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Brazilian Serie A Predictions > Jun 12th - 14th

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Botafogo vs Gremio

My first preview in this season's Brazlian Serie A comes in the 11:15pm kick-off between Botafogo and Gremio tonight at the Estadio Nilton Santos where two of the big names in the division face each other. Can the home team build on their solid start to the season or will the visitors continue their resurgence up the table?

Botafogo are currently in 4th place in the table with a game in hand on most of their positional rivals. Eduardo Barroca is looking to improve on the club's mid-table finish last season and after 5 wins in their opening 7 games so far they are well on course to achieve that.

Gremio are my personal favourite Brazilian side from back in the day when I was an avid follower of Brazilian football. You know, being a university student with money to burn on betting thanks to a part-time job and a sleep pattern that was typical of a border-line alcoholic! Renato Portaluppi's men started with a struggle this season. They've managed to win 2 of their last 3 league games to move them up to 13th place but early aspirations of finishing in the top six to qualify for the Copa Libertadores seem wishful thinking for the time being.

The home side have the advantage in the head-to-head having won 4 of the last 7 meetings. The last six meetings between these two sides have seen the home side prevail victorious on five occasions with the other game ending in a draw. This stadium has also been turned into a bit of a fortress with the last 12 matches played here ending in a win for the home side on 8 of these times. It is now over 5 years since Gremio tasted victory at this stadium as well. Needless to say, I'm backing the home win!

Botafogo to Win @ 3.00 with BetVictor

Botafogo HT/FT @ 5.25 with Ladbrokes

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Dont have a Topic for Predicts this weekeend so i posting here

Fortaleza x Internacional

Fortaleza recently lost its coach Rogerio Ceni to Cruzeiro, and the São Paulo idol was one of the pillars of the northeastern team's growth, Northeast Cup champion and Serie B champion. But despite that, Zé Ricardo is a good substitute , despite having a lot of inconstancy in the same work, since in Flamengo it was very good and fell in performance, and so it was with Vasco and Botafogo, it starts very well and then can not bring a solidity to the team in a space of time. bigger.

For today's game, Fortaleza has all its holders available, and has a beautiful team on the offensive with prominent players but without much name as Edinho, Juninho and amazingly, Wellington Paulista.

Inter is qualified in the cup of Brazil forward, and is already in the quarterfinals of Libertadores against Flamengo. The team that has not won the Brasileirão for a long time, continues as its rival scorning the competition and without the slightest desire to win, so once again we will have Inter reserve here.

Although Internacional reserves good names like Wellington Silva, Nonato and Rithely, it is very difficult for the team to be able to face Fortaleza playing at home, not to mention that the main factor counts a lot when it comes to Fortaleza, and especially when it comes to Fortaleza. is Colorado, as Inter have a hard time leaving home at Brasileirao.

This -0.25 line is very wrong and still has good odds, a draw here would be a normal result, but Fortaleza's chance of winning is much higher than the oddmakers so thinking, so I see a lot of value in this bet since Fortaleza's starting lineup is better and in their stadium should come out with the victory.

Fortaleza -0,25 1.5 units @1.90 

Stakes with 1, 2, 3 units.

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Corinthians x Botafogo

Corinthians is a better team than Botafogo, but in games like this, where everyone really knows it, the team has a hard time, even against the weaker CSA of the championship, Carille's team can't get out much well for the game, although it is being improved.

For today's game, the team should save by targeting the South American game against Fluminense midweek, so important pieces like Clayson, Love and Sornoza will be spared, giving rise to Mateus Vital, Everaldo and Boselli. Piece by piece the answers are high, but of course it makes a difference since Love has a great movement, and Clayson is at a much better time than Everaldo, who despite the few opportunities is far from being the Fluminense player.

Botafogo came from a troubled victory against Athletico Paranaense, but showed great reaction power, despite suffering a massive massacre early in the game and leaving behind the scoreboard managed to turn and create chances of goals in the counter attack with Lucas Campos later. For this game, the team again will not count on Alex Santana, but also will not count on the overrated Carli, who takes a lot in the name and the supposed experience despite being a very slow defender and who misses a lot, Marcelo Benevenuto enters his place.

Pimpão is widely criticized by Botafogo fans and rightly so, but the player performs a defensive role well, despite being far below with the ball in the feet. Good news for the Botafogo fan is that Luiz Fernando is getting better, and he is a guy who can replace Erik as he is a fast player and despite not being very good at making decisions, he is a useful player for the Baroque scheme.

The line is above what I think is correct, is Corinthians reserve, who already has a lot of difficulties scoring goals and being able to fulfill aggressive handicaps, so, despite having many considerations with this Botafogo, I see value in the Rio team that +0.75.

Botafogo +0,75 1 unit @1.95 Pinnacle 
Stake with 1, 2 and 3 units

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Athletico Paranaense x Atletico MG

Athletico Paranaense is my favorite team to watch in the Brazilian championship, it has advanced sides and can combine speed with a good control of the ball possession. However, the team has left something to be desired, it was terrible against Boca in both games, although they were unlucky when they lost the penalty and scored a goal in a loose ball. In the Brazilian came from 3 straight wins, but lost to Botafogo away from home where he played well, and in the Brazilian Cup was completely dominated by Gremio and is now far from reaching the final.

