** August Nap's Competition Result : 1st Thebestthere, 2nd Glavintoby, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, KO Cup Steve75, Most Winners Alastair, York Comp: Thebestthere**
**September Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Gemic £45, 3rd Barry John £30**
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Premier League Darts 2019

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Outright preview :

We're back into February and it's time for the Premier League to start tomorrow night. Absolutely love this event and having a good batch of darts every thursday night before you're weekend. The big news is that Gary Anderson is not here with his back injury again. Instead of bringing in a Dave Chisnall, Lewis etc Hearn has decided to have a "wildcard" for each week but none of these wildcards can win the event so we're ignoring them for the outright preview

It really does look like it's MVGs already doesn't it? I'm not sure there is anybody that will come close to the title so for me it's all about having a couple of value picks each-way in the hope they get to the Final and then you "never know"

Going through the list of players who could potentially do that, I think we can rule out Smith, Cross, Wright and Wade and Price. We need somebody who scores heavy and is in form and for me that is none of these.This leaves Sulijovic, Gurney and Barney. For Barney this is his final event but the question is his desire? at 50/1 surely it's worth a couple of points to find out. I think with Barney he either finishes bottom of the table or gets to the final and for me that is good enough.

The main each way bet though will be with Sulijovic. I think he just about to come into some good form and had a good Milton Keynes smashing Whitlock with a very good average and taking a few legs from a below average MVG. At 20/1 eachway he's my pick

2pts E/W M.Sulijovic to win the PDC Premier League 20/1 Coral
1p E/W Van Barneveld to win the PDC Premier League 50/1 PaddyPower

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Week 1 Preview : Newcastle

Week 1 we're in the Utilita Arena, in Newcaslte. Our wildcard this week will be Chris Dobey. Here is the line-up :

J.Wade Vs R.Van Barneveld
G.Price Vs D. Gurney
C.Dobey Vs M.Sulijovic
M.Van Gerwen Vs M.Smith
P.Wright Vs R.Cross

Some great matches there and alot of close ones perhaps. Alot hinges on Barneys desire in the first match because even if he is 70% I fancy him to beat Wade and his price is crazy. James beat Barney 11-2 in the World Series of Darts 3 months ago but that Barney just did not care in that match and in the 2017 premier league, Barney beat Wade 7-2 on both occasions. I think there is some value on Barney.

With the fine imposed on Price it really looks to have hit his game and I fancy Gurney to win this tie. Price finished bottom last year and if things go bad early for him, there could be a repeat of that. These two played out a 6-6 draw last year in Newcastle and to be honest it could easily end that way again but Price's mojo seems to have gone and for me it swings in Gurney's favour.

Finally, Mensur has the match-up against Dobey. Dobey actually beat Mensur 6-3 back in 2017 so he has it in his locker for sure but as mentioned before, I fancy Mensur to have a solid campaign and I'm taking him to win this.

I will leave the coin flip of Wright Vs Cross and MVG Vs Smith standard MVG win alone.

4pts Barney to beat J.Wade 7/4 bet365
5pts D.Gurney to beat G.Price 11/10 Coral
6pts M.Sulijovic to beat C.Dobey 4/6 bet365
2pts M.Suljovic (-2.5 legs) to beat C.Dobey 11/8 Paddypower

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Week 2 is here, and we're up in Scotland. Week 1 really felt quite random to me with players like price hitting his biggest TV average ever and Sulijovic not switching on until near the end of the match, so I have some making up to do from Week 1.

Peter Wright faces a Michael Smith that lost 6-0 last week in the Players Championship. They also faced eachother in the PC prior to that in which Wright won 6-5. Wright has a good h2h with Smith, although Smith can argue he won both ties last year in the Premier League with ease. But, I still think Smith is rusty and with it being in Scotland too, I fancy Wright to edge it. 

Although Cross looked much better last week, I get the feeling with his Players Championship results during the week he may throw a dud game up here and Wade can pounce. Gerwyn Price faces a Van Barneveld who didn't perform anywhere near to his standard in the PC and based on last week, it looks like he hasn't been practising the doubles. I'll take Price who looks in good from.

