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China Super League Predictions 2019

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New here - cannot find the Forum Rules anywhere so may need some guidance.

I have created ratings for the China Super League (just for fun !) on an excel spreadsheet that then creates odds predictions for matches. If the bookmakers are offering better odds than these then a value bet can be suggested.

Are these predictions something I can post here as its a bit lonely just preparing them for myself?

I presume a link to download my spreadsheet is a no no.

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Today's game was an exciting 4 goal affair but its only the result that counts - either a winner or as in this case a loser.

Overall a good (lucky) start for the predictions on this Forum. Don't get carried away though as the losing streak is always just round the corner.


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At the start of the Season I gave Beijing Guoan a 100pt rating increase due to their team strengthening and this proved correct with Bejing Guoan currently sitting top of the league.

I read today that Rafael Benitez is joining Dalian Yifang as manager but I intend to let the system amend their rating according to results. The tempation is to add 50pts as Dalian Yifang must have aspirations beyond their current mid-table position however this may take time. Lets see what happens.

Current team ratings after 15 games compared with last season's closing rating and this season's start are;


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Unsurprisingly given my decision not to adjust the rating for Dalian Yifang following the arrival of Benitez my system recommends a gamble on their opponents this weekend. The other prediction is also a longshot so do not be surprised if we see a blank this weekend.

The stake represents the systems expected percentage true odds so at 32 % and 28% they are unlikely to be successful but if they are the rewards are worthwhile.


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So the new manager bounce may be occuring and the system will adjust accordingly for this though in retrospect a small nudge in the right direction would have helped.

Some early games this coming week so watch out for some equally early predictions.



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Two rather unlikely selections for this weekend. I should probably double check these but as I am drinking beer by the pool not sure I will bother so here goes and if they come in it will help pay for the holiday.


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