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*** Ascot Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. RUG, 2nd. Soi Bongkot & 3rd. Jediknight ***
** June Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Like2Fish, 3rd McG **
** June Naps Competition Result: 1st Kingdom for, 2nd Offramp, 3rd glavintobuy, 4th bymatrix. KO Cup Winner: Kingsom for, Most Winners: Johnrobertson **

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This gets underway tomorrow. I won't be previewing the early rounds because there are just far too many matches on. Basically to summarize the "big boys - top 32" enter in Round 4 but by the looks of it, the event will start warming up around Round 3 when the top 64 are in it. I will probably start previewing the matches around round 3/4. I will take an early look at the outright though for some big value. The draw is set only until Round 4 and then it becomes random so no seeds here once the big boys arrive.

Outright Preview :

Well, thanks to the Premier League tonight we can see some real value away from MVG. He didn't perform at all tonight and we can rule out some others too in Smith, Suli, Van Barneveld, Gurney etc and perhaps rule in the likes of Cross and Wade. I'm looking for a good scorer here and Wade over a longer format I can rule out too. I'm going to take Cross and Price and that's due to their good recent form in the Premier league and away from that. I'm also taking Chizzy as he had some good results and he is fresh after not being involved in the Premier League. Of the 3 big prices, I'm taking the dangerous De Zwaan, Humphries and Dobey. All showed they can mix it with the big boys through the league. 

2pts R.Cross to win the UK Open 18/1 Paddypower
2pts G.Price to win the UK Open 20/1 Ladbrokes
1.5pts D.Chisnall to win the UK Open 40/1 Coral
1pt De Zwaan to win the UK Open 66/1 bet365
0.5pts C.Dobey to win the UK Open 100/1
0.5pts L.Humphries to win the UK Open 200/1 bet365


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So much darts played today. Round 4 draw below. Unfortunately, Humphries has drawn Chisnall which mean we lose one of those in the next round. Also, Dobey went out early. The other 3 have nice looking draws.

J.Klaasen Vs M.Razma
S.Bunting Vs S.Lennon
P.Hudson Vs K.Huybrechts
R.Van Barneveld Vs S.Simonsen
B. Van Der Pas Vs G.Clemens
J.Murnan Vs K.Ratajski
J.Dekker Vs S.Whitlock
N.Aspinall Vs C.Kist
M.Sulijovic Vs P.Wright
J.Henderson Vs M.Smith
J.Clayton Vs A.Monk
M.Mansell Vs S.Taylor
J.Cullen Vs G.Price
A.Norris Vs R.Smith
D.Chisnall Vs L.Humphries
A.Lewis Vs J.Lewis
J.Wilson Vs J.Wade
G.Nentjes Vs M.Hopp
M.Schindler Vs A.Hunt
J.De Zwaan Vs J.Wattimena
L.Woodhouse Vs G.Carlin
R.Evans Vs V.Van Der Bergh
W. O'Connor Vs K.Brown
J.Hughes Vs I.White
D.Gurney Vs R.Robinson
J.Payne Vs K.Anderson
M.Van Gerwen Vs M.King
S.Beaton Vs G.Anderson
C.Reyes Vs R.Joyce
B.Dolan Vs R.North
R.Searle Vs S.West
R.Cross Vs D.Webster
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I can't really go into any depth on the Round 4 preview as it starts in 40mins. They really pack this huge tournament into a weekend.

Round 4 Preview :

I will leave the Chisnall Vs Humphries match alone due to outrights. I'll take Klaasen to beat Razma. Razma won round 1 with a decent 92 average but has slowly dipped each round. R2 84.72 and R3 80.57. You would expect Klaasen to be able to win with anything under 88. I'm going to take a few purely on the questions on the opponent. Will take Henderson against Smith purely on Smiths injury and Hendo can score to match Smith. 

I'm also taking Luke Woodhouse. Averages show R2 96.31 and R3 95.17.Anything like that he beats Carlin (92 & 89) Jamie Hughes to beat I.White. Round 2 Hughes scored a crazy 107.72 and then beat Peterson with a 90.83 average which I think will test White. 

Dekker to beat Whitlock based on Whitlock's poor form last time on TV. Taking on Barney based on same. Searle to beat West as Seale is a very under-rated player.

5pts J.Klaasen to beat M.Razma 4/5 Ladbrokes
2pts J.Henderson to beat M.Smith 7/2 Ladbrokes
2.5pts L.Woodhouse to beat G.Carlin evens bet365
2.5pts J.Hughes to beat I.White 7/5 Paddypower
2pts J.Dekker to beat S.Whitlock 2/1 Paddypower
2pts S.Stevenson to beat Barney 7/4
2.5pts R.Searle to beat S.West evens bet365



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wow, what a day of darts. MVG out. Anderson out Barney out. Peter Wright, Adrian Lewis. Tournament open.

Only bet I like today is Michael Smith to beat Gurney. Gurney got an 80 average yesterday and looked well off in the Premier League. Smith is far from ideal with his pain, but I think he will win this one.

2.5pts M.Smith to beat D.Gurney 4/5 William Hill

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Good deciding leg winner for Smith. Last 16 draw which starts tonight at 7pm :

R.Cross Vs C.Reyes
C.Ratajski Vs G.Price
S.Beaton Vs D.Van Der Bergh
M.Smith Vs J.Wattimena
D.Chisnall Vs S.Stevenson
J.Wade Vs R.Smith
S.Whitlock Vs J.Payne
N.Aspinall Vs S.Lennon

good draw for the outright bets. Will take a look at the draw now

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Last 16 preview :

Not a whole lot of options for me in the last 16 but one I do like is for Wade to beat Smith. Smith has a 90 average and a below 90 average in previous rounds and I just can't imagine Wade dropping in his averages that much to be losing this. I fancy Wade to win with legs to spare.I'm also taking a punt on Wattimena to beat the other Smith. His pain will be worse after a long day and Wattimena won the last head-2-head it's not like he hasn't got the quality. Smith had 19 legs in his last match.

5pts J.Wade (-2.5 legs) to beat R.Smith evens bet365
2.5pts J.Wattimena to beat M.Smith 13/5 paddypower

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5pts G.Price (-3.5 legs) to beat S.Stevenson 4/5 WillHill

abit frantic this tournament. I think having more time to properly check the form would help so i will just taking price on a handicap. Stevenson has averaged decent here but not to the current standard price is hitting.

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