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Punters Lounge Exclusive £150 added Poker League - April Leg 4 - Wed 24th Apr

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Great to welcome 2 new players to the league Mr Jol and PLLofthouse, think we had a cracking game tonight and a long time before anyone got knocked out.

Well done on the debut win Craig :clap

League table is updated in the first post. Next week's game is set up, so you really don't have to leave it til the last minute to register! (think we had 4 join in the late reg period this week :lol)


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9 hours ago, avongirl said:

I was going to contact you to say it was showing you as logged in when I was looking at our club member's list. So they still let you log in but not to play?

Yes, I can log into PS, I can still navigate all the tabs, I can select a cash game and choose how much to buy in for but as soon as I try to play I get the pop up as shown in the screen shot. I can still watch you play the PL League games but as soon as I try to register for the PL game itself, I get the pop up again. The only thing they have stopped me doing is actually playing. I have successfully withdrawn most of my roll for the time being in case they decide to freeze that too in a further act of malice.


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Well done Craig, two on the trot to take the lead in the overall table :clap Awesome start.

This month we're trying out a double points boost in the final leg to try and counter the drop in numbers we tend to see playing leg 4 as people believe they are out of the running for the added value podium. So this means anyone could still be in with a chance of getting in the league money. The game is set up, hope everyone will give it a good turnout. :ok


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Stars 240419.jpg


PLLofthouse makes it 3 out of 3 to win tonight's game and take the league crown. Very well done Craig. :clap  

I managed to hang on to 2nd spot overall despite a great effort from Andy tonight who climbs back up to take the 3rd podium spot. :clap

The double points factor seems to have worked to keep at least the same turnout as previous legs. On this occasion it hasn't actually affected the result, although it did at least give others a chance of getting in mix at the top had the result gone a different way. We'll run the same next month in conjunction with our leg 3 PLO game month and make a decision after that . Thank you to everyone who turned out and played this month, hope to see you all again in May and don't forget to bring along a mate too! :ok

Instructions for winners to follow.




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Here's how to claim your added prize money 

Instructions for League Winners:

1st PLLofthouse  £75 + PL Mug and Pens

2nd avongirl  £45

3rd andybell666  £30

To claim please email with the following:

Subject: Poker League

Message Content.

PL Username: *
PayPal Email: *
Prize Amount/Position: £75 (1st) / £45 (2nd) / £30 (3rd)

Winner (PLLofthouse) - please also provide address for PL Mug & Pens to be sent

Payments are normally processed together for all our monthly competitions up to14 days after the end of the month. Well done everyone :clap


@Sir Puntalot

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