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Football Tipster Competition starting 10th March


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I see that there are quite a few poker players doing the FTC so hopefully someone can help here. I understand what BTTS means, but what do the (1), (2) and (X) mean ? And how does a team score more or less than 2.5 goals ? :\


West Brom (1) @ 3.1

Leicester (2) @ 3.1

Tottenham (x) @ 3.8

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Home win, Away win, Draw. :ok

The under/over 2.5 is combined score of both teams, I assume 2.5 used to make the distinction between total 2 goals and 3 goals.

I tend to stick with the win or draw bets mostly in the Premiership and a level 10pt stake each week. Haven't really dabbled with the goal scoring ones. Started off with simple single bets, but I have tried a couple of doubles this season. Some people go for the big win trebles, where a win one week could win you the division even if you lose the other 9 weeks, others chip away at low odds but probably win a bit every week. Stick with the leagues you follow or know best, and good luck :ok

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