Finally Durrant looked in good form in the Players Championship, reaching the final and losing in a decider to the bang in-form Chisnall and Gurney seems to have a real issue actually winning in this Premier League. Could be a draw this, but value on Durrant.

4pts P.Wright to beat M.Smith 7/4 Paddypower
4pts J.Wade to beat R.Cross 15/8 bet365
5pts G.Price to beat V.Barneveld 11/10 bet365
2pts G.Price (-2.5 legs) to beat V.Barneveld bet365 9/4
2.5pts G.Durrant to beat D.Gurney 7/5 Ladbrokes

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Week 3 of the darts. We're in Dublin now. Pretty random results recently in this tournament. This week we have Steve Lennon as our wildcard. Personally I am getting stung by draws far too much recently so I will look at the 'draw no bet' options from now on. Here is the match-ups this week :

Gerwyn Price Vs James Wade
Steve Lennon Vs Peter Wright
Michael Van Gerwen Vs Rob Cross
Michael Smith Vs Daryl Gurney
Mensur Sulijovic Vs Raymond Van Barneveld

I will take Wade to beat Price. He has a good record against Price, winning the last 2 matches in a row and Price has a real problem closing matches out. Not beating Barney last week was embarrassing at 6-2 up. I'm also going to take Cross to beat Van Gerwen. He is looking his old self right now and i feel the value is there I will also have a punt on Smith as Gurney is another one who isn't looking that great in the premier league.

6pts Wade to beat Price 5/6 Coral
3pts R.Cross to beat Van Gerwen 5/1 Betway
4pts M.Smith to beat D.Gurney Evens bet365

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bet above on Wade was DNB by the way so that was a void.

Week 4. Hopefully some luck this week.

We're in Exeter this week and the wildcard player is Luke Humprhies who looked an excellent young prospect in the World Championships. He took old some good players such as Bunting and Rob Cross in that event, but hasn't really done much since and he faces Gerwyn Price who is on fire right now. I will leave this match alone as it could be a banana-skin and the value isn't there for Price, who I think will win.

I do like Rob Cross to beat Gurney though. This Premier League is no fun atall right now and it's thanks to all these damn draws but I am going to take a punt on Cross winning this match outright. He has a good h2h record against Gurney albeit Gurney won the last. The Van Gerwen performance aside, Cross looks to be geting it together.

Next up I am going to Sulijovic to beat Peter Wright. Wright drives me mad with his constant changing of his equipment. He gave the talk that he was not going to change darts and then next thing you know, he's changing the flights. It's small things, but it's just annoying and it affects his performance mentally. Wright beat Sulijovic in their last encounter, but prior to that, Sulijovic had beaten Wright in the previous 5 matches.

4pts R.Cross to beat D.Gurney 5/4
4pts M.Sulijovic to beat P.Wright 13/8 bet365


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A good week last wek with both the bets winners. Onto tonight, in Aberdeen.

Michael Smith gets us underway against Rob Cross. My nemesis Cross who should have won me a big outright price at the UK Open but completely embarrased himself with something like 88 average. No doubt he is saving himself for tonight to hit me again, but I am going to oppose him here. He just looked dreadful and even in the Semi-Final against Smith, Smith at times looked the better player. He just looked abit tired to be honest.

I'm also going to stick with Price this week. He is another one that really should have won for me at the UK Open. I fancy him to beat Sulijovic who despite having some better form recently (and one i backed pre-tourny) is still needing more. Price just looks awesome right now. Price to win.

I think I will also start a little 0.5pt accy each week. My first of the season is below.