For today's game, the obligation is to win the Hurricane, which will feature the holders and the debut of the great lateral Adriano, who comes to fill the place that Lodi left, and that as much as Marcio Azevedo had good performances, It is far from being a solid player that is required in this position by Athletico, as the left back receives many balls in the depths of Bruno Guimarães, and is where the attack turns most of the time.

Atletico Mineiro beat Fluminense where Ricardo Oliveira again lost many goals but still scored a little, had moments to kill the game but failed and still had a chance to draw at the end of the game. For this game, Atletico's chance to save important players is great since they have Sulamericana midweek, and even if they were with holders, would see this line very low as Athletico Paranaense has full conditions to make their field command against a team with a terrible defense like Atletico MG.

I hope Tiago Nunes doesn't make the mistake of playing Wellington and Lucho Gonzalez together again. Bruno Nazario is a great midfield player, and even though Nikao working on this track makes the team better, I would bet on that bet even if it was -0.75, but as the house is offering -0.5 with good odds let's go for it.

Athletico PR ML @1.86 2.5 units Pinnacle

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Bahia x Goias

Goias has been a completely horrible team the whole championship, but the good start gave a deceit, although not playing very well, took a 6-0 win against Santos and Flamengo by the same score, besides losing to Vasco in 1 - 0. Esmeraldino made a mistake that most small teams make in their management, they don't realize that the team is way above expectations and that a sudden average drop is normal, and they fire the coach , they get in the way, and the team gets even worse.

Despite all these defects of Goiás, giving an aggressive handicap to Bahia is not contextualizing the good results of the northeastern team. Bahia have been doing well against Flamengo where they got 3-0, and tied with Palmeiras away from home, but they are matches in which the team just needed to counterattack, and have their style of play in a very large comfort zone. against opponents like that. Against a team in which Bahia will have to assume the role of creating the odds and volume of the game, I see a lot of difficulty in Roger Machado's team, and in Brasileirão the team has demonstrated these difficulties. See draw against the reserve and in crisis, and draw against Chapecoense where the team did not build anything.

This +1 line for Goias with odds over 2 is a very wrong thing, and obviously it can happen that the club gets two goals, but the chance of losing this bet is very small, since the draw looks like a much more expected score here, and it must be a much more open and complicated game than the houses are expecting. So, let's go from Goias +1 paying 2.08.

Goias +1 @2.08 2 units

Stake is 1, 2, 3 units 

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Cruzeiro x Santos

Santos is the best team in Brasileirão, and the houses continue to underestimate. Unlike other title contenders such as Flamengo and Palmeiras, the team has only one competition in progress, and has the most intense game of the three mentioned, which makes it much easier to have a regularity and demonstrate great football always.

Against Sao Paulo, Aguillar made a bad mistake and Santos could not succeed in another classic as a visitor. He had already suffered an ugly defeat by Palmeiras 4-0, and lost to Sao Paulo being dominated once again, eventually resurrecting the rival who could be 14 points behind Santos if he lost.

Despite having softened against Sao Paulo, Cruzeiro is a much less strong team than the tricolor of São Paulo, and lives a horrible phase, and I do not consider only Mano Menezes's fault, although most of it is the coach. The team has many players who are in a bad phase, and it is an expected decline, but the teams in Brazil prefer to fool themselves into an arrogance as if they could not improve even when at the top. Thiago Neves, Fred, Robinho, Egidio are very weak players today who play only in name, but the name does not come into play here.

With no big players, Santos has a much better team with players like Soteldo, Sanchez and Sasha who are in great shape, along with Jorge who is never on the radar of good players but is very productive and effective in his position. Santos was supposed to be a lot more favorite in this game here. Rogério Ceni is a great coach, but he will not be able to transform this Cruzeiro gives water to wine mid-season, let alone be able to support this line of DNB with high odds against the leader and best team of Brasileirão.

Santos DNB @1.93 2 units Pinnacle

Stake from  1, 2, 3 units

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Fluminense x CSA

Fluminense has its neck rope in the Brazilian championship, with only 3 wins in the competition so far, three against strong teams like Gremio, Internacional and Cruzeiro, the team has left to be desired against weaker teams and playing alongside their fans, and that has to change today. Csa is the worst team in the championship by far, worse than Avai and worse than Chapecoense in the level presented.

The team with Marcelo Cabo was better than the one with Algiers Fucks, who really does nothing and still puts Alecsandro who was a reserve at São Bento alongside Ricardo Bueno, another slow striker, who is the face of Serie B.

For today's game, Fluminense has all the available players, and has an obligation to present a great football, even for Fernando Diniz, who if not with a good win will probably be fired.

This Fluminense style of play has suffered a lot from attacks, and individual errors have often ended the game, players have a certain communication mismatch with the coach, and find that even in very adverse situations on certain plays they have to go out and play. ends up combining the poor technical quality, with horrible decisions that end up leaving Fluminense behind the scoreboard, making it difficult to play since there just put everyone behind the line of the ball that the tricolor will give spaces behind and the counterattack will happen more easily.

For today's game, Pedro hurt, but I do not consider a embezzlement as João Pedro has been performing very well and even surpasses Pedro since he is faster and has more possibilities of movement, and Fluminense will also feature Marcos Paulo who is double of John Peter from the earliest times. I see Fluminense with very little luck so far, many silly goalkeeper errors, and serious individual defender failures, coupled with an attack that wastes a lot of goals, is very complicated to win games. Fluminense has not played to be seventeenth, is a team to the middle of table and not suffer to not fall, and I hope the team will be in this position in the next games. So I see value even at an aggressive handicap of -1.5 here.

Fluminense -1.5 2 units @2.03 Pinnacle


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Santos x Fortaleza

Santos faces Fortaleza today with the need to win so as not to lose the championship lead. In the last game against Cruzeiro it was a very atypical game, since after 1 minute of the game the Santos team was already with one player less, which makes it impossible to win a game, even against a team so bad as the other. Cruise

Fortaleza were disappointed in the last round as well, although having had more play against Internacional, they left something to be desired, and even facing the reserves, they lose to Internacional playing at home, and it is very likely that the team will fall a lot under their command. Zé Ricardo, without Ceni, who set up this team, and was taking much more than Fortaleza could give.

For this match, the Santos team will be able to count on their best players, and the only casualty is defender Gustavo Henrique suspended for being sent off against Cruzeiro and the doubts in the lineup are the midfield where Jorge Sampaoli can pot for Felipe Jonathan, Jean Mota or even Evandro, and in the attack, where Derlis Gonzalez and Marinho compete for the starting position, but I see the Paraguayan more likely to start this game, since it is a very good time.

Santos -1.5 @2.05 2.5 units

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Vasco x São Paulo

Vasco welcome Sao Paulo in Sao Januario at their best moment of the season, despite having been beaten by Flamengo 4-1, the team showed some improvement and did not diminish as is usually happening in almost all classics, the team pressed Flamengo and could have gone ahead of the scoring but failed and ended up with a well deserved defeat but a very exaggerated score.

Sao Paulo is experiencing a moment of grace in the Brazilian championship, the team is very good after the Copa America, and has not lost point, besides giant wins like against Santos by 3 to 1, and against Athletico Paranaense. playing in the Arena da Baixada.

For this game, you can not expect less than the victory of Sao Paulo, or at least the intention of it, the Vasco team is very limited, and has players of terrible technical level as Marquinho, Lucas Mineiro, Richard and Bruno Cezar. Several of these play in the name, although they are very bad and still have the opportunity. The good news for Vasco is striker Thalles Magno who is a very promising player, and has been more effective than he should in a situation like this one, and such a young player's swing is mega normal, something that makes Vasco worse still.

This -0.25 line for Sao Paulo, is a very big mistake in my view, and should be at least a -0.5 with low odds, but it's a -0.25 above 2, which makes this bet very valuable, since the chance of Vasco win this game is minimal, even knowing that the team is different when it operates in São Januario.

Daniel Alves was a great addition, but this Sao Paulo team was already good enough to fight for the title, and Cuca was not able to make the team surrender, even without Pato and Hernanes, the team follows well and has had enough depth in the cast to keep up the pace, and I see this victory coming safely here.

São Paulo -0,25 @2.13 Pinnacle 2 units

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Ceara x Flamengo

Flamengo comes from a big win over Internacional by Libertadores, Bruno Henrique was decisive once again and the team will take a great two-goal lead for the return game. And this should help here, Flamengo is disputing point to point with Santos, Palmeiras and Sao Paulo and this should be a dispute that will last until the end of the championship, which makes it impossible to use reserve team here.

William Arao said in an interview that about 4 players should be spared, and probably will be Arrascaeta for the entry of Gerson, Rene in place of Filipe Luis one of them. Flamengo has the best cast in the country, and a much higher gross level than Palmeiras, which despite having great players in key roles, not enough decisive players besides Dudu and Scarpa.

For today's game, Flamengo will have a difficult task, Ceará beat Palmeiras playing alongside his fan, and thrashed Chape as should make every decent football team, and the team has Thiago Galhardo in great phase, since that came from Vasco has been the highlight even in vocal form, and led Ceará to another stay in series A.

If Bruno Henrique and Gabigol play, in addition to having a great offensive power, greatly increases the chance of scoring goals of the red black team, the two probably have the best phase in Brazil, and have been a great pair. Another strong point at Flamengo is Rodrigo Caio and Pablo Mari's defense, which was a great sign and a find from the board of Flamengo, an unnamed player who has been great, and much better than Léo Duarte who was very raw despite being doing it. more than it should be new.

The -0.25 line in a team as strong as Flamengo is very hard to miss, although the team has some difficulty playing away from home, but I see the team in a great phase and getting closer to getting it. end the drought of important titles.

Flamengo -0,25 @1.88 2 units Pinnacle

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