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Are 'Series' tournaments different from regular tournaments?


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So, I don't play much these days as you know, but I have played a few series events recently. You know the ones, like UOS, GCOOP, WCOOP, SCOOP..... is there a POOP? I think there should be!

The beauty of them is that you can typically play a good few tournaments of a similar buyin at the same time and also have some different formats such as 8max, bounties, variants etc. There's often a bit of added value or overlay too, although I guess you'd have to play a lot/most events to pick up any amount of value. 

The question I have though is, have you found them to play any differently from regular scheduled tournaments and if so how?

My initial impression is that they are full of poor players which should be a good thing, but the flip side being you can't get away with as much creative play as some beggar will always call you down all streets and catch the river?

Do you guys/girls approach them any differently?

Often deepstacked or long structures, do you go big early or wait patiently for good spots whilst the maniacs go crazy?

Just wondered, I don't seem to have adapted my game to them yet, but working on it. Scored a couple of results on the recent Grosvenor series, nothing major. 

Thoughts welcomed. 



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I used to feel that they was a big difference but given I virtually only play on Stars the fields in No Limit tourneys are still bigger than most of the series on other sites. 

Maybe the fields are softer if the promotion manages to get a few more casuals to see them as more than just a regular tourney , but the more I play the less I've become worried about if it's part of a series or not 

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