5pts M.Smith (draw no bet) to beat R.Cross evens betway
5pts G.Price to beat M.Sulijovic 13/10 bet365
0.5pts M.Smith /J.Wade/ G.Price to win, Most 180s and checkout 35/1 coral


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It's Thursday which means Darts night. In Nottingham tonight and we have grand slam winner Aspinall in tonight :

And Aspinall is who we will start with. He has an out-of-form Michael Smith tonight and you have to say the value is with Nathan. Head-2-head shows that Aspinall has won the last 3 and that in itself it worthy of the bet.

Next we have bang-on-form James Wade Vs Sulijovic. Wade demolished Gurney last week and I can't see him losing this match-up either. Sulijovic is just going through the motions right now. He has beaten Mensur in the last 2 matches which have been "first to 6" also.

I'm also taking small stakes on Price beating Van Gerwen. How could you not with Michael's recent form? and Price will be bang up for it. Finally, I am siding with Peter Wright to beat Gurney. Gurney's record is so bad here and was demolished last week. he isn't hitting his 180s atall and sits bottom of that list

4pts N.Aspsinall to beat M.Smith 2/1 ladbrokes
5pts J.Wade to beat M.Sulijovic Evens bet365
2pts G.Price (draw no bet) to beat M.Van Gerwen 7/2 Skybet
5pts P.Wright to beat D.Gurney 11/10 bet365

0.5pt accy of the night - Aspinall/Wade/Cross/Wright - 17/1 coral


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Not the best outcome last week. The Price Vs MVG match was very odd especially but onwards and upwards to tonight. First we have Price against Cross. Price was in some fine form until his first loss for a while and his form has gone downhill abit. He had the best possible chance of beating MVG last week and instead of taking it, he went down to the same level and lost. I fancy Cross to beat him tonight. Cross seems to perform at the premier league and his form is going upward.

Next up James Wade takes on Peter Wright. I'm still not convinced with Wright and I feel that Wade had abit of a blip last week with his doubles and he doesn't tend to do that twice in 2 weeks. He hasn't been the best recently at the Players either but Wrights form is far from great right now and I'd fancy Wade here. Ignoring MVG as his match could end up 7-0 or him losing, I will look at Smith Vs the impressive Suli last week. Suli was saying how he is practising so much recently and you can tell as every single time he was placing that first dart in the 60 bed. That is enough to put me off of Smith in this one. I'm going to take my pre-tournament tip to win tonight.

4pts R.Cross to beat G.Price 5/4 Willhill
2.5pts J.Wade to beat P.Wright 8/5 bet365
4pts M.Suljovic to beat M.Smith 15/8 bet365

0.5pt Accy - Cross/Wade/Suli/Hopp 38/1 Accy [bet365]

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Decent week last week. Only Wade lost on the single bets but had a free shot at it leading 6-5 which resulted in a bore-draw.

This week we have a double gameweek. Tonight is important for alot of players because tomorrow is "Judgement night" and by no means are things decided both at the top and the bottom of the table. Tonights fixtures :

G.Price Vs M.Smith
J.Wade Vs D.Van Der Bergh

R.Cross Vs M.Suljovic
P.Wright Vs M.Van Gerwen
R.Van Barneveld Vs D.Gurney

I like Price this week and that's more a reflection on Smith to be honest. Smith just looked like he didn't care and couldn't be bothered last week. I think the lack of practise and the fact he isn't playing well is affecting him. This week the contender is Van Den bergh and he faces a James Wade who is looking abit average since he beat Van Gerwen. VDB beat Wade in the last match-up between the two and he has to be value tonight.

4pts G.Price to beat M.Smith 6/4 bet365
3pts R.Cross to beat M.Suljovic Evens ladbrokes
2pts D.Van Den Bergh to beat J.Wade 2/1 Ladbrokes

0.5pt Accy - Price / Van Den Bergh / Cross / MVG / Gurney 45/1 Boylesports

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Well, that was some bizarre darts last night. Cross manages to lose 6 legs in a row at 5-1 to lose. Van Den Bergh with a huge average ends up drawing. Tonight we will get some winners. I can feel it.

