Pinnacle

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I already tried small stake on El Salvador DNB @ 1.90  small stake because hard to trust this people really 

I saw most of the games and I must say something look fishy games 

anyway Good luck for us with this El Salvador

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