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100 Value Bets

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Wakefield v Huddersfield:

9 points on Frawley to score a try at 5/1 with Lads

10 points on Caton-Brown to score 2 or more tries at 9/2 with Lads

10 points on McGillvary to score 2 or more tries at 4/1 with Lads

2 points each on the last 2 players to score a hat trick, both 25/1 with Hills

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England Women v USA Women:

10 points on a header to be scored at 4/1 with Hills

This is listed as a "Double #Your Odds" bet (so requested by a customer and the odds have been doubled), but no suggestion of it being limited in time or stakes. I'd have been surprised to see anyone offer this at as big as 2/1 in the first place so am very happy to take 4/1.

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One for the early hours, Haiti v Mexico:

14 points on Antuna to score at 11/4 with PP/Sportsbook

Sub 2/1 elswhere, I'd say the true odds are somewhere in the middle. Has 4 goals so far (including a hat trick) and has started all 4 of Mexico's Gold Cup games so should, hopefully, start this game.

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Holland Women v Sweden Women:

12 points on Holland to score a headed goal at 7/2 Fred

6 points on a headed goal being scored at 2/1 Hills

We're not in the exalted realms of 4/1 about a headed goal like we were for last night's semi but this still appeals to me. Main juice is on the Holland header bet but happy to have a saver on the "any header" in case the Swede's score one with theirs!

There have been 28 headed goals in 49 games so far in the tournament. Only 2 have come in games involving Sweden (both for them against Thailand) but there have been 5 in Holland's 5 games (all for them). They scored 1 in each of their group games, none v Japan then 2 v Italy.

Anyone who likes a spread bet might prefer a buy of Holland's headed goal minutes at 13 with SPIN or 14 with SX (latter includes headed own goals, former doesn't). Holland's average thus far is 67 per game!

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Salford v Huddersfield:

24 points on Evalds to score a try at 11/10 and 10 on him to score one in the 1st half at 4/1, both with Lads

22 points on McGillvary to score a try at 5/4 with Skybet and 9 on him to score one in the 1st half at 9/2 with Lads

12 points on Lussick to score a try at 16/5 with PP

12 points on Wardle to score a try at 7/2 with Lads

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No joy with the early bets, gone for one in the later African Cup of Nations game.

Algeria v Nigeria:

10 points on Mahrez to score at 4/1 with Fred (under Sunday Football Specials)

Plenty of 16/5 knocking about which seems fair at worst; at 4/1 he's a bet for me. Might be the last time I go early on football if I manage to find another non-starter!

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