Mensur didn't even have to play well to beat Cross last night. A bizarre match in which Cross was at around 110 average for the first 6 legs and went 5-1 up and then just turned off and let Mensur win with around a 90 average. I think if Mensur is anywhere around < 90 average, Gurney wins this. Gurney didn't have to perform amazingly to beat Barney but he's playing well and looking for his third win on the bounce.

James Wade played well last night. Van Den Bergh was on fire and should have won, but Wade ground him down and if it wasn't for Wade missing a lot of doubles he may have nicked it. I'll take him to beat Smith who did nothing special in beating an out-of-form Price.

5pts D.Gurney to beat M.Suljovic (Draw no bet) 11/10 Paddypower
5pts J.Wade to beat M.Smith (Draw no bet) Evens WillHill
0.5pts M.Van Gerwen to beat Van Barneveld 7-0 14/1 Paddypower
0.5pt Accy - Gurney / Wright / Van Gerwen / Wade / Cross 30/1


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So, so close to hitting the Accy last week. Only Wright screws us. Also with the 7-0 prediction on Van Gerwen, he of course wins 7-1. But nevertheless, both Gurney and Wade win for a good profit.

This week we are in Belfast and down to 8 players. We no longer have Barney of course and all the wildcard players are now out of the picture. This week's fixtures

M.Suljovic Vs J.Wade
M.Smith Vs P.Wright
R.Cross Vs D.Gurney
M.Van Gerwen Vs G.Price

The first match I will side with James Wade once again. He is scoring solidly now and despite him not getting to the latter stages in the German Darts Championships, he scored a 9-darter there! You would have to fancy him to beat Suli. Suli beat Wade 7-3 the last time these played in March here, but Mensur had a 101 average in that match and the last 2 matches have had an average of 88 and 91 and don't look that same player.

Despite Peter Wright getting the highest checkout last week (160), his 87.60 average was just nowhere near good enough to win a match against anybody in this Premier League. The prior week it was also only 87.34 when he was thrashed by Van Gerwen too. You wouldn't say the form is great. Another switch of tips don't help and changing the flights etc he just can't leave his darts alone and I fancy Smith to beat him on Thursday. These two drew this year but there also, Wright only averaged 88.95 and last year Smith thrashed Wright 7-1 twice. 

finally, I am going to take on the ever-improving Rob Cross. Gurney won the German Championship at the weekend and although he wasn't by any means amazing in that final, I think it will help him keep him good momentum coming here. I must admit if we weren't in Ireland I would not be taking this bet or betting on this match. Gurney has a very good record in Ireland. Especially Belfast. In fact, it was Rob Cross who Gurney beat 7-5 last year, here in Belfast. This match will surely be a very close one so I will take the draw no bet, but I can see a similar 7-5 scoreline to last year.

5pts J.Wade to beat M.Suljovic 13/10 Boylesports
4pts M.Smith to beat P.Wright 11/8 Boylesports
4pts D.Gurney (draw no bet) to beat R.Cross 11/8 Bet365

0.5pt Accy - Wade / Smith / Gurney / Van Gerwen 20/1 B

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Pretty poor week. All seems a tad random at the moment these matches give or take the top couple. One good week, one bad. I will take just the one tonight and attempt a half point accy. Rob Cross looked in fine form against Gurney last week and in my eyes, I see Cross now as the favourite for this event as Van Gerwen still looks abit off.

I will take him to beat a well out-of-sorts Wright. Smith was destroying Wright last week and every single time, Wright managed a way to come back. In some cases Wright was getting 11 from 3 darts. I'll take Cross to beat him tonight with the -2.5 handicap

4pts R.Cross (-2.5 legs) to beat P.Wright 5/4 bet365
0.5pt Accy - Cross -2.5 legs / Price / Wade / MVG -2.5 legs - 16/1 bet365

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A good week last week in which again, one leg away from the Accy coming in.

Daryl Gurney faces Mensur Suljovic in the first game of the night and I'm siding with Gurney in this. Gurney has a good record against Mensur and is in a rich vein of form, whilst Mensur continues to flatter to deceive. Gurney has already beaten Mensur 7-3 in Rotterdam. Mensur started the first 6 matches this season well with an average average score of 98.62 but in the last 4 matches his average average score is 90.69. Gurney's average average in the past 4 is 97.03.

In the last match we have James Wade against Peter Wright. THese two got a tie when they played in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, but then Peter Wright does love a draw here. Wade has won the previous 2 and i think he can do so tomorrow too. Wright hasn't won since that draw in 4 and although he performed better in the last match against Cross, his average is still only 91.54 over the last 4 matches, whilst Wade has 95.43. Because Wright loves draws so much, we'll take the "Draw no bet" on this one.

5pts D.Gurney to beat M.Suljovic 13/10 betfred
6pts J.Wade (DNB) to beat P.Wright 5/6 Ladbrokes
0.5pt Accy - Gurney/MVG/Price/Wade - 21/1 betfred




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1 leg from the accy once again.

tomorrow night we're in Birmingham. First up we have Michael Smith against Mensur Suljovic. Suljovic has a good record against Smith beating him 3 in the last 4. He beat Smith easily in Berlin 7-2. Smith averaged 85 that day. Smith has now not won in 4 weeks in the Premier League. Add to that, at the weekend, he got whitewashed 6-0 by Ricky Evans at the Euro Tour averaging 84.

Meanwhile Suljovic beat a rather poor Gurney. Averaging 92. Mensur now has 4 wins in his last 6 and also was decent at the weekend, beating Payne 6-2 and Dave Chisnall 6-5,before losing out on a decider to Rob Cross. I'll be taking Suljovic to win this one. He has the form, the h2h, the lot.

Next up we have Rob Cross taking on Gerwyn Price. Price got a good win last week and is actually in really good form, winning 3 and drawing against Van Gerwen. Undefeated in 4. However one defeat he has had, was against Rob Cross, in Berlin. Both players performed that day, but you just get the feeling Cross will always come out on top between these two. I'm sure Cross will want to win, knowing Wade has every chance of getting something out of MVG.

Daryl Gurney plays Peter Wright next. Gurney has now not won in 3 matches, where as Peter has only beaten Van Barneveld in his last 8 matches. H2H shows that Peter has a clear advantage, winning 3 of the last 4 and not losing in 6 but Peter ofcourse is the draw-meister and so we'll take him with a big DNB next to his name.

Finally we come to MVG against Wade. Wade will want this win so bad. He will really be up for it. He will already know the other scores and if Mensur has won, then he will be above him and in the semi-final places and so it means alot. Wade ofcourse has already beaten MVG in the previous tie and he certainly doesn't fear him. tiny stakes bet on Wade DNB

4pts M.Suljovic (DNB) to beat M.Smith evens ladbrokes
5.5pts R.Cross to beat G.Price 10/11 bet365
5pts P.Wright (DNB) to beat D.Gurney 11/10 paddypower
3pts J.Wade DNB to beat MVG 4/1 ladbrokes
0.5pt Accy - Suljovic/Cross/Wright/Wade(DNB) - 55/1 betfred



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Well the DNB saved us last week. Draws galore. Wade was so close to getting the win but was pegged back for the draw. This week we are in Manchester. Hopefully not so many draws this week. 

Rob Cross Vs Michael Smith - Smith actually performed well last week. He started like a train and fell away and it ended a draw but in fact, he could have lost after being so far ahead and at one point 7-6 down. He said after that he knows he can't qualify and just wants to annoy other players now. I'm not sure he's game is there this season. he is very hot and cold. Cross still looks very solid to me and I have no doubt he wants that 25k for the top spot. He beat Smith 7-3 already this season, up in Aberdeen.

Peter Wright Vs Mensur Suljovic - Mensur is a weird one this season. I backed him pre-tournament each way for the Premier League. I thought he would qualify and go well, and he could of course. He is in a good position. I just don't know how, as he hasn't scored fantastic or been fantastic. Nevertheless, he plays Wright who hasn't won for 30 years it seems. Mensur has to be the best bet here. Mensur beat Wright 7-4 in Exeter. Hoping for a similar result. Mensur knows it could put him back in the top 4 if he wins this.

Daryl Gurney Vs MVG - MVG top with only 3 matches left to play. He is going solid, but only managed a draw against James Wade and really should have lost. Gurney beat Van Gerwen in Germany 7-5 and I fancy he may test him again tonight. Gurney has an outsiders chance of making the top 4 if Mensur and Price both fail in winning. He certainly looks the pick on the handicap, but I will risk him with a DNB

James Wade Vs Gerwyn Price - This is a hard one to call. An important game for both because they both sit on 15pts in 3rd and 4th. So the loser in all likelihood drops out of contention with 2 weeks left to play. This ended 6-6 last time they played and it wouldn't surprise me if it was a repeat of that. One bet I do like is Price to get the most 180s. 

5pts R.Cross to beat M.Smith Evens Sportingbet
5pts M.Suljovic to beat P.Wright Evens Coral
2pts D.Gurney (DNB) to beat MVG 5/1 betfair
5pts G.Price (Most 180s) Vs J.Wade Evens betfair
0.5pts Accy - Cross/Suljovic/Gurney/Price most 180s - 53/1 betfair

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Well, that's pretty disgusting. Cross, Suli and Gurney all win. Price 2-1 on 180s until the 2nd last leg and it ends 2-2 on 180. brilliant night but moments away from a 53/1 hit. Just can't get the luck for these accys. One will hit. I know it will.

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2 more gameweeks before the play-offs. In Sheffield this week. Some big matches and after tomorrow's action we should know atleast half of our play-off "final 4"

M.Smith Vs J.Wade - Smith has checked out this season already and sits bottom of the pile. Already relegated, I can only see Wade winning this one. Smith could be dangerous as he will be calm as you like, but perhaps too calm right now and bordering "not being arsed" James Wade sits 3rd and he knows a win tomorrow will very likely see him in the Semi-finals as Mensur has Rob Cross and MVG in his final 2 matches. What really bodes well for this bet though is the fact James Wade has now beaten Smith 9 times in a row.

M.Suljovic Vs R.Cross - A really important match for Mensur as you would have to say if he doesn't win it, then he's probably not going to make the Semi-finals. This is because 5th and 6th play eachother and unless there is a draw, the winner would either leap-frog or join Suli on points in 4th, with Suli having MVG in his final match. With that in mind, Rob Cross will wantt to win too as he knows 2 wins from here guarentee's him top spot. Funny enough Suljovic has a good record against Rob winning 5 in a row against him prior to Rob beating him on a decider in the Quarter-Finals of the German Masters. This match may be a close one. Cross at odds on doesn't appeal. Mensur is 13/8 "Draw No Bet" which I will take in the Accy but it's a no bet in general.

D.Gurney Vs G.Price - Huge match for both. If Price loses this then that's him done this season. He sits on 15pts and needs a win to keep him in touch. Gurney needs a win himself to put him into the top 4. Gurney beat Price in their last match, in Wigan but prior ro that he hasn't beaten Price in 5 matches. It will be an interesting match. Gurney is in the better form you'd say. 7/5 looks decent value.

MVG Vs P.Wright - These two played at the weekend in the Austrian Open. MVG won, but it was on a decider. MVG has won the last 3 against Peter and Peter sits 7th in the table and already relegated. You would have to favour MVG here. He knows if he doesn't win, he isn't winning the top spot bonus and I think he'll want to get a big win here.

5pts J.Wade to beat M.Smith 11/10 betfair
0.5pt Accy - Wade / Suljovic / Gurney / MVG (-3.5 legs)  30/1 Betfair


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We're in Leeds for the final League phase week of darts before we know the final 4 to go to The 02 next week. Rob Cross and MVG are the only 2 of the 4 that we know for sure will make it. The final 2 places will consist of 2 of either Wade, Suljovic, Gurney or Price. It makes for interesting and "hard to call" matches this week as people will raise their games if certain results happen prior. Wade has a far superior leg difference so is very likely to make the top 4.

G.Price Vs P.Wright - We start with Gerwyn Price against Peter Wright. Price has averaged just under 96 in the Premier League this season whilst Peter has averaged 95.50 so they're very close. Wright averaged 102.29 in the 8-1 thrashing of MVG last week so it shows how good MVG was. h2h shows Price winning the last 2 and Price has to win this to have any chance of making the top 4. He would probably need to win well too. He would also need Suljovic and Gurney both to lose.With all this in mind, and with Peter Wright also having a good European Tour result at the weekend (beat MVG and got to the final. Lost to my 40/1 tip ian white ;) ) I'm going with Peter to edge this one. I actually fancy a draw, but the added pressure makes it worthy of a draw no bet gamble.

D.Gurney Vs M.Smith - Assuming that Price doesn't beat Peter Wright, Gurney will go into this knowing that if he wins, Mensur would have to beat MVG. It's unlikely, so it would be in his hands. Either way, whatever rhe result of the first match Gurney needs to win and Smith has nothing to play for. Smith did OK against Wade last week in the 7-7 draw but he missed so many doubles. He played better at the weekend though. I'll add Gurney to my accy only here.

Van Gerwen Vs M.Suljovic - Mensur will know by now if he needs a win or a draw for this. Infact, if Price and Gurney both lose there is a chance he could lose and still get top 4 if he doesn't lose by alot but Van Gerwen was awesome last week and although poor at the weekend, you would think that's purely a question on his motivation for the European Tour. I am going to add Mensur to my accy only here. DNB.

J.Wade Vs R.Cross -  The final match sees James Wade take on Rob Cross. Wade is probably save here aslong as Mensur and Gurney have both not won. Aslong as that has not happened I'll be taking Cross to win here. He will want to win this to secure the 25k and be top dog in this going into the Semi-finals.

4pts P.Wright (DNB) to beat G.Price evens bet365
4pts R.Cross to beat J.Wade evens bet365
0.5pts Accy - Wright / Gurney / Suljovic DNB / Cross 71/1 betfair

0.5pts Accy - Wrigh / Gurney / MVG Most 180S / Cross 20/1 betfred

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At the 02 tonight for the finale. Semi-FInals (Best of 19) and the Finals (Best of 21) will both be played out tonight, so we have 3 high quality matches.

MVG Vs D.Gurney - Gurney has a good record recently against MVG beating him both times this season here and although MVG beat him on a european tour, it shows that Gurney can live with him and has the scoring power to match him. When I've backed Gurney this season against MVG, he's been at 6/1 but today he's as short as 3s and so that doesn't appeal to me atall because I actually think MVG comes through here. I think it may be close, but the only bet that appeals to me is Gurney having the most 180s. Gurney actually has more 180s this season. There isn't alot in it this year, but MVG has bottom in the 180 list (41). Gurney (45)

In the last 3 matches, gurney has 10 180s and MVG has 4 and their last h2h a couple of weeks ago, Gurney won the 180 count 3-1 despite losing.

R.Cross Vs J.Wade - Another match which happened recently, when Wade beat Cross to knock him off of the top of the league and hand MVG the 25k bonus. Cross looked abit nervous and didn't perform atall. I do wonder if that will happen here too. These two have a very close h2h and have won once each this season so it's a sure to be a close match. The value has to be on Wade.

4pts D.Gurney (Most 180s) Vs MVG 6/4 BetVictor
4pts J.Wade to beat R.Cross 11/8 boylesports
2pts J.Wade to win the Premier League 15/2 betfair

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Just to add this one. Just got an email from Ladbrokes to offer this. Cross and Wade both to get a bullseye checkout. Both have been excellent in their check outs.

2pts J.Wade and R.Cross both to hit a bullseye finish 12/1 ladbrokes

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