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2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Azerbaijan GP: (Sunday 1.10pm)  

Round 3 of the Formula One season heads to Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan and we have a normal start time of 1.10pm for a change.

51 Laps that promises plenty of action if last year is anything to go by. We had two Safety Cars, one at the start and then another one when the Red Bulls took each other out near the end of the race. This led to the clear leader Bottas picking up debris and leaving the door wide open for team mate Lewis Hamilton. A very lucky winner but we have seen that happen before to Bottas.

We have only had 3 races in Azerbaijan so the stats are pretty thin this week, all we can say is that we have had 2 Safety Cars and an average of 5 retirements so the it looks like the 'unders' may be the way to go.
Interestingly we have a 3 way market for finishers at bet365 and i quite like the middle ground here with either 15 or 16 finishers at 13/8.
Also Mercedes have won twice and only one pole sitter has obliged.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 11.46.45.png





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Azerbaijan GP

As usual we had lots of drama in qualifying and I expect the same in the race, the Under 15.5 finishers is now 4/6 with Hills, just about as low as it gets all season.
Still happy with the 15/15 finishers at 13/8, could even be less!

Anyway Mercedes once again pulled it out of the fire on Saturday, its becoming a reoccurring theme this season where Ferrari are quickest in practice and then cant pull it off when it matters.

Bottas is on pole which makes it a little more interesting. If you remember the last time this happened they made Bottas favourite and Hamilton the value bet, this time Lewis is favourite at 13/8 and Bottas can be backed at 9/4. In these situations you should always back the value so Bottas at 9/4 from pole is the way to go for me.

I'm going to have a nibble on Verstappen to get on the podium at 7/4. Apart from the two Mercs we can only consider Vettel, Leclerc and Verstappen for the other spot. I think Verstappen will enjoy bombing around this circuit and the Red Bull has been going well, he looks a decent bet if he can survive the first 10 laps.

Elsewhere we have limited interest in the points market, we have 12 drivers at odds on for 10 places. If forced to have a bet i'd risk a little on Hulkenberg at 2/1 who is better than his qualy position.

Its 1/5 for a Safety Car, better than the bank rate:lol

Bottas outright 9/4 Hills
Verstappen Podium 7/4 bet365
15 or 16 finishers 13/8 bet365
Hulkenburg Points 2/1 bet